October 11

How To Build Momentum Throughout The Holiday Season in your Network Marketing Business

Cari Higham

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The holiday season, with its festive spirit and joyous celebrations, can often be a double-edged sword for businesses.

On one hand, it's a time of year filled with opportunities to connect with customers and grow.

On the other, it presents plenty of distractions that can derail even the most dedicated entrepreneur.

So, how can you navigate this holiday season, ensuring that your network marketing business not only survives but thrives?

The Shift from Daily to Weekly Planning

Traditionally, many entrepreneurs swear by the Daily Method of Operation (DMO).

It's a structured approach that ensures tasks are tackled and goals are met every single day.

However, during the holiday season, when schedules are filled with parties, family gatherings, and unexpected events, sticking to a daily routine can be near impossible.

Enter the Weekly Method of Operation (WMO).

The WMO is a game-changer, especially during the holidays.

Instead of being bound by daily tasks, this approach encourages entrepreneurs to look at their week instead.

It's about flexibility and adaptability.

For instance, if you normally plan to going live or have meetings on specific days, the holiday season might throw a wrench in those plans.

With a WMO, you can batch tasks or reschedule without feeling overwhelmed.

The goal is to ensure that by week's end, all critical tasks are completed, even if they're not done on their originally intended day.

Harnessing the Power of Promotions

The holiday season is synonymous with promotions, deals, and discounts.

From Black Friday to New Year sales, businesses are in a fierce competition to attract customers.

But here's a pro tip: it's not just about the deals you offer but how and when you present them.

Successful businesses don't wait until Black Friday to announce their deals.

They start building anticipation weeks, if not months, in advance.

It's about creating a buzz, getting customers excited, and ensuring they mark their calendars for what you have to offer.

Moreover, with the evolution of shopping habits, many companies are now launching their holiday deals earlier in November.

As an entrepreneur, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

Utilize these promotions not just as sales tools, but as relationship-building opportunities.

If you've been in touch with potential clients or customers throughout the year, the holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect, offering them deals that they can't resist.

Value First, Always

In the rush of the holiday season, with its glittering promise of increased sales and profits, it's easy to get caught in a selling frenzy.

However, businesses that focus solely on selling often find themselves lost in the noise.

The key to standing out?

Lead with value.

Customers are inundated with sales pitches during the holidays.

To differentiate yourself, it's essential to continue providing genuine value.

This could be in the form of educational content, entertaining posts, or simply sharing insights that resonate with your audience.

Consider maintaining an 80-20 balance: 80% of your content should be value-driven, while the remaining 20% can be promotional.

This ensures that you're not perceived as just another business trying to make a quick sale.

Instead, you position yourself as a valuable resource, a business that cares about its customers beyond the transaction.

Remember, network marketing, at its core, is about relationships.

The holiday season, with its emphasis on connection and gratitude, is the perfect time to strengthen these bonds.

By leading with value, you not only foster trust but also ensure that your customers return, long after the festive lights have been packed away.

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Video Transcript

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Hello, and welcome to today’s episode. Inside this training, I’m going to be diving deep into how to build momentum throughout the holiday season, really how to build momentum. I like to say despite the holiday season, because it seems like this time of year is crazy, you have kids that are in activities, you’ve got your business that you’re trying to grow, you’re being pulled in a million different directions. How do we make sure we stay consistent? How do we make sure we build momentum so that we’re able to recruit more people, bring in more customers, bring advance, and really not lose the momentum that we’ve been trying to build throughout the whole year? So if we’re meeting for the first time, my name’s Carrie Hyam. I am one of the beach boss influencers, or the beaches as we like to call ourselves. And what we do at Beach Boss Influencers is we help network marketers like you make more money and less time using social media and automation.

And this year has flown by, it’s crazy to me that I’m already doing a training about the holidays because I feel like it was New Year’s just yesterday. It’s crazy how fast time flies now, especially when you’re having fun. Now, we want your business to be fun. We want to have fun while we’re growing our business, but during the holiday seasons, it can be really stressful because it’s like, how do we do all the things? How do we make sure we’re there for all the people and we still make time for our business? So I’m going to be giving you two tips in today’s video that are really going to help you keep and continue to build that momentum so that you launch your business into the new year. Alright, so my very first tip, and this was a tip that was actually taught to me by a mentor.

So I’m sure you’ve heard of A D M O, like a daily method of operation. Now, daily methods of operation. If you don’t have a daily method of growing your business, you need to make sure that you have one. And you can look back on previous episodes, previous trainings from Beach Boss. We’ve gone over D M O a lot and how to make sure that you’re structuring your day so that you get the most out of it, et cetera. But during the holidays, because your schedule is suddenly scrambled with all of the things, right? There’s parties, there’s kids events. You’ve got football season starting for your son or whatever it might be, right? It’s like we’re pulled in so many different directions. A D M O, sometimes it’s hard to make sure that we’re getting everything done every single day. So when times get crazy like they do during the holidays, I had a mentor of mine teach me to take my D M O and shift it to a weekly, like a W M O, a weekly method of operation instead of a daily method of operation.
And I’ll tell you what, this is how able to stay consistent. This is how I’m able to ensure that I’m getting the results that I want, that I’m continuing to build momentum throughout and despite the holiday craziness that’s happening around me. So when you have a weekly method of operation, you have your things that you need to make sure you get done that week. So with the daily method of operation, as you’re working things every single day, sometimes we miss a day, right? We’re missing a day because little Johnny had his afterschool Halloween, whatever, and you want to make sure that you’re there for that. You have Christmas parties, you have Thanksgiving. If you’re here in the United States, that’s in November. So you have all of these different things where sometimes you’re just not able to work that day. You want to make sure that you’re putting your family first.

That’s one thing that we teach is we don’t sacrifice our family for our business. Instead, we work our business around our family time, but we still need to make sure we’re working right. We can’t have the family time be all the time. We need to make sure we’re growing our business. And so when you’re able to take the things that you, it’s like, okay, so let me kind of give you an example. So let’s say that Monday is a day that you, Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays are days that you usually do live videos. Let’s use that as an example. And then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’re doing posts. What you might have to do is start using a weekly method of operation where instead of actually physically going live yourself on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, maybe you batch all of your videos on Monday so that you’re able to schedule them because you know have a party on Wednesday that you’re not going to be able to work.

So it’s like what are those non-negotiables that you need to make sure get done in your week to ensure that you have consistency in your business so that you’re not losing all the momentum that you’ve built throughout the year? I hate it when I’m talking to people and they’re like, oh, I’m just going to take a little bit of time off to enjoy the holidays. That’s the worst thing that you can do as a business owner. I get that you want to spend time with the people that matter to you most, but if you put your business on the back burner, all the work that you’ve done up until this point, it kind of starts to fizzle, right? Any momentum that you’ve built is gone come January. So it’s important that we maintain that consistency. And having a weekly method of operation rather than a daily method of operation, really, really helps you make that happen.

So if you usually take Saturdays off, maybe you’re going to take Monday and Tuesday off because you have parties or come Thanksgiving, maybe you take Thursday and Friday off, but you’re working on Saturday to ensure that those weekly things that those non-negotiables are getting done. So the second tip that I have for you is take advantage of your company’s promotions, deals, and discounts that they are putting out there. So when most companies will have a Black Friday offer or an end of year offer or whatever that may be, make sure that you’re using those in your marketing. And the best way that you can use those is not to drop them the day of, right? We don’t drop Black Friday deals on Black Friday. No, you want to be talking about Black Friday, starting the end of October and priming the pump so that people know that you’ve got Black Friday stuff that’s going to be going on.

All right? So make sure that you keep that in mind as you’re creating your content. What do you have to put into place so that you’re starting to drip Black Friday stuff earlier, right? A lot of companies, I mean, I don’t even know if you’ve noticed this, but over the last few years, companies aren’t even waiting for Black Friday to launch their stuff. Their Black Friday deals are launching like the 15th or the beginning of November. I think I saw a thing that here in the next couple years, black Friday will kind of just be a thing of the past, and it will just be November, right? November is sell month. And so keep that in mind that people are being hit with deals left and right throughout that month. So you’re going to want to make your content different. And that brings us to the third tip that I’m going to give you here inside this training today.

And that is to lead with value first. It can be really easy, especially as we get into the holidays, as our company starts putting all this Black Friday stuff to think, okay, for the next month, I’m just going to sell, sell, sell. And every post that I do is going to be about the Black Friday that’s coming up. If you do that, people will start to tune you out. It’s not effective to only focus on selling in November, regardless of what your upline or your company might be telling you. You need to make sure that you’re continuing to provide value. Your content strategy as far as leading with value and leading with education and helping people and edutainment is what we like to call it, where you’re educating and entertaining at the same time, plus your lifestyle posts. All of that still needs to happen. We can’t just think, okay, I’ve done a really good job of becoming a person of value up until November. Now all of my person of value is going to disappear, and I’m going to become that salesy, spammy, Tammy weirdo that we don’t want to be. No, no, no. Continue to lead with value. Keep it like 80 20, 80% of the time you’re focused on delivering value-based content that is going to educate or entertain your audience while the other 20% of the time you can sell your heart out baby. Because if you lead with value first, if you become that person of value, they don’t look at you as a salesy weirdo. You’re not looked at as the spammer because you’ve done the work of building the relationship. And that’s what this business is all about, right? It’s all about relationships. So let’s quickly recap. So the three tips that I’ve given you in this video is first focus on a weekly method of operation instead of a daily method of operation, especially as all the parties and all the things start to pop up. I’m telling you it’s going to save your sanity. The second thing that you’re going to do is take advantage of the promotions, the deals, the discounts that your company is offering for like Black Friday or the end of the year.

Use those to your advantage. If you have people that you’ve been talking to all year long about buying a certain product and it’s on sale, go and follow up with those people and tell them about the sell. Because a lot of times people are in a buying mood in November, right? And the very last tip that I gave you is remember to lead with valuable content. We are not just selling selling. If you do these three things, I can guarantee you that you will not only just maintain momentum that you’ve built, but you’ll build some momentum into the new year as well. So if you got value, let me know by commenting wherever you’re watching this video from. And there’s going to be a link that you can grab. It’s going to be attached somewhere in this video, maybe in the comments. It could be up above to the side, down below, just depends on where you’re watching it. Grab that link for step-by-step help on how you can leverage social media the right way, the most effective way right now in growing your network marketing business. And with that, we’ll see you on the next episode.


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