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3 Simple Ways To Grow Your Brand Using Instagram Reels

Fran Loubser

Reels have become increasingly popular since they are introduced last year. 

But the question is, How can reels help me grow my brand on social media? 

Well, today I am going to tell you what I do to create maximum reach to my perfect prospects using reels.

If you are building a brand on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is get crystal clear on what your brand is, who you are, and how you want people to feel when they land on your profile. 

Think about your company. Do their values line up with yours? If it doesn't, you need to find another company.

Your brand is not your company. Your brand is not your product. 

Your brand is you. You are going to weave your products into your brand. 


You have to understand that everything you do is not about you. It is about them, and how you can serve them.

Whenever you are putting anything out there, ask yourself how can I let people get to know me and bless them in their lives? 

Think about what people are struggling with and how you can add value to their lives. 

You don't want all of your content to be showing your product or opportunity. Weave your product posts into your content to create curiosity.


Let people get to know you, and have fun with it. Let them into your life. Let them know what you stand for. 

Create curiosity around your product or opportunity and add value to peoples lives. 

So when you are creating content you want to have a hook, to grab someones attention. And you want to have a call-to-action at the end. It might be as simple as grab the link in my bio but you always want to have that. 

You always have to tell people what to do. 

If you are not leaving a call-to-action at the end, then they don't do anything because you didn't tell them what to do. 


You want to make sure the hashtags you are using are relevant to your reel. 

Do your homework, search out hashtags that apply to your reel and use them.

Hashtags serve two purposes. 

People search hashtags, so by using it your reel will become searchable. 

It will also put your reel onto that hashtag page. And if your video goes viral the higher up it will appear on the hashtag page.


Maybe you are thinking to yourself "I don't sing, I can't dance, I'm not imaginative like that". 

How do you find ideas for content? You can search out people in your niche. 

You don't want to copy the video, but model it, mimic it, and make it your own. 

The important thing is to have fun with it. Don't overthink.

Start following people who inspire you. If they inspire you, they will probably inspire your perfect prospect. 

If there is a trending sound, then hop onto that train as early as possible. The earlier you do, the more reach and high chance you have to go viral. 

To build your brand successfully using reels you want to know who your audience is and add value to their life, create content that is fun and weave in your products, and utilize hashtags and trending sounds. 

If you want to know more about building your business online, check out our free formula below.

Video Transcript

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Hey there. My name is Fran Loha. And in this episode, I’m going to be sharing three simple steps to grow your brand using Instagram reels. So in case we haven’t met with the fo if case we meeting for the first time, my name is Fran lore, as I said, and one of the co-founders of beach boss influences where we coach and train marketers, home based business owners and entrepreneurs, how to build their businesses entirely using social media, how to go completely, um, online, um, leveraging the power of social media, um, and how to build, influence online, how to build that, that all important, no like, and trust and influence online. So the, that you can stop being a salesy weirder, so you can stop chasing your friends and family and possibly doing a lot of the old school tactics. You know, speaking to your friends and family, chasing them, asking them to just buy your products, asking them to join your team, doing all the stuff that you might not like doing.

Um, and we teach you how you teach strategies and skill sets to build a business that you will love. Um, connecting with people who are actually actively looking for you, looking for your opportunity, looking for your products, um, and looking to build their side gig and to make their side gig their man gig. So let me dive into, uh, how to use Instagram reels to grow your brand. Now, the first thing, if you are building, you know, as you’re building on Instagram is, is get crystal clear on what your brand is, who, who are you, you need to know who you are, you know, think about how you want people feel when they land on your profile. How do you want to leave people feeling? Do they, and, and what, what do you want people to do as well? Um, and how does your brand weave in your products, for example, I’m in health and wellness?

So, yes, um, my content is going to be around health and wellness, but it isn’t all around health and wellness. Um, it is also, you know, um, teaching people how to build their businesses online because part of my brand is, is teaching people, you know, is an electric marketing coach, a mindset coach, um, a, an entrepreneur coach, um, and teaching people how to build, how to build influence okay. Um, but yes, I do weave in, um, health and wellness because my company is in health and wellness. So think about, you know, what your company is in and, you know, does that align with you? If it doesn’t, maybe you need to look for another company, but think about what, you know, what your company and how your, how your products will, will weave into your brand. It’s not your brand. Your brand is you, your brand is not your company.

Your brand is not your product. Your brand is you, but your products are woven into that. So I hope that makes sense to you. Um, and the other thing with your brand is, remember whatever you’re doing as you’re building your business as an entrepreneur, whatever you do, it’s not actually about you, but it is about the people that you’re serving it’s about your followers. And so think about them and who they are. And are you clear on who your target market is? If you’re not clear on who your target market is, um, you need to, um, search in our, in our, in our vault, in our, in our or Google, you know, in Bebo influences how to actually figure out who your target market is and who your avatar is, because that is super important. If you’re not clear on who your avatar is, you need to understand who your avatar is, who is your person.

Okay. Um, and understand that everything that you do is it’s not about you, but it is about them and how you can serve them. Okay. So that’s one important piece that you need to understand, and whenever you’re putting anything out there is, can I bless my followers? Part of your brand is how can, how can I let people get to know me and bless them in their lives? Okay. So when you are putting out, when you’re thinking about your reels, your Instagram reels content, um, here’s a little tip. Okay. Hack is I actually like to create, um, all my content in TikTok and then repurpose it in reels, get rid of the TikTok logo. And I like to actually create my, all my videos in TikTok and then repurpose them in Instagram reels, um, and on Facebook reels as well, and in stories. Okay. So creating one video and then repurposing it everywhere.

Big hack. Okay. So if you’re, if you’re not doing that, you might want to think about, might, wanna think about doing, you know, creating one piece of content or created in reels and then, and then repurposing TikTok. It’s better the other way around though. Okay. But if you’re just on, if you’re just on, in Instagram right now, um, then the, the, the real, real content that you’re gonna put out, um, wants to focus on three things, letting people get to know who you are. Okay. Um, adding value to people’s lives. So thinking, thinking about what people are struggling with and how you can add value into their lives, right. And weaving in creating curiosity, putting a, a finger at your products, my, my energy hack, my wo, my weight loss drink, whatever, you know, and maybe creating a real around, around that. Okay. So you’re going to it, your, your reels are not your going to be all around your products.

You’re going to weave in, uh, content about you, um, adding value, think about what, what your, what your perfect prospect is struggling with and how you can add value to their lives. And then also creating curiosity around your products, your opportunity. Okay. So when you are creating the content, all right. So that’s one thing is, is your content, like what, what different types of content you’re putting out there, whatever content did you putting out there, you wanna grab somebody’s attention at the beginning. So you have a, if you of, you know, put writing on the, on the real, have a hook, so make sure you’re grabbing their attention at the beginning, you give the content and you have a call to action at the end and the call to action. It might be, um, you know, grab the, the link, um, in my bio. Okay.

If you’ve got a link in your bio, if you’ve got a, a link tree link link, or a milkshake link, or you can create a little mini website in Canva as well, where you can put your, your links and maybe, you know, it might be your buying your product, joining opportunity. If you have anything else out there, uh, you know, maybe you offer coaching as well, put that link in as well. Okay. So you have always tell people what to do. If you’re not leaving people at the end of your, of your real, with a call to action, then they don’t do anything because if you don’t tell ’em what to do, they won’t do anything. All right. Um, when it comes to, um, when it comes to putting the real art, you want to add in a description, so add in a description of what it’s about.

Okay. And there’s no limit to words on, on Instagram reels. So to, and the word can’t. So put in a description, you know, a dis digging into the pain, perhaps, um, you know, a, a hook digging into the pain, um, and then leaving them with a call to action, telling ’em what to do at the end and add hashtags. What do hashtags do? Hashtags do two things. Number one, people search hashtags so that your, your real will become searchable, but also it will put your real onto that hashtag page. And if your real goes viral, then the higher up it’ll appear on that hashtag page in Instagram. So you wanna make sure that the, that the hashtags that you are putting on your real are relevant to your real. Okay. Um, search out, search out different hashtags that, um, you know, know that, or think about the hashtags that, that you, that apply to your real and, and, and use them and used to be 30 hashtags.

It’s now fewer on Instagram, it’s around five, I believe. Um, but at this time, at the time of, of filming this, um, but that always, it always changes. So do do your homework as well. You know, if it, if it has changed, but right now it’s about five. It used to be 30 hashtags. And right now it has come down to about five. Um, the other thing is when you’re thinking, well, I don’t know. I dunno, what content have you, are you, if you’re wondering right now, I don’t know what content to put out there and let me know if this is making sense, but I don’t know what, what kind of content to put out there? Like maybe you’re thinking, well, I don’t dance. I can’t sing, you know, I’m not, I’m not imaginative like that. Um, how am I going to find ideas for content, search out people in your niche?

So, for example, if you, you know, if you want to find, um, hashtags, maybe you you’re a mum, maybe you’ve got lots of, you’ve got five, six kids, you know, you can search out, you know, hashtags, preneur, entrepreneur, um, TWI marketing network marketer. You could search out if you’re in health and wellness, whatever niche in health and wellness, you’re in, maybe it’s weight loss, other, other ideas. Um, and, you know, might be, it might, you might be like me, um, over 50, but search out hashtags, um, and just start scrolling through the Instagram feed as well. And when you see something that you like, um, it isn’t copy it, but model it, mimic it and make it your own. Okay. So you can do, you can do fun videos. You could do videos with you miming. Um, you could do videos with you talking. Okay.

Um, but just have fun with it. Okay. Don’t overthink it and just have fun with it. Um, and yes, there is a whole STR there’s a whole way to, um, you know, to create these videos so that, um, you know, you can creating a, to creating a, an Instagram real video. That’s, that’s a whole nother training. In fact, there’s, there is a training in, in our, in our, um, in our vault where you can, you can learn how to, to make Instagram reels. Um, so, uh, if you, if you interested in that, there’s gonna be a link somewhere above or below this, this video, that’ll get you. Um, you know, if you, if you buy a course, I’ll get you some coaching calls and you can find out how you can learn how to make Instagram reel, actually, how to do it all right. But, um, have fun with it.

Okay. Um, and just remember, you know, to model mimic, make your own start following, start following, um, you know, people, people who inspire you, if they inspire you, they’re all probably inspire your perfect prospect, uh, and, and also, um, hopping onto trains early. So if there, for example, if there is a sound trending, then hopping onto that trained early will get you more reach and has a higher chance of your real going via now, a real going viral. For example, I had a real go viral right in the early days when I first, in fact, the first reel I put out was me coming down a water slide and messing up my knee. And the air was blue with, with me swearing like a swearing, like a trooper, but it went viral. The problem is it actually had nothing to do with anything that I was anything that I was, um, promoting, selling anything.

Okay. So think about the content that you’re putting out, you know? Yes. Let people get to know you have fun with it, create curiosity around your products, um, and or your opportunity and add value to people’s lives. Okay. So are you wanting inspire them, motivate them, teach them something, teach them how to do whatever it is. You could take, um, bits from this video and teach that, um, but fun with it as well. Right. And, um, you can repurpose your reels as well. You can put them onto your stories onto Facebook stories, and you can put them into, onto TikTok or the other way around and take a TikTok video and put it in, get rid of the logo and then put it into reels. So, um, just to, just to sum up, get clear on your, get clear on, on who you want to serve.

Okay. Who is it that you’re serving? How can you bless people in their lives? Um, and how do you, pardon me? How do you want people to feel when they’ve watched your video? Okay, you’re gonna mix up your real content to, you know, letting people into your life, letting people get to letting people get to know who you are, what you stand for, maybe you, what you like to do for fun. So they actually get to know you alright, adding in your products. Okay. So reels about your products and you can put your products out there. You can show your products, um, and, um, adding value. All right. Make sure on the reels that you have a hook, adding the content and call to action. You add a description in the real, in, in the, in the description. So add a description you can add in as much content, as much as many words as you want and use hashtags, hashtags that are relevant to your, to the real.

Okay. Um, find people in your niche and follow them and model mimic and make your own jump onto trending sounds. So you will find if you, if you look on, you know, in, in Instagram, you’ll see reals trending sounds. And if you jump onto those early, then you have more chance of your real going viral. Um, and, um, you know, the different types of different types of real you can do just talking, um, fun videos, okay. Miming, dancing, doing whatever. Um, and then also, um, you know, weaving in creating curiosity around your product, talking about the benefits of your products, um, telling people how it’s going to help them. Okay. There’s just showing a product is not going to sell your product. They wanna know what what’s in it for them and how it’s going to help them, how it, how, what difference it’s going to make in their life. So make sure that you add that in. So hope you have got a ton of value from this. And if you want to learn more on how to build, influence online, um, make sure you go and grab the link above or below this video, wherever you’re watching it. Uh, and, um, we will see you on the inside. Thanks for joining me until next time. Take care then. Bye. Bye.


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