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Here’s How You Can Have Private Access To The 5 Beach Boss Influencer Mentors For An Entire Year… And Have Them Show You How To Grow Your Following, Influence And Team Entirely Through Social Media

Imagine sitting down with multiple 6 & 7 figure earners, who are actually building their businesses 100% on Social Media, and YOU having the opportunity to pick their brains to see exactly how they do what they do, so you can model it for your team & company…

Well, this is a request we get almost daily from our students and team members…

  • They love the idea of having people reach out to them so they never have to cold prospect again
  • They love the strategies we teach inside the Beach Boss Influencers community…
  • And they love the thought of building an incredible and successful team, business and brand through Social Media…

But they know they’d find success a lot faster if they had someone actually take a look at their individual business and help guide and advise them as they take action to build their dream.

The funny thing is that up until a few weeks ago, it would have been impossible to do this…

Especially since most 6 and 7-figure earners tend to strictly guard their schedules because of how busy they are and charge no less than $500 for an hour of their time.

So after doing a little thinking, the BBI team figured out a way to not only give you private inside access to the entire BBI mentorship team…

But also give you a front of the line pass to the exclusive Bootcamps & Trainings we offer…

  • Without you needing to front thousands of dollars in consulting fees.
  • In fact, this idea will actually SAVE you money!
  • So how are we doing this?

Introducing the Beach Boss Badass Islander Annual Membership… Where you can save over $120 on your membership each year!

Beach Boss Annual Membership


Here’s what’s included when you’re a Badass Islander Annual Member:

  • Everything that you already get with the monthly membership including full access to our coaching platform, new trainings delivered every 2 weeks, free accountability system, free live Q&A sessions, etc.


  • Access to our monthly private group Zoom coaching sessions where we dissect your social media strategy and business to help you get to the next level faster.
  • Priority access and big discounts on higher level bootcamps and mentorship trainings we run quarterly
  • Plus, your price will be locked in and give you access to the community for a FULL YEAR without having to worry about any price increases

For the low annual price of $297… That’s over $120 in savings!

Imagine not only having access to the trainings, tools and resources you need to never have to cold prospect a single person ever again - online or offline – because you’re learning how to quickly grow a targeted audience and build influence to recruit on demand...

But also getting personal coaching from 5 influencers that collectively do millions of dollars in sales in their businesses…

Where you can ask questions and have your own business building strategy dissected each month…

So you get the results you want to get EVEN FASTER!

Now, we’re looking to retail the Annual Membership at a price of $397 per year…

But for today only, you can become a Badass Islander Annual Member with the Beach Boss customer-only discount of just $297!


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Post To Attract Bootcamp

Contrary to what you might have been taught, it’s NOT your amazing products that’s going to attract new business partners to you…

And it’s not a groundbreaking opportunity that’s gonna do the MAGIC or the amount of selfies or promos you post on your timeline.

In this bootcamp, we show you how to take your social media posts and transform them from a ghost town into a prospecting MAGNET...

So you can stop wasting your time on strategies that no longer work… And get more sales and team members without being just another sales person.

Social Media Recruiting Course

Whit & Cari’s “So That’s What I Was Missing” Social Media Recruiting Course

Growing an audience on social media is only part of the puzzle… What you do after someone decides to follow you can make or break whether or not they buy your products or join your team.

In this training, Whit and Cari Higham break down how to take a brand new Social Media follower and transform them into a new customer or teammate step-by-step… Without feeling spammy, salesy or spending 24/7 prospecting.

Yes, I want to take advantage of this special one-time only opportunity to become a Beach Boss Badass Islander Annual Member!

Here's Everything You Get...

  • Full access to our coaching platform
  •  New trainings delivered every 2 weeks
  • Accountability system
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Tools, worksheets, downloads
  • Monthly private group Zoom coaching sessions
  • Priority access and big discounts on quarterly higher level bootcamps
  • Locked in membership and access to the community for a FULL YEAR

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