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Avoid Turning Into A Spammer And Ditch Network Marketing Scripts

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You don’t recognize the number calling you, but you decide to take a gamble and answer. “Hello?”

“Hello,” responds a monotonous voice recording. “We have been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”

You hang up as quickly as you can. No one likes a spammer.

Avoid Turning Into A Spammer And Ditch Network Marketing Scripts
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People don’t like talking to robots in the first place, but they really dislike robots trying to sell them something. So why would you choose to act like a robotic spammer with a scripted sales pitch? In our interactions with people, we crave actual connection. Everyone wants warmth and validation, which are hard to come by when using a script.

Let’s chat about why you should ditch the spammy script and how you can approach sales conversations instead.

Problems With A Script

There are lots of problems with sticking solely to network marketing scripts, but here are three big ones:

1. Everyone Has An Authenticity Meter

When you’re talking to someone, they have an internal meter that can gauge your authenticity. While you might genuinely believe in what you’re selling, if you are doing it in a scripted way, everyone’s intrinsic authenticity meter will alert them to the fact that you are not having a genuine conversation with them. They are going to be skeptical of your intentions.

2. They Can Hurt Friendships

If you have a real relationship with someone, but you speak to them in a scripted way, they may begin to question your commitment to the friendship. They will likely feel used. No one wants to lose a friend for a potential sale.

3. Scripts Leave Problems Unsolved

If your product or service really could help your friend, you might accidentally drive them away by using a scripted sales pitch. If they ask questions that veer off the script topic, you might get flustered and leave them questioning whether or not you’d even be able to help them.

And, of course, scripts just sound stiff. They’re unnatural and awkward for everyone involved.

What To Do Instead

Take your script and rip it into tiny little pieces. Now, take those pieces and toss them around like confetti! (Well, maybe toss it confetti-like into the wastebasket so you don’t have to pull out the vacuum, too.) No more scripts for you!

Build Connections

Work on building a genuine connection with the person you’re talking to. Find some commonalities. Build up a rapport. Connections lead to conversions.

Discover Pain

Through your conversations, naturally find out what makes this person interested in what you’re selling.

Ask For Permission to Share Products

You never want to bombard someone with your product, but if you think it could help them with their pain point, ask them for permission to share products. If they give you permission, then you can fill them in on the benefits of your product.


Help them make the jump from confidant to customer by offering them a discount or instilling in them a sense of urgency.

But do you want to know the best replacement for scripted sales pitches? Listening. Instead of focusing on what you want to say next, actually listen to their concerns. Find out what they are looking for or what they need help with. Let them tell you their worries or concerns.

If you don’t walk away with a sale, but you do walk away with a friendship, consider that a win, too. Chances are they will need what you are offering at some point, and you can welcome them back with open arms. They’ll remember you’re one of the few in the MLM community who didn’t treat them like a sale.

So, select all the boxes with a picture of a traffic light, and also be sure to have real, meaningful conversations with everyone so you can prove to the world that you are NOT a robot.


Avoid Turning Into A Spammer And Ditch Network Marketing Scripts


Many people don't like talking to robots, mainly when they're being sold something. We all look for authentic connections in our social interactions that offer warmth and validation. Read on to learn how to approach sales conversations effectively in this infographic.

4 Sales Pitch Essentials Infographic


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