October 25

Beach Up Your Goals So You Can Grow Your Bank Balance

Brandy Shaver

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You might have occasionally felt the urge to hit the reset button.

Maybe the past year saw you achieving, or even surpassing, your yearly targets.

But now, with those accomplishments under your belt, there's an even bigger question: “What next?”

The thought might be to set a loftier goal, to keep that spirit and momentum alive in your venture.

Understanding SSMART Goals

You might have heard the term ‘SSMART goals’.

It's not just a catchphrase; it's a methodology, a structured way to set and achieve targets.

But sometimes, there's a small snag in the system that prevents some people from shooting for the stars.

Instead of limiting yourself, we encourage you to think outside the box.

Dreaming big not only propels your business, but it also brings those far-fetched dreams within reach.

1. Be Clear (Specificity)

When we talk about SSMART goals, the first thing is to be super clear.

Saying you want to “make things better for your family” is great but it's a bit vague.

A clearer goal could be “I want to save 5 million dollars by July 2025 for my family”.

If you're thinking about growing your business or achieving a big thing, be clear about what that looks like.

For example, if you're hoping to be the best in your company or sell the most products, how will you know when you've done it?

Think about how many sales you need, how big your team should be, or how many customers you want.

You need a plan that spells everything out.

2. Have a Plan (Strategy)

A dream without a plan is just a wish.

Chart out a roadmap that leads you to your goal.

What actions will be taken daily?

What resources are required monthly? Annually?

Strategize every detail.

3. Track Your Progress (Measurability)

Continually monitor your progress.

This doesn't mean being obsessed with numbers, but rather understanding where you stand.

Regular check-ins motivate and can also help in course correction if needed.

4. Take Action (Actionability)

Actions speak louder than words.

You need to take concrete steps towards your goal.

Say you want to boost your sales and need to work with other businesses.

What will you do to team up with them?

List out all the steps you need.

5. Push Your Limits (Reason)

This is where some people get stuck.

What's a ‘big' goal for you?

For someone just starting, signing up one person might be huge.

For another, it might be building a super big business in just a year.

We say, dream big and push past what's comfortable.

If you only do what's easy, you won't grow as much.

6. Set a Deadline (Time)

A goal without a timeline is like a ship without a compass.

Deadlines create a sense of urgency and purpose.

While it's essential to be ambitious, remember that sometimes things take time.

Be kind to yourself.

The BEACH Way of Thinking

We've got another cool idea for you: BEACH goals!

  • B (Be willing to fail): Don't fear failure. Sometimes, through failures, we find the quickest path to success.
  • E (Entertain yourself): Enjoy the journey. If you aren't having fun, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your strategy.
  • A (Anticipate tests from the universe): When you aim high, expect challenges. It's almost like the universe's way of checking your resolve.
  • C (Count on your brain saying no): Your brain, in an attempt to protect you, might resist change. Acknowledge it, and push forward anyway.
  • H (Hard doesn’t equal success): Just because a goal is audacious doesn't mean the journey has to be strenuous. Work smart, not just hard.

This detailed mindset and methodology can transform the way you set and achieve goals.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Surround yourself with positivity, enjoy every phase of your journey, and always remember that challenges are just nature's way of ensuring you're on the path to greatness.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey, hey. Welcome to today’s podcast. We have Fran and Brandy Shaver here from Beach Boss Influencers, and we’re going to talk today about how to beach up your goals so that you can grow your bank balance. And as we have grown our business, as we’ve helped our students grow their businesses, there’s a few things that we’ve noticed about setting goals and it’s getting that time of year right again, where you’re going to want to start over. Have you guys ever felt like starting over, let us know in the chat. Or maybe you’ve hit your goal for the year or surpassed it and you need to set up a new one so that you can continue to move forward in your business. So that’s what we’re talking about today with the beautiful Fran Cher.

So there’s one, we’ve always taught SS smart goals, and I will go through the S smart goals, but there’s one step in smart goals that we have realized is keeping people, keeping students playing small is keeping people stuck. And we with our goals are thinking big picture, thinking crazy, big hairy goals. And we would love for you to see the same goals and figure out a way to get there so that you can actually grow your bank balance so you can actually achieve those crazy dreams that you do have. So I think first let’s go through S smart goals and what are S smart goals. And I will call out the one goal that we have realized is keeping our students stuck and was keeping us stuck too for a while. So the first part of SS smart goals is your goal needs to be specific. You need to have a specific idea of where you want to be. I love, I always point over there, but you need to know exactly where you want to be.

So just like building your legacy for your family, for instance, isn’t specific.

No, right? That’s not specific enough. So building a legacy for my family by which the timestamp is part of the SS smart goals, but by July, 2025 and that legacy means I’m going to have 5 million in the bank or whatever, but it’s got to be more specific. Building a legacy for your family is not specific or growing. My business is not specific. It’s got to be a set. When you cross that line, you’ve achieved it, you’ve made it.

Yeah, you’ve got there. Whereas if it’s just a vague idea as I want to be the top, I want to be free, I want to have financial freedom, what does that mean?

Oh, I want to have time freedom. What does that mean?

And a lot of us fall into this trap. So if this has been in the past or even now and you’re like, holy crap, I just had a light bulb moment that my goal that I’m shooting for is not specific enough. If you’re just like, well, I want to cross the stage, or I want to be the top distributor in my company, or I want to sell the most products, that’s great, but how do you know when you’ve hit it?

If you want to hit the top rank in your company, okay, what is that top rank? How much volume do you have to have in your business? How many team members do you need to have? How many customers do you need to have? Exactly What does that look like? How many legs, percentages of each leg of volume. There’s more to it than just, yeah, we need to specifically lay it out exactly what that looks like. So that’s specific. Alright, it must be strategic. So there must be a strategy behind how you’re going to get there. You must have, it’s not just a willy-nilly type of deal.

Yeah, there’s got to be, okay, I’ve set this goal and I have a strategy to get there. I know the steps that I need to take every day, every month in order to achieve this goal. If you don’t know what strategy you’re going to be doing, actually what you’re going to be doing to get there, again, you’re not going to get there. So the third thing is it must be measurable. So when we say measurable, can you measure, like we’ve said before, right? I have got there or I am a 10th of the way there. I’m a quarter of the way there, I’m getting closer, I’m halfway there. So you know that you can measure the steps that you’re taking and you know how close you are to your goal. Alright? So that is number three. Number four, is it actionable, which is similar to strategic, but do you have action steps to take in order to, yeah, do you know what to do or are there steps in place that you need to complete? For instance, if you want to be the top rank in your company and that’s, I don’t know, a hundred thousand dollars in volume and you need X, Y, and Z people and you need this percentage in each leg, what’s the actions you need to do to get there, right? Well, I need to find a leader like Fran Locher that’s going to help me grow this team. So that would be the first actionable piece. And you lay those actions out as you go.

And wherever you’re watching this, let us know if this is making sense. If you’re watching on the podcast, if you’re listening on the podcast, hopefully this is making sense. And if you’re watching this somewhere on wherever you’re watching this, let us know if this is making sense and let us know if you are following and you’re setting up these goals. So the fourth 1, 2, 3, fifth, and this is the thing that we found was keeping people stuck was it needs to be reasonable. So what is reasonable for you? And so a lot of people are just starting out and they say, well, I want to recruit or one person, or I’m just starting out and in a year I want to have a 5 million business. That’s not reasonable for you maybe, but we want you to think in capacity, we want you to think in bigger, we want you to think bigger. And maybe yes, it’ll take you longer to get there, but think this crazy big hairy goal instead of thinking small and okay, well I know when you’re thinking in your ability and what you know can do and what you know is reasonable for you, you’re never going to push yourself. You’re never going to grow, you’re never going to stretch so far of your comfort zone that you feel so uncomfortable. But that is going to get you closer to that crazy goal that you have of maybe earning $5 million or having 5 million in your bank account. Or it’s kind of like when you shoot for the stars and you hit the moon or the other way around, whatever, it’s having the possibility of knowing that you know what, if I wanted a 5 million business in a year, I could build it. I could figure that out. And in your being that could happen and it is kind of scary sometimes, but it’s getting you to think bigger and the universe God will deliver. Your timeline might be off, but it’s just thinking bigger because your capacity is you can actually have and want and do whatever it is you want to do. Your parents told you when you were a kid that you could be an astronaut, you could be an astronaut if you wanted to be an N b A football player. You just have to put in the work for that. It’s all possible. It’s just no, we hold ourselves back and we hold ourselves back. And what’s happened to us all through our lives is just instead of thinking big, instead of thinking I can achieve anything in life, we start to think small. We are afraid of failure. We are afraid of taking action in case people might laugh at us in case people might think, well why do you want $5 million? What are you going to do with 5 million? Well, I don’t actually have to justify to you I want 5 million. It’s none your business. What I’m going to do? None business million,
I want $5 million and I can have $5 million and I can do it. So the tea is timestamped and we’ve already discussed this.

So these goals because we love to beatify everything and beach up your goals so that you can grow your bank balance and you start to feel okay about having this crazy goal and going for it and knowing that you will achieve it.

So beach is B E A T C h, B A c H. Oh yeah, I have the T right here. B e a c H is what I meant. I read it wrong. My glasses. I need new glasses guys, and I’m tortured by these glasses and I refuse to have my pay out-of-pocket, which is so funny because I’m waiting until my insurance will pay for it, which is really dumb. But anyway, so beach. Okay, so B is be willing to fail. Now, this is something that comes up a lot for a lot of our students. It’s come up for us where we thought failure and our students think failure. Is this the worst thing in the world that everybody is turning around and being like laughing at you, nobody actually cares. And even if they’re doing that, they’re not worth your time. Who wants to hang out with people like that? So be willing to fail. Because if you’re going for an audacious 5 million business in one year, you’re going to have to make a lot of mistakes to get there.

That’s actually how you get to success is make mistakes faster. So you’ve got to be willing to fail. So B is the be willing to fail. The E is entertain yourself. You’ve got to learn how to make fun even when you fail, even when you succeed, even when you hit one of those actionable steps that we talked about in the s smart goals, be willing to have fun. Celebrate yourself, celebrate your failures. For hell sakes. Just be and have fun. And I used to want to punch people in the face when they would be like, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. They’re right. The reason I was not having fun is because my strategy that I was doing, I hated it. I hated every minute of it. So I had to find a new strategy to make it fun.

And so yeah, make sure if you’re finding that you’re getting up in the morning and you’re dreading getting up in the morning and you’re going to bed at night thinking, oh, I’ve got all this to do tomorrow. Something needs to change.

Either your mindset, your strategy, something needs to change, something’s got to change.

You’ve got to have that entertain yourself because who wants to be miserable the whole time they’re building their business or doing whatever it is you’re doing? Life is way too short for that crap, right? I was about to say life’s too short. Life’s too short to not enjoy getting up in the morning and having fun every day, building your business that it puts a huge big smile in your face and you just want to keep going. You know what? When you are like that, you are the most attractive person in the room. People want to be around you, people want to work with you, people want to join you because you are having in the process. Okay, so that is E.

Next one is anticipate the test from the universe. So a anticipate the test from the universe.

And when you set this crazy big, hairy, audacious goal and you say, this is what I want, immediately, what is going to happen is the universe is going to test you. Okay? Yeah, absolutely. I think God wants us to be like, are you sure that’s really what you want? Yeah, let’s see if we can get her off track, right? You don’t get any opposition in where you’re going and what you’re doing with after setting this huge goal. If you’re not getting the test, it’s actually not the right goal for you.
Well, the goal isn’t big enough.

Yeah, it’s not big enough.

You’re not thinking big enough.

You’ve got to anticipate the testing from the universe. And you can look at it two ways. People say it’s Satan testing you. People say it’s God testing you, or he has a funny sense of humor of this whole thing, right? But whatever you believe the coming, whatever is coming.

Yeah, it’s coming, it’s coming. And when it comes, then, oh, okay, alright, I see you. Thank you. You’re testing me. I’m going for it anyway. Absolutely. And it may set you back maybe a day, maybe a week, depending on what that test is, but anticipate that test from the universe because it’ll come without a doubt.

Okay? So the C count on your brain saying no. Okay, so that’s your lizard brain that’s going to try to protect you. And that is a little bit just how we work. It’s anything new and different. If you guys haven’t seen the crudes, the dad, anything new and different, he smashes it on the wall because they have the glyphs, the writings on the, what do they call them, friend, the writing.


Hieroglyphics. I was like, they’re not petroglyphs hieroglyphs on anything that was new and different. The dad smashes it or tries to take it away because he’s trying to protect his family. That’s the same thing your lizard brain is doing for you, but you tell it thank you, and you go ahead and get uncomfortable anyway, burn the boats. Just go for it.

Burn the boats, burn the bridges. Go all in. Okay? Literally you’re cutting off all other options, all other options.

You’re cutting yourself from any other possibilities, okay? There’s no other way forward, but this way forward, this is my goal. This is the way I’m going. Yes, I know. I know the universe is going to test me. I know that my brain is going to tell me you can’t do this. And my brain is going to tell me this is way too difficult. My brain is going to tell me, this is way too hard. You’re not cut out for this. Who are you to be doing? And you might even have more than just your brain telling you that you might have friends and family, you might have your kids telling you that and your brothers, your sisters, all of those things. So it’s coming for you. Just know. But if you’re aware and when it’s happening, you can be like, oh yeah, they told me this would happen. Okay, next one is the H. Hard doesn’t equal success.


So just because you’ve set this crazy big, hairy, audacious goal doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to work hard, hard, hard or harder.

Harder in order to get there. No, it’ll take work. Yes, absolutely, it’ll take work. But see, when you are doing this, and maybe there are things when we’re talking about having fun, maybe there are things and action steps that you need to take or strategies that you need to do in order to get there. And you’re thinking, well, I hate doing this and I hate doing that and I hate doing the other things. Find somebody who can do it. Delegate the jobs that you hate doing. Find somebody to take the load off you. So that number one, you start enjoying your business again. Number one, you start loving what you’re doing again, okay? Because you’ve passed off the things that you hate doing. Alright? Somebody is taking care of all the stuff that you don’t like doing. Okay? Yes, you’re paying them to do it, but somebody’s taking care of that so that you have time to do the things that you love and to shoot for the stars to go for that goal. So let us know, this is making sense, okay?

And let us know what you got out of this because it’s really helped us to understand, to go to go big, go crazy. The possibility, whatever it is you want is there and it’s yours. As soon as you decide that it’s yours, you don’t know the timeline, right? Your A to B is set in stone. There’s no way to predict the future, how long it’s going to take. But if you don’t quit, if you just keep going and you don’t quit, it might take you three years. It might take you five, it might take you 10. But does that matter if at the end that you get what you actually want? That’s the key too. And I think a lot of people, they get lost or they get stuck and they’re like, well, I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do next. Well, what do you want? Because if you’re clear on what you want, then everything else should line up. Like Fran was saying, it eliminates all other possibilities. If you set the what I want, and then you have the strategy and you go for it, right? And it’s measurable. So maybe you say, I want to earn 5 million by the end of the year and maybe you haven’t earned anything and say, okay, awesome, let’s set that goal. Now, as you go through the year, you might think, okay, well it might take me a bit longer because I’m at a thousand dollars right now, okay, after a month. Okay, awesome. Okay? Number one, celebrate that because that is freaking amazing, alright? But if it’s measurable, then you can measure that and you can, okay, well, here I am at the end of the year and I’ve hit a hundred thousand dollars or I’ve hit $10,000. So maybe it’s going to take me a bit longer to get, but I’m still going to get there. Okay? I have decided I’ve cut off all other possibilities. I have made that decision to go for this goal, and nothing is going to stop me from getting there. Okay? This lizard brain is not going to stop me from getting there. This fear is not going to stop me from getting there. The universe isn’t going to stop me from getting there. The universe isn’t going to stop me.

All these tests that are coming from the universe, from God, from Satan, whatever you want to call, wherever you think they’re coming from, they’re going to come, okay? But they’re still not going to stop me. You are going to be aware when they come, okay? And you will find a lot come initially, okay? It’s crazy, but it happens every single time.

Every time. But don’t give up on that goal.

And you know what? We haven’t really met any actual failures. We’ve only met quitters.

That’s the bottom line when you think about it. You’ve never met an actual failure. It’s a quitter. Because even if you fail, let’s say you get $4 million and then all of a sudden you lose it, which people do that all the time. They make a huge amount of money. They don’t know how to manage it, they make mistakes, whatever. And they turn around and they’re like, well, I was a millionaire. I’m just a failure now. No, you’re not. You’re a freaking quitter. Get back up and go do it again. You know how to do it. Go do it. Right? So you’ve never met failures. It’s just quitters. It’s the same thing with diction. Same thing with relationships. If they’re like, oh, I can’t have a good relationship, you’re just a quitter. You got to learn to learn and find the right person and learn how to work through it together. That’s all we’ve met is quitter’s friend.

Yeah, cool.

Where did I read this? There are no failures there. Only those who fell and didn’t get up again.
Yep, absolutely.

That’s it. Get up right guys. Well, if you need more on how to build your business or how to help with your mindset, things like that, strategies, you can find [email protected] where you can grab some freebies, you can grab whatever it is you need. We’ll be happy to help you and have a great rest of your week and we’ll talk to you next time.

Bye everyone.


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