April 12

4 Success Principles That Will Take You From Stuck And Overwhelmed To Winning

Fran Loubser

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Ever wondered what separates the super successful from those struggling to make it?

You're not alone.

Here are four success principles that will take you from stuck and overwhelmed to thriving in your network marketing business.


Know Where You Want to Go

It may sound obvious, but many people don't have a clear vision of their ultimate goal.

They know the next step they want to take, but not what their big, hairy, audacious goal looks like.

Getting to know your end goal is like cozying up to your heart's desire—it allows you to form an emotional bond, daydream about the fabulous life you'll lead when you reach it, and concoct a master plan to make it all come true, step by step.

So, before you strap on your adventure boots and take off on the wild ride towards your aspirations, make sure you've got a full-color, high-definition mental snapshot of where you're headed and a road map detailing the twists, turns, and pit stops it'll take to get there, come rain or shine!

Find Your ‘Who'

Ask yourself, who has been where you are and achieved the goals you want to achieve?

In network marketing, this may involve finding a leader in another team, joining a new team that can help you get there, or investing in your education to learn the necessary skillsets.

We have experienced rock bottom and have invested in ourselves to learn the skills needed to succeed.

Find the right mentor or coach who has been where you want to go and can help you on your journey.

Remember that knowledge is power.

Invest in your own education to arm yourself with the indispensable skillsets that will set you apart from the competition.

Understand the 80/20 Rule for Success

Success is 80% psychological and 20% skillset.

Most of the game is in your head, so investing in your mindset is critical for overcoming limiting beliefs and staying on track toward your goals.

At Beach Boss Influencers we help give network marketers the mental tools they need to break free from the chains of self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

We've seen it all, from the most stubborn roadblocks to the trickiest self-sabotaging thoughts that can leave even the most talented professionals stuck in place, spinning their wheels.

We have had limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck for days!

That's why we encourage you to spend quality time working on your mindset.

Nurture it, polish it, and train it to be your greatest ally, because more often than not, it's the mental game that'll keep you stuck, not the lack of skills.

Spend time working on your mindset because it will probably keep you stuck more than actually learning the skillsets.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Success in network marketing is also about working smarter, not harder.

In a world where time is a precious commodity, you need to make every moment count.

Figure out the 20% of effort that will produce 80% of your results, and focus on those activities.

This approach will allow you to achieve more significant results without spending all your time working, leaving room for the things you love.

But where do you start?

Begin by taking a good, hard look at your daily activities and pinpointing the high-impact tasks.

These are the tasks that drive your business forward, foster growth, and generate results.

They're your bread and butter, the secret sauce that'll catapult you to success.

Once you've identified these high-impact tasks, it's time to streamline your workflow and eliminate the fluff.

Cut out the time-wasters and energy-drainers that don't contribute to your bottom line, and focus on nurturing those more important tasks.

This way you can free up valuable time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Want To Accelerate Your Business?

If you want more help on how to make more money in less time using social media, grab our Social Influencer Formula where we show you how to crush your business in three simple steps.

Video Transcript

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Have you ever wondered what makes a, uh, somebody who’s super, super successful, successful? What is the difference between them and you where you’re at night right now, you know, perhaps struggling and perhaps struggling to achieve your goals and wondering if you’re ever gonna get there? In today’s, in today’s episode, I’m gonna be sharing four success principles that will take you from stuck and overwhelmed to winning. Um, and if we’re meeting for the first time, I, my name is Fran Loche and I’m one of the co-founders of Beach Boss Influencers, the coaching community, where we coach and mentor network marketers to make more sales and leads in less time using systems, processes and automation. And, um, I’m excited to share this with you. Super excited to share this with you. So if you’re joining, let me know who you are. Let me know where you’re coming in from.

If you catching replay drop, I replay hashtag replay down below so I can come back around and, um, say hello to you. But success principle number one is knowing where you wanna go. Um, and this might sound, um, obvious, but so often, you know, people aren’t clear. They know maybe the next step that they want to achieve. They may, they know, maybe they wanna hit the next rank. They know maybe they want to be making $500 a month. They know maybe they wanna be making a thousand dollars a month. They know that’s, you know, they know the next step. But once they’ve achieved that goal, what does your big, big, big goal look like? Like the crazy bha. Okay, the big, hairy, audacious goal. What does that look like? Because then if you don’t know exactly where you’re going and what that looks like, and what that, what that, what that is going to mean to you and how you’re gonna feel when you get there, that you can actually emotionally put yourself in that place and know what that feels like, that you can put your family in that place, that you know exactly what your life is gonna look like and how you’re gonna feel, and what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna act, what you’re gonna wear, the things that you’re gonna do.

You know, is it, is it that you want to have a house on the beach that you, you know, you have all your family and your grandchildren, everybody all around you. What does it look like? What does your goal look like? Or is it that you want to be making you know, so much money that you can give, I don’t know, a million dollars a year back to whatever charity it is that, that you, you know, that you’re passionate about? Think about that crazy goal and what does that look like? And then once you know what that is and you know what is going to achieve to get there, what do you need to do to get there? Then you can reverse engineer your goals, but you need to know where you wanna go. And it’s not just the next goal. It’s not just, I wanna hit the rank of diamond in my company.

Once you’ve hit the rank of Diamond, what do you want next? Do you know what you want next? Or is that what you wanna get? Is that, is that you know, your goal? Um, think about, think about, you know, where exactly where you wanna go. You don’t get in a car to drive to a destination without putting, without putting the, you know, your, the, the destination in your satin nav. A pilot doesn’t get in a plane and and think, okay, well, are they gonna fly from from Heathrow to New York without, you know, having the coordinates in the plane and knowing exactly, you know, how to get there, because otherwise, you know, you’ll get in your car or pilot will get in the, in the plane and could end up in, turn back two, you don’t know. So unless you know where you wanna go, you, you, you won’t have, you won’t have a, an end goal, and therefore you can’t reverse engineer your goals.

Once you’ve got that end goal, then you can think, okay, well that’s where I, pardon me, that’s where I wanna be in 10 years time. That’s where I wanna be in, you know, 15 years time. That’s where I wanna be when I’m 50. That’s where I wanna be when I’m 60. You know, this is, that’s what I want my life to look like, or this is what I want my life to look like in five years time. Um, and then you can reverse engineer it back thinking, okay, if I wanna do that in five years, I want, like, this is where I wanna be in, you know, in two years, this is where I wanna be in a year. And then reverse the engineer back and then evaluate. So then once you know what, where you wanna be, you can know, okay, this is what, what I’m going to need to do in order to get there.

I need to be making, if I wanna be making, I don’t know, a hundred thousand dollars a month, or I wanna make making $50,000 a month, or whatever it is, then you can reverse the engineer and think, okay, well if I wanna hit that, what do I need to do in a year? What do I need to do monthly? Okay, what do I need to do weekly? What do I need to do daily in order to achieve it? And then always, always evaluate your goals and evaluate, evaluate your results, um, and your actions from data. So having a look at the data, having a look at actually what you have done, having a look at the things that you have done, things that are, that are verifi, externally verifiable data. Have a look at that and think, okay, find three things that worked. What worked about that?

So you staying in a, in a, in a, in a winning, um, mindset, a winning mentality. Find two things that didn’t work. So what two things didn’t work about what I did today. Do that weekly, monthly, yearly, everything. Um, and then what one thing might I change? And you never wanna change more than one thing, because if you’re changing more than one thing, you don’t know what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. If you change 10 things, um, and you suddenly start getting results, you won’t know that if it, if it was just one of those 10 things. If it was all 10 things, you, you don’t know. Okay? So that is the first thing is know where you wanna go. Sounds sounds simple, but actually so many people don’t actually know exactly where they wanna go. The second thing is ask yourself who, so who has been there?

Who has been where I, where, where I am and has achieved the goals that I want to achieve? Um, and as a network marketer, this may, this may be looking at, you know, is it, is it a network mark? Is it a leader in another team? Is it somebody else that I can go and join another team that they’re going to help me get there? Or, and honestly, I think this is, this is more valuable, is investing in your investing in your education to learn the skillsets. Um, and to me, that that has, that has made the biggest difference, that’s made the, made the biggest difference in, in my life, in all the beaches lives. Um, and honestly, in, in most entrepreneurs that I look around and most network marketing leaders have massive, have invested massively in their, in their skillsets, in their mindset, in themselves, in order to achieve the goals.

So figure out who has been there and who can teach you and who can, who, who’s gonna help you get there. Now, as, as the beach bars influencers, we have all, um, you know, been, we’ve hit all hit rock bottom. We have all been at a place where nothing was working, where we were desperate, you know, to find a way we would, you know, chasing, enrolling friends and friends and family, um, you know, brand brandy and Carrie, you know, prospecting on, on, you know, in, in Vegas, driving miles every day getting citizens to look after the kids cat traveled to, to a strange country. The way she didn’t speak the language to go and prospect, you know, we’ve all done the things. I actually hit a leadership rank, went to a leadership event in my company, and as I sat there, my team fell apart.

My team consisted of friends and family. And as I sat there, the literally, everybody in my team edit me say, I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’ve had enough, um, . And it was, it was a party plan company. And literally every single party that I had in my book that weekend canceled. So literally as I sat at this leadership event, my business fell apart, literally fell apart. Um, and so I was back at square one. It was like, okay, I need to figure out a better way to do this. What did I do? I invested myself. I less invested in myself to learn the skillsets, to grow my business using social media to grow my business so that I, I could actually find people who were looking for what I had and could, you know, start, grow, start, you know, growing a team of people who were, who were high quality people who didn’t think, okay, the, the first sign of trouble.

Okay, cheers, I’m out. So investing in yourself is key. So figure out who has been there, drop in the comments, dropping the comments if this is making sense so far. So let me know if this is making sense so far, number one. And secondly, if you haven’t invested in yourself, um, just drop, um, just drop, invest in the, in the comments. Um, and we will get you hooked up or there’ll be a link above or below this video, but we’ll get you hooked up with, with a course that will help you start figuring out how to get where you wanna go. Our students have gone from struggling to building six and seven figure businesses. So you know what? We teach works. We’ve been there, we’ve done it. We have, we are proof of the pudding, and now our students are implementing what we teach. And that is actually more satisfying, is that our students implementing what we teach and getting incredible results to.

So the second question is who, so first we went into where, where, where, where do you wanna go? Second question is who, okay, this, the third thing is understanding that success. And this, Tony Robins said this, success is 80% psychological, 20% mindset, 20% skills. So understand that most of this game is a head game. So most of your success is gonna, most of your success will, you, will, you will, you will sabotage your success by the stories that you tell yourself up here. So invest in yourself. And this is a lot of what we teach in Beach Boss is, is helping you with a mindset game is helping you, um, get past the limiting beliefs that that will keep you stuck. I, I, I, I can’t say more than that because, um, probably I have, if I think about all the limiting beliefs that have kept me stuck, um, I would be here talking for, I dunno, days, days.

So, um, get over and invest in your, invest in your mindset and spend time working on your mindset because it is your mindset and the six inches between your ears, I’d probably keep you stuck more than actually learning the skillsets. So that’s number three. And number four. So number three was 80 20, 80, 80% skill. Um, psychological 20%. Skillset number four is a, is a 2080 game. So when you are working, when you are building your business, figure out, we do not teach you to work harder. We teach you to work smarter. So I do not for a minute believe that you should be working 24 7. I do not for a minute believe that you should even be spending, you should be spending hours and hours and hours a day on your business. I believe that you should figure out, and this is well known, okay, this is taught by, I, I dunno, e every entrepreneur out there will know this.

Figure out the 20% of the effort that is gonna produce 80% of the results. When you can figure that out, then that is going to bring success faster than anything else because then you know that the least amount of effort, but effort that is going to bring the results is gonna bring massive results. And then you have time, you have time to do the things that you love doing. Okay? So figuring out and what, whatever you’re doing, you know, is this working and is the, is the effort that I’m taking, is the effort that I’m putting in producing massive results or not? Or am I spending a lot of time okay, working on something that is producing zero results. So figuring that out. Okay? The two most important things though, are where you wanna go and who’s been there before. Okay? So who can help me get there? If you want more help to figure out how to build your business online, go ahead and click the link above or below this video to grab your social influencer formula, um, where we will give you the three steps to help you grow your business online. Um, so you can stop being salesy, weirdo. I’ll see you on the next episode. Cheers. Bye-bye.


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