Done for You Social Media Content Apr 2021

Done For You Social Media Content

April 2021

Daily Posting Formula

Personal profile posting calendar

Post once a day on your timeline and 3-5 stories daily 

Monday: Gratitude post 

Tuesday: Team member recognition 

Wednesday: Educational post related to your products or services 

Thursday:  Product curiosity post 

Friday: inspirational quote

Saturday: Lifestyle post

Sunday: Family, personal

Monday: Marketing tip

Tuesday: Engaging question

Wednesday: Vulnerable/ Power post 

Thursday: Poll style post (give them list of answers to pick)

Friday: Share your passion or something that inspires you

Saturday: Family, personal post 

Sunday: Invite/ promo post for your group, page, webinar, video, lead magnet etc

Repeat this 2 week cycle again

Facebook page posting calendar (2-3 times a day)


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Personal or fun post


Gratitude or power post 


Engaging Questions

  1. We’re friends here, I’m curious when and how did we meet?
  2. Entrepreneur friends: What is your best advice for someone starting an online business? Facebook or Instagram? 
  3. Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what are your plans?
  4. I can’t believe the first quarter of 2021 is already over… What are your goals for quarter 2?
  5. With more and more states opening back up I’m curious… Are you still on lockdown where you live? 
  6. What is the number one thing on your bucket list? 
  7. I’m curious what are the top three things on your to do list today? 
  8. I am _____ and ______ tell me something unique about you? 
  9. On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel about (something in your niche. Example your sleep quality)
    1 - poor / 10 - awesome  (adapt to your niche)
  10. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 1 book with you, which book would you take? 
  11. Name a song starting with the letter A. The next person comments with a song starting with the letter B … when Z is reached, start over!
  12. Are you a saver or a spender?
  13. Do you keep your social media public or private and why?
  14. What was the last thing you bought on Amazon?

Facebook Live Topics

They can be used to grow your audience, provide value, increase engagement, build relationships and to promote your offers. So, don’t forget your call to action in each live.

1. 7 Killer Facebook Live Topics That Will Attract Customers & Teammates (Remember to keep curiosity)

  • Live QA
  • Interview Someone
  • Product Demo (Don’t say name of company or product)
  • Live Tour
  • Share Hottest Tips To Educate on Something
  • Live Events
  • Live Reviews/Critiques

2. 4 Hot Tips To Create Professional Facebook Lives

  • Make sure you have good lighting
  • Make sure you have good sound (mic up if needed)
  • Plan content ahead of time to keep you focused and on track - Use bullet points or notes if needed.

3. Share Your Purpose or Your Why

  • Encourage your audience to share their why with you

4. 5 types of posts to post on social media

  • First clean up your profile
  • Inspiration ( quote or letting people into your life to inspire them)
  • Lifestyle ( get to know you, what's going on in your life)
  • Entertainment, (fun funny, cool things you are doing)
  • Education (provide value, educate on benefits of product, educate people on a better way to build online, chemicals in your food and what that does to your body, builds influence)
  • Motivation

5. 7 Biggest Mistakes NWM are making

  • 1. Profile Pic is not a pic of them
  • 2. Products & name of company in cover photo
  • 3. Replicated website in bio
  • 4. Cold messaging
  • 5. People are focused on them - give more, take less
  • 6. Don't give away the cookie - don't give away the name of your company or products in posts
  • 7. Pay attention to the people who have had no results, follow those and learn from those who have ...

6. 3 Tips to Stand out in a Noisy Feed

  1. Brand yourself 
  2. Not everyone is your prospect, work out who your avatar is, connect with them and deliver value to them 
  3. Work out what content attracts you, model mimic and make it your own (Check out the posts, emails, ads that attract you, they speak to you and you identify with them because it’s clear what they will do for you.

7. 2 Ways To Build Your Business Using Social Media

  1. Passive- attracting your perfect prospects to you by providing value to your perfect prospects 
  2. Active- Actively reach out to those that you want on your team or in your business and say HEY I wanna work with you would you be open to jumping on a zoom and looking at what that might look like? 

BUT first go onto their social media and comment like and share their stuff authentically then when the time is right ask them would you be open to jumping on a zoom and looking at what that might look like? 

8. Top Mistakes NWM Make When Building Their Business Online

  1. They think everyone is their prospect...getting clear on your perfect prospect is key. Who are they?  What are their pains? 
  2. They post pictures of their products all over social media giving away the control for that person seeing the post to go google it and buy it from someone else. Talk about your products benefits and how it helps people without giving away the company name or product name. 
  3. They send weird “Hey Girl” messages to everyone even if they don’t know them or haven’t talked to them in years. Instead of being a real human and building relationships and finding the pain of each person offering to help without anything in return. 

9. How to Build Your Business Online in Three Intentional Steps

  1. Figure out who your perfect prospect is and where do they hang out. Figure out what their pains, wants and desires are and how you can solve them. Grow an audience of these people… adding them as friends or getting in groups. 
  2. Offer value based content, education, motivation, inspiration and don ‘t forget a bit of you in there so that you can authentically connect with these perfect prospects as a human being. Remember relationships are key. People want to be cared about not sold to. 
  3. Ask the question once you uncover their pain, but only if your product or opportunity makes sense for them.

10. 2 Things you need to build a successful business online and become a top earner

  1. A following ... grow a network of people who are actually looking for you, for your opportunity or products, not your friends and family, not your waitress
  2. A system to create leverage ... so when you enrol people , they are plugged into training that will teach them skill sets to build and to duplicate your actions

11. 5 Tips to create strong habits to crush your goals

  1. Declare what you want. What is your vision for your life? Your BIG goal, be very specific
  2. Declare why you want it? That emotional pull is going to be the reason you get up and crush your day everyday, so get very specific on how your dream, your vision is going to make you feel, what difference it is going to make for your life and your family's life
  3. Make it visual. Write your goals down. Write your DMO down, have notes  so you see it every day. Create a vision board. 
  4. Set reminders on your phone, think up app, keeps you focused on your goals, keep affirming your goals and build that self belief and vision
  5. Accountability - you have a 65% greater chance of completing a goal if you are accountable to someone. Set an appointment with that person and that increases the chance of success to 95%. 

12. 3 tips to pour into your mind and into yourself so you crush your goals

  1. Personal development - network marketing is personal development with a paycheck
    Pour into yourself
  2. Thoughts cause feelings - your thoughts cause you to feel a certain way - you are in charge of your thoughts and have the ability to change your thought patterns. Reframe your thoughts, change the way you speak to yourself, recognise if the story you’re telling yourself comes from other people’s opinions of you!
  3. Network marketing is a journey, it’s going to take time to be successful. Have expectations in mind that are real. It’s hard, be prepared to hear no, your friends and family may laugh at you. Understand that this is 100% a journey, it’s a process. Invest in mentoring and coaching, surround yourself with leaders who lift you up and support you and teach you the skill sets to build online

13.  What social media is about and how to use it effectively to grow your NWM business

  1. It’s not a sales platform (stop competing with Amazon, you will lose)
  2. People go on social media to check on friends, to get educated, to get inspired and entertained 
  3. Post content that your perfect prospects want to see and focus on building relationships not the dollar signs 

14. What is imposter syndrome and how to deal with it

  1. Feeling of being not good enough to be a leader because you don’t have big results yet
  2. Being a leader is a state of mind, not a bank account balance or a rank 
  3. Everyone goes through this process and it’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable and not good enough
  4. You only have to be a few steps ahead to be qualified to help someone and they won’t care how much money you make, they care ow much you care about them

15. 3 ways to increase engagement on your posts

  1. Engage on other people’s posts
  2. Provide meaningful replies (100 characters or more)
  3. Include call to action that provokes conversations, not a sales pitch

Inspirational Quotes

Engagement Posts

Marketing Tips

1. 3 Tips to Perfect Your Profile Picture  

  1. Make sure it’s a clear picture of YOU
  2. Bright Happy Smiling
  3. No company logos or products

2. To become a better marketer keep in mind that Facebook cares about their user experience.
They have their platform set up in a way to cultivate relationships… It is not designed for you to use your profile as a store front for your stuff. Keeping that in mind, leverage Facebook Groups to sell your products & services… It will keep the Facebook Gods happy! haha

3. Facebook Live Tip:
Don’t be afraid to use notes to keep you focused and your thoughts on track. Even the most influential gurus use notes while going live… It’s better to be focused and clear with your notes than ramble on and lose your training of thought without them. 

4. 3 Tips for your branding to help you cut through the noise and stand out in the crowd

  1. Building your unique brand - in order to stand out from all the other network marketers, don’t look like all the other salesy weirdos, Brand you, it is you that will attract people not your company / products. 
  2. Remember not everyone is your perfect customer, spend time working on your perfect prospect, working on your target market. Speak to that person, not to everyone. Who is your teammate, who is your customer?
  3. Take a look at what attracts you, it will most likely be what attracts your perfect prospect. Check out the posts, emails, ads that attract you, they speak to you and you identify with them because it’s clear what they will do for you. So be super clear what you, your company, your products will do for your perfect prospect, what’s in it for them. 

5. 4 Steps to win with Facebook Marketing

  1. Believe that you actually have something to contribute.  You’ve learned so much about your niche! Stop just posting “good morning” posts and share some value that will actually help people solve a problem!
  2. Connect with the right people.  This industry is not for your aunt or your best friend from school.  Go build an audience of people who might actually be interested instead of pestering people who aren’t.
  3. Stop pitching and listen to people’s problems.  Listen to their goals and dreams.  When they tell you these things, they are pitching themselves.  All you have to do is tell them you have a solution.
  4. Work the algorithm.  You give what you get on Facebook.  So the more you comment on posts and have conversations in messenger, the more traffic and exposure you’ll get.  If you have a great offer that actually solves a real problem, and you are connecting with people, this will translate into sales!

6. 3 Tips for becoming more confident on camera

  1. Speak to the little dot, look at the camera so you are speaking directly to your audience
  2. Talk to one person as if you’re talking to your best friend. You show up differently when you’re speaking to your friend, less anxious, friendlier and much more authentic and relatable 
  3. Be prepared. Have notes, write down bullet points so you stay on track and stay focused

7.  The 4 U’s  to create a catchy headline

  1. URGENCY - create FOMO Whether they be time sensitive, or a post full of culture people just want to be a part of it. Words like limited or until help create urgency in some killer social media headlines. 
  2. USEFULNESS - how are you going to help someone.
  3. UNIQUENESS - show your personality, might be quirky or funny, add in emoji’s
  4. ULTRA-SPECIFICITY -  example : My top 3 tips to crush your marketing

8. The 3 C’s to Social Media Marketing

  1. 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 - Create content that speaks directly to the pains and problems of your  avatar. 
  2. 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 - Build the relationship with your perfect prospect in groups an on their profile. This will build know like and trust, be genuinely interested in them, have genuine authentic conversations with them on their content
  3. 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨n - Having built the relationship on social media, have a conversation with them in messenger, be a Human Being!. Get curious about them to discover how you can help them.

9. People may not be liking, loving or commenting, but they are always watching!
No one respects your “great business” if you are not showing up CONSISTENTLY!

10. If you want people to be interested in you, be genuinely interested in other people.
Be more interested in them, get curious and ask questions.
If you want engagement, start engaging! Give love before you expect to get love on your content
You get what you give in life and on social media!

11. How often should you post?
On your personal profile, once a day and only after you have warmed up the algorithm

On a page - wait 6-9 hours before posting again - Why?

Because each consecutive post gets 60% fewer clicks.

On your business page look at the insights section to see when your viewers are more likely to see your posts.

Use this as a guide to decide what time you should be posting.

12. How to Crush Your Facebook Marketing

  1. Deliver Value, content that will help and serve your audience. Stop just posting “good morning” posts and share some value that will actually help people solve a problem!
  2. Connect with the right people.  This industry is not for your aunt or your best friend from school.  Figure out who your perfect prospect is and grow an audience of these people
  3. Stop pitching and listen to people’s problems. Listen to their goals and dreams, listen to them, discover their problems ...  When they tell you these things, they are pitching themselves.  All you have to do is tell them you have a solution.
  4. Work the algorithm.  You give what you get on Facebook.  So the more you comment on posts and have conversations in messenger, the more traffic and exposure you’ll get.  If you have a great offer that actually solves a real problem, and you are connecting with people, this will translate into sales!

13. Ditch the salesy tactics!...

  • Intrusive, traditional marketing went out the window a long time ago, for good reason.
  • People don’t want to be sold too.
  • They want to establish real connections and relationships with you.
  • That’s the secret sauce to getting your audience or customers to trust you.
  • And, if they trust you – they’ll buy from you.

14. How to make them like, comment, and tell their friends about your stuff

  • STOP constantly bragging about your products and company although they are absolutely amazing and it might be against your upline's advice.
  • Nobody comments on those posts anyway🤷‍♀️
  • Think WHY would someone want to join YOU regardless of what company you’re with.

Here’s a tip...

  • Because you’re an amazing human! So post something that would let them see that.
  • Because you’re a true leader at heart! Even if you don’t think you’re a leader - trust me, you are or you won’t join network marketing in the first place.
  • So post something to let them know that you got their back and you will guide them every step of the way.
  • Because you genuinely want to help people even if they won’t buy or join you So post something of value that will let people know that you are not just another sales person.

15. Smart ways to connect with your audience:

  • Interact in Stories
  • Facebook Lives
  • Survey your audience
  • Engage in Facebook groups with a similar target audience
  • Always reply to comments on your Facebook business page

If you can master this, you’ll start to see the leads pouring in.

Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip




If there is something you need help with or can't find, jump on the group and leave us a message.