July 19

3 of the Biggest Mistakes that Network Marketers make on Social Media

Kat Krasilnikov

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There are three significant mistakes most network marketers make on social media, often without realizing it, that can undermine their business.

Most network marketers quit because they believe social media does not work.

We're here to prove that social media is still a powerful marketing tool when used correctly.


Mistake One: Not Having a Perfect Prospect

Sometimes, the tactics that your upline advises might work in the short term, but they could harm your business in the long run. Your upline typically recommends certain strategies because those have worked and continue to work for them. However, if these strategies are not yielding results for you, it may be time to rethink your approach. Firstly, you need to understand your mistakes. When we started on social media, we made the mistake of assuming that everyone was our prospect. Just as in traditional network marketing, our uplines ingrained in us the notion that everyone is a potential customer. So when we started building our businesses on social media, we adopted the same belief. We thought that if we showcased how fantastic our products and opportunities were, everyone would be eager to join us. What we learned, however, was that not everyone is our prospect. This revelation helped us identify our ideal prospects and how to attract them. Ask yourself: What do these prospects need to hear? What do they need to see in their newsfeed? How can you connect with these particular people on a more personal level? This leads us to mistake number one: Assuming that everyone is your prospect. It's crucial to pinpoint who your perfect prospect is.

Mistake Two: Relying on Friends and Family

Mistake number two is focusing too heavily on your friends and family. While it's not a bad strategy in the short term and still works for many people, it's fundamentally a short-term plan. Many network marketers mistakenly believe it's the only strategy. While some friends and family may purchase your products or services, you may not be able to tell if they're doing so because they genuinely need them or because they simply want to support you. Working with friends and family works until it doesn't. Once you exhaust your personal network and sales start to decline, you might find yourself wondering what went wrong. Why aren't people buying anymore? Why are previous customers not renewing their subscriptions or purchasing more products? Once you run out of friends and family to pitch to, you may feel compelled to approach strangers, potentially coming off as spammy. But don't worry, we've been there too. In a way, we're proud of that mistake because it led us to discover a new way of building our businesses. So, if you've already exhausted your personal network, it's time to start building a brand new network of ideal prospects. Keep in mind that not everyone will be interested in what you're offering. If you need to learn how to find and attract these prospects, consider checking out our Social Recruiting Secrets course.

Mistake Three: Failing to Build New Relationships

The third mistake most network marketers make is failing to build relationships with their new network. Yes, our upline tells us to make new friends, but we often neglect to invest time in fostering these relationships. Many network marketers make the mistake of sending a pitch as soon as they receive a friend acceptance. Doing so will likely deter the person on the other side, leading to wasted time. Building relationships is a crucial part of growing your business online, and these relationships often serve as the foundation for transactions. It's not about how incredible your products are or that your company is debt-free and supports organic science. The relationship with you is the primary driver for transactions. Many people struggle to build genuine relationships quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, you can automate this process using software like LeadMagicX, saving you from getting swamped with messenger conversations about the weather and dogs.

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Hello. Welcome to this episode. My name is Kat Nikko, I’m founder. Uh, one of the founders of beach bus influencers, coaching platform for marketers who want to learn how to grow their marketing business on social media, without chasing friends, family, and strangers. So in this episode, I’m going to be talking about three biggest mistakes that majority of network marketers are making on social media. And let’s be honest. There’s not much going on in face to face world anymore. For the past two years, we were forced to stay inside and not to talk to people face to face. So did you adjust your business to the world’s changes? Right? If not, you need to pay attention to this video because what worked couple years ago on social media is no longer working and even what was working, not on social media, but in face to face world is also no longer available.

So let’s dive into these three biggest mistakes so we can avoid them and maximize our time and create more results. So I’m gonna be talking about this mistakes and I’ve done all three of them. So I’m speaking from experience, not trying to judge anyone, just trying to appoint you in the right direction and maybe giving you awareness. Why some things that you’re doing on social media are not, are no longer working and what you can do instead. So mistake number one. So when a newbie network marketer comes to social media, maybe you’re not new to social media, but you are new to promoting your opportunity and your products on social media. And what we usually do is we applying the old school face to face prospecting strategies onto social media, expecting it to work the same way. And then the reality we realize the hard way we learn it, the hard way that this is actually not working.

So if you can relate to what I’m saying right now, if you came on social media and you upline told you just talk to more people, right? People are on social media, their faces are in their devices, 24 7. That’s where people are right now. Just go on social media and start talking to more people or start posting more about your products. And people will come, um, one month or two goes by and no one’s coming. uh, or a few people showed up in the beginning, who were your mom and your next door neighbor. And that’s it so what am, what are we doing wrong here? So instead of chasing people or trying to apply the same strategies to Online, social media, uh, business, learn how to attract the right people to you. What I’m trying to say here, stop chasing everyone and anyone, because not everyone is your prospect and learn how to attract those who actually already looking for what you’re promoting and offering. And they would wanna buy these products from you. So if you wanna learn more how to do this, how to attract the right people to you, we have absolutely free social influencer formula. If you haven’t grabbed it, there will be a link somewhere below or above this video where you can do it. So it’s absolutely free. It’s a very simple, once you get it, you might think, oh my gosh, how I couldn’t see it on my own. How I didn’t know it until now, because it’s so simple. You can do few changes, how you show up on social media and start seeing results immediately.

So if you haven’t grabbed it, find that link and grab it right now. And for those who already, uh, been on social media for a while, growing their business on social media for a while, I need more strategies and more details. There is a social recruiting secrets course that you also can grab. So comment course in the comments, and someone will help you with the link. So mistake number one, stop chasing everyone and learn how to attract the right people to you because people are on social media and the reason you are not at attracting them, because either they can’t find you yet, or you are not attractive yet to them. So how to change that, grab the formula and you will be on your way. So mistake number two, what I’m seeing from network marketers is that they treating their social media profile as their company’s billboard.

And I’m guilty myself of doing it. But what happens is social media is not where people come to buy something. Oh yes. We end up buying a lot of things from social media, from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, you name it. People buy things on social media, but that’s not why they come onto social media. They come to social media to check on their friends, to socialize, to get entertained, to get educated. That’s what they’re looking for. They’re not waking up in the morning and thinking, oh, I’m gonna go on Instagram because I need to buy new toothpaste. No so, and if all they see from you is sales posts, sales, pitch, sales pitch. They’re gonna be bored and gonna, and they going to start thinking, oh, she’s just one of those girls who sells everything. And unfortunately there’s many girls like this on social media.

So why would they bother spend their time on you? So just think about it. And although, uh, what we, what we actually teach is 80 20 rule, 20% of your posts should be business related, but doesn’t mean every single business post should be by my staff because it’s amazing. There’s many ways you can promote yourself without being a billboard. And 80% of your posts should be about your normal life. But the kicker is even though 80% of your posts are, should not be about your business. You still can create posts that will help you attract those people to it, even though they’re just lifestyle posts. So we have tons of courses inside of our community, where we teach how to do such thing, how to post normal life post about kids, about your garden, about whatever, and still be attractive to people who are your perfect prospect.

So it’s incredible skill set. And if you’re not part of our community, uh, grappling above or below this video, and you will be on your way. So, and the third mistake that I see network marketers make it on social media. When we try to interact with new people, which is absolutely a must thing to do. If you’re trying to grow on social media, we have to connect with new people, right? We have to grow our, our audience daily. But what most network marketers do is as soon as they accept a new friend request or send a new, send a friend request to someone else and they get accepted, or they communicate with other people in the groups, what they do, the first thing is pitching their stuff. So is it working for you? Just ask yourself and if it’s not working, how long are you willing to do the same thing and expect different results?

So what is very important in our business is relationships. Uh, people buying from you, not because how your pro, how amazing your products are, but they bind from you because you give them something, you build that relationship and they know that you can help them. So the reason for transaction is a relationship. We are in business of relationships. So if you learn how to transform those small conversations, small talk conversation that everybody hates into business conversation, without being that sales weirdo, you can create a lot more results and a lot faster timeframe. So also if you need help in learning how to communicate with people, how to build relationships without drowning in that small talk, and without being that salesy word, you need to grab that link that I already mentioned like 500 times in this video and learn how it can be done. So three mistakes, one more time, stop chasing people and learn how to attract the right people to you.

Don’t chase the masses. They’re not your perfect prospect, but learn how to attract the ones that already looking for what you are offering. Take number two, stop being a billboard for your company, because doing that, you are only gonna repel people who potentially could be your perfect customers. Don’t be just another girl or guy who just sells stuff on social media. Be you share your normal life post, but learn how to share normal lifestyle post and be still attractive to a perfect prospect and mistake. Number three, take time to build relationships with people that come into your network. But don’t drown in that small talk, get to the business conversation quick, but that requires a special skill set that we influencers can teach you how to do it, and a lot more other things as well. So if this was helpful to you and you recognize you have been doing one of these mistakes, or know someone who have been doing these mistakes and it’s not actually working for you. So absolutely grab the link about this video, ask questions, come below. If you need help. And we will be very glad to help you. So this is it from me today, and I’ll see you next time.


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