How To Use Content That Repels Vs. Content That Attracts To Speed Up Your Social Influence

Hey there, we are Adrian and Fran,

Today, we're going to go over content that repels versus content that attracts.

So when we first got started building our business on social media, we were taught to use old school, offline person to person, belly to belly prospecting methods, where you're hitting up everyone in your family and friends list to join your opportunity.

We were taught to bring that strategy onto social media.

But what we did know is that this strategy actually repels people and pushes away your network.

How To Know If You’re Repelling People Or Pushing Away Your Network

What we found was if you don't have influence over a network of the right people, you're pretty much pitching people about your amazing product, sending copy and paste “Hey girl” messages on social media.

This is actually called spam on social media, spam pushes people and repels people away from you and your message.

So some examples of content that repels your network and repels your audience on social media are things like

  • posting product promos
  • links to join your team
  • links to your company
  • replicated website posts
  • listing all the ingredients and the science about what your product is
  • before and afters
  • product promos with all the prices.

Imagine Actually Attracting The Right People To You

So what would it be like if you were actually attracting the right people to you?

People who actually want your product, who are looking for your service and who want to come to you for more information?

Here's the thing…when you know who your perfect prospect is and what their pains and struggles are, you know exactly how to help them.

You know what content to post that's going to help them where they're at. Right?

Here’s How To Add Value To Your Perfect Prospects

So instead of looking like a walking billboard and a salesy weirdo, what you want to do is post content that adds value to your perfect prospects. Live content that creates curiosity around your products instead of posting about what your product is and content that serves them and that they can relate to. As Adrian said, most network marketers are simply taught to take their old school, offline strategies and use them on social media. Content that actually builds influence, shares the benefits of a product, instead of all the ingredients and all the promos. It's telling a story that your perfect prospect will relate to. That is going to build that like, know and trust and will let them into your life, let them get to know who you are and take them on a journey from that struggle to a solution so they can relate to you. It's going to inspire you! And when you have built that like, know and trust, not only can you actually go and ask for what you want, but people will actually start coming to you. How amazing is that? If you’re looking to get ahead of the game and stand out from what everyone else is doing, then grab the Social Recruiting Secrets. This is the exact blueprint we personally used to add 32 brand new members in just 14 days without prospecting strangers or sending spammy messages online.

– Adrian & Fran XO

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