How To Attract a Business Builder With The Content You Share on Social Media

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Cari Higham here and in this video, we're going to be talking about how to attract a business builder with the content that you share on social media.

If we're meeting for the first time, my name is Cari Higham and I'm a Beach Boss Influencer.

What I do is I coach and train network marketers and other home business entrepreneurs on how to grow their business by leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, et cetera.

So when it comes to attracting a business builder, it really boils down to the value that you share in your content. Okay?

Sharing value based content is what is going to make you attractive to your ideal prospects. A big problem that we see a lot of network marketers make is they are always going for the sale.

They don't lead with value.

It's very in your face, salesy, spammy…

You know, “buy my product”, “join my team” and the problem with constantly sharing content like this is you become very “you, you, you”.

You actually end up repelling a lot of the prospects that you're trying to attract.

So How Do You Provide Value to Your Perfect Prospects?

So that we are attractive and they end up reaching out to us and wanting to join us?

Well, it really boils down to understanding who that perfect prospect is for your business and understanding and boiling down certain characteristics that they have so that you can paint your content or provide content to them that ends up being very attractive.

So the first thing that you want to understand is what are your perfect prospect’s pains and problems that they're going through right now?

Chances are, if you're in network marketing, back before you found your company and before you found the industry, there were very specific pains and problems that you were going through.

And it was network marketing that was the answer to those pains and problems, right? It was the solution that you found for yourself.

How to Figure Out The Pains and Problems of Your Perfect Prospect

So think back, what were some of those pains and problems and what are some of those pains and problems that your perfect prospect might be experiencing right now?

Most of the time I can guarantee that your perfect prospect is low on cash, right?

They don't have enough money at the end of the month to make it or to really live right.

They might have their daughter, Sally, who really wants to do dance lessons and because they don't have the money, Sally isn't able to do that.

Their son, Bobby, might want to do baseball but because they don't have the money, they're not able to. They're not able to afford the camps that he needs to go to so that he can be on the baseball team.

You want to make sure that you get to the heart of that perfect prospect and what they're feeling, because when you can understand what that perfect prospect is going through, it becomes very real.

And when you speak to that perfect prospect, they're going to know that you're talking about them.

What Are Your Perfect Prospect’s Dreams And Desires?

On the flip side, you want to understand what are their pains or what are their dreams and desires.

Because when you can understand, when you understand those dreams and desires that they have and the life that they want to create for themselves, that's when you're able to create content that bridges the gap for them.

So they've got their pains and problems here, and then they've got their dreams and desires that they want.

Your network marketing opportunity and network marketing as a whole is the answer.

It's the solution to their problem and the content that you share helps bridge that gap from getting them to where they're at, to where they want to be. And so a lot of the value that you provide, it needs to be driven to helping that perfect prospect get to where they want.

When I'm sitting down and I'm thinking about my perfect prospect and attracting them into my opportunity, what I'm doing is asking what is valuable?

What Is Going to Be Valuable To Them So They Join You?

What is going to be valuable to that person? What is going to help them maybe have a better day? What can I teach them that will have them open their mind to the possibility of maybe joining me or joining the industry as a whole? So what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to take your prospect's pains and problems and write them all down. Because when you write them all down, you get very crystal clear on what those pains and problems are, and then do the same thing with those dreams and desires that they have. When you do this, it's going to make it very easy to talk to that person in the content that you provide. Leading with value and becoming that person of value where you're educating and entertaining. I'm really talking to that perfect prospect and those characteristics that we talked about. That person is going to be attracted to you, and they're going to be raising their hand, wanting to join you. So if you want a simple way to attract a business builder with the content that you share on social media, then grab the Social Recruiting Secrets. This is the exact blueprint we personally used to add 32 brand new members in just 14 days without prospecting strangers or sending spammy messages online

– Cari XO

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