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How To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business With Your Partner

Cari Higham

A strong marriage requires loving your spouse, even when they aren't being lovable. 

This could never be more true than when you are trying to build a successful business with your partner

How can we work with our spouses day in and day out and still want to be around them? 

We get this question a lot, especially early on in our business. 

And to be honest, it can be super difficult. 

We have seen a lot of people that want to work together as partners, but most do not know what that actually looks like

Today we are going to give you some tools to help you know how to make the most impact as a couple inside of your business.

When you are building your business as a couple, there's a lot more dynamic to how your business is going to run that you need to prepare for


Have open communication around everything

As a couple, most people think open communication is just about feelings. While its important, when starting a business you also need communication about what is happening at all times inside the business.

Talking about finances is one of the biggest strains of marriage, now you have not only your personal finances but the business finances too. You have to ask the questions, are we spending too much? Is there money coming in?

Do not be afraid to communicate the bad and the good and build each other up.


In a partnership, you are growing your business together. One of the hardest things to do is to understand your role. 

You are both going to be working on things, and sometimes the other person won't get what they were supposed to get done. 

And it is very easy to put it off on the other person and blame them, especially in hard times. 

There will be a point of time in your business that you might need to carry more weight, and vise versa. 

Do not get into the shame and blame game between each other. It will tear your business apart quicker than anything, and then your relationship.


It can be easy to say that I am not going to blame them, or shame them. But it is also super important to recognize when they are doing things that are great. 

I remember in the early days of developing the skillset of talking to people, he was my biggest cheerleader. He kept me going when I felt discouraged. 

I was able to keep moving forward and grow our business despite the no's, because of the boost in confidence that I got from my partner. 


Give them praise, pat each other on the back as you're going along. 

There is going to be a time where you will have to be the one who sees the logic and reason, and it will flip back and forth. 

If your partner is in a place where they aren't feeling motivated, recognition is usually a core motivator for a lot of people. 

Make sure you are giving them that. 

DIVIDE YOUR ROLES AND responsibilities

This is a huge part of starting a successful business. You have to learn what your roles and  responsibilities are. 

One of the easiest ways to understand your roles and responsibilities is to dip your toes into everything and start doing things.

That way you can identify what you are good at, and also what you like to do inside your business. 

Use that as a starting point to figure out what your role is. 

You will do things in your business that both of you just absolutely despise doing, but sometimes it requires you to do it. Find a way around the hard things. 

Communicate and use a rewards system if that helps. We use one and it has made our business a lot more fun. 


One of the hardest things to do when building a business with your partner is staying connected to one another as spouses.

Keep the job fun. Use the rewards system to your advantage and remember to communication about everything.

Do not blame or shame your partner for things that happen inside the business. 

Cheer your partner on, especially when they need it most. 

If you want to know more about building your business online, check out our free formula below.

Video Transcript

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Hey everybody, what is going on, Carrie? Hi, I’m here and I am here with my husband wit Hiam, and we are pumped to be sharing this episode. And in this episode, we’re gonna be giving you our five top tips to building business as a couple, because when you are building your business as a couple, there’s a lot more dynamic to how your business is gonna have to be run. What, how you’re gonna dish things out. And we wanna make sure that if you are, maybe you’re trying to retire your spouse so that they can come and do this with you. Maybe you’re a couple trying to build right now. We wanna make your life easier and help you avoid some of the pitfalls that we make made in the very beginning. Yeah. Trying to grow Our business.

Absolutely. A lot of, uh, a lot of people in this industry, um, especially in home based business, right? Network marketing, you name it. They want to, um, we’ve come across a lot of people that wanna work together as, as, as husband and wife, partners, whatever that may be, they want, they wanna work together. And, uh, you know, and a lot of ’em don’t know what that looks like. And so, you know, and we, we’ve also seen others that tried to make it work and just didn’t put it together. Yeah. You know, and they, and I remember, you know, we got a lot of questions early on. Well, how did you guys make it work? Um, because it is, it is super, uh, super difficult. Think about how most families are. One is usually, or both are usually working away from each other, that it, they see each other, maybe only a few hours a day.

And then all of a sudden they’re like, yeah, we’re gonna build a business together. Usually that, that dynamic doesn’t usually go together a whole lot just because now you have a lot of time together. Not, not to say that, you know, the individuals, they don’t care about each other. It just can make it very, very difficult when it comes to building a business. Because, you know, there are roles that have to be played in this. And luckily me and Carrie ours was kind of eased into that process, um, in kind of what we were doing. But, um, so that’s what we’re gonna share with you guys today. Yeah. Is how to make the most impact as a couple inside of your business, if you’re looking at growing together like that. Um, which is definitely powerful. It’s very, very powerful to be able to do that because you can divide and conquer a lot of the tasks that, that one person would have to hire out a lot of people to do. Yep. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about.

Yes. So our first tip, cuz we’re gonna be giving you five here on this video. Our first tip is having open communication. Yep. Open communication around everything. So when a lot of times when you talk about okay, having open communication, you think, okay. Just open communication around my feelings. Right. Anytime you’re talking about marriage, most people think, oh, okay. I’m just gonna tell feelings. I’m gonna tell ’em how I feel all the time. No, that is important. It is important to have that open communication, but also communication around your business and what is happening inside of your business at all Times. Yeah. And, and this is, this is really, really difficult for a lot of, a lot of people that are working together is, is especially when you start to make money in a business. Um, kind of the thing that a lot of people don’t like to talk about when things aren’t going the best in your business is finances.

Yep. You know, is the money coming in? Are we spending way too much money type of a thing? Okay. So this is just a general, you have to have open communication with one another and know how to talk to each other. Not, not, uh, being afraid to communicate the bad and also the good and building each other, uh, building, you know, each other up that was really hard for me in the beginning, communicating that with Carrie, especially about the financial piece, you know, I was working a full-time job at the time when we decided to start our business. Um, and so when things weren’t going good or we had to put more money into it, you know, there’s a lot of times that I didn’t, I just didn’t bring it up to carry about, Hey, how’s this? Or how’s that, I’m the emotional, I’m the emotional piece of surprise. Surprise, right?

Yes. I am the emotional piece and, and money was very hard because we didn’t have much of it. Yeah. And when you don’t have much of it, it’s very easy to hold on, wanna hold onto it and be desperate. And that can’t happen when you’re trying to grow. When you’re trying to scale when you’re like, usually when you’re growing a business, uh, any time you’re growing a business, you’re gonna have to put money into your business in order to make it work. And that’s just entrepreneurship. Yeah. Right. Exactly. So make sure you’re having open communication across the board, around everything, about finances, about, you know, people that you’re talking to around, you know, Things that you don’t enjoy, doing things You don’t enjoy doing Or things that you really, really like to do, Things you like to do. And of course how you’re feeling. Yeah. Don’t be afraid to talk about how you’re feeling around all of it, because if you’re gonna be working with someone you better, that person is probably your best friend. Right. If you’re wanting to spend 24 7 with that person, chances are that person is your best friend. They’re gonna wanna make sure that you’re taking care of and on all aspects of that. Exactly. So let’s go to number two.

So the second thing and very, very important, uh, you know, and me and Carrie, very lucky about this point. We never really did this at all, but it’s, We’ve seen that it’s a pitfall that actually tears a Lot of couples Apart when trying to grow together, Especially growing a business and so no shaming or blaming a out. Okay. Yeah, because you are, uh, a partnership in growing your business together. Uh, one of the hardest things is, is understanding your role. And we’re gonna talk about that. Um, here, here in just a second, but you guys are both gonna be working on things and um, you know, there are some times that things you’re just gonna get in the way and one person doesn’t get what they’re supposed to do done. Yeah. Uh, it’s very, very difficult, especially in hard times that things aren’t working to say, well, you know, we’re not getting anywhere because of, or you didn’t do or whatever that may be.

Okay. And so it’s very important not to shame or put blame on the individuals. Okay. If, if one is, if one is struggling to, to, to keep, but remember this is a team thing, if you’re gonna do this together, okay. There’s no, I in team, as they say, you’re gonna have to make it work. And sometimes, um, you know, we’ve each had to take over our other person drills and responsibilities and kind of, you know, put the weight on her shoulders and carry it for a little bit until, you know, that person was ready to come back or whatever that may be, but yep. Please do not get in the, the shame and blame game. Yes. Uh, between each other. It, it will tear your business apart, quicker than anything. And not only will it, can it tear your business apart, but it has a chance to tear that marriage, It’s the person you’re working with as well. Exactly.

All right. So tip number three with our five tips is being a cheerleader for your partner. Now, just as it can be E it, it’s one thing to say, okay, I’m not gonna blame around. I’m not gonna shame them. But on the flip side, it’s important to recognize when they’re doing things that are great. Right. I remember when, um, I first got started, I was terrified. I didn’t wanna make the phone calls. I didn’t wanna reach out to people back when we Were growing. She wanna do videos or anything like that. Well, A sec, but I remember the, in the very early days of just trying to develop the skillset of talking to people, he was my biggest cheerleader. He kept me going. He kept saying, okay, you know, that person, didn’t that person wasn’t interested, let you know, will go to the next one type of a thing. And then again, when we learned how to grow our business on social media, like he said, like I was terrified of doing the videos and it was his constant, you know, love, support cheering me on that got me to do that first live video. And then the next one, and then the next one.

And it was all because of the boost in confidence that I got from my partner. Yep. And hopefully I’ve done the same for you. No, No. In a lot of ways. I mean, obviously, I mean, and that’s what you guys learn to learn to do as you start to, uh, you know, learn kind of your roles and, uh, roles and responsibilities. And that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. And number four, um, you know, is how to be, how to be that cheerleader, you know, for your pro, uh, for, for the person that you’re working with. Okay. So, um, don’t be afraid to, to, to give them praise, um, and to pat each other on the back as you’re going along. Um, because I promise you there’s gonna be low time drew. You’re gonna have to be the one that sees reason and logic and there’s been times, and then it will flip and then the other person kind of has to see yep. Reason and logic and emotion. Okay.

Yep. And if, if your partner is in that place where like, maybe they’re not feeling motivated, recognition is actually a core motivator for a lot of people. So make sure that you’re giving them that, That recognition. Yep. So, so the fourth thing, roles and responsibilities, and this is, this is, uh, obviously very important, but sometimes it’s, especially when you get going and you’re building together of learning what those roles and responsibilities are. Yep. Now the great thing is, is a lot of people that come into a business like this, um, you know, a lot of it, especially network marketing. One is usually a stay at home parent or, or a spouse partner, whatever, um, or, uh, and one is working. And so usually that person that kind of gets the business going, and that was our case. Carrie was the one who kind of had a jump sort of, I brought it to her said, we can’t, I can’t do this without you. She took it and ran with it. Um, and then I kind of watched as she, as she did things, so I knew what was going on.

And then I did what I could. Okay. But when I came home full time, uh, to start building with us in inside of our business, it was really difficult for me to understand, well, what is my role and responsibility? So one of the easiest ways to kind of understand your rules and responsibility is to kind of, kind of dip your toes into everything and start, start doing things right. And start, start doing the things that they’re doing as well. So that way you guys can identify, um, you know, what, what you like to do inside of your business. Okay. Because I have things that I love to do inside of our business. Carrie has things that she loves to do inside of her business. And we both have things that we do not like to do. And it’s usually the things that she likes to do. I, I don’t like to do or, and vice versa. So That’s not always the case in everybody. Else’s, you know, I like to think that wit and I, for whatever reason, we just seamlessly move through things, but there’s a lot of couples out there that, you know, they both, don’t like doing certain things. And if neither of you are willing to do whatever that thing is that you hate it can, it can be another one of those blaming shaming things. So a little tip is if it’s something that someone else can do and you can hire it off, do it.

If, if you have the financial situation, You’re in the financial, if Not, you might have to bite the bullet for a little while. If You don’t have that, if you don’t have the financial situation to do it, you might have to bite the bullet. And both of you, you split whatever you hate to do evenly in the middle, evenly in the middle And, and make, and make and make that time to do that. And don’t, and don’t neglect it. Cause I promise you, if you do it long enough, you will have the means to be able to just hire it out. So somebody else can do it for you. Yep. Okay. And the last one, which this Is gonna seem kind of, weird’s Gonna seem weird, but it’s worked for us, right.

It works really, really well. And this is, this is more of a, between the two now, now, if you’re not working, uh, with somebody that, uh, maybe is not spousal or, or, or emotionally, or physically connected in this sense, this might not work Well, it can still work or yeah. The overall strategy of it can work for anybody. It can, but we make deals. So like, you know, like we give, it’s kinda like a reward system for each of us. Yep. Um, you know, sometimes, uh, sexually or, uh, just, uh, whatever, like we like, cause the, the biggest thing here is, is, um, we like to do things together. I mean, obviously we like to build business together and I know a lot of people want to do that.

And so one of the hardest things is, is to obviously stay connected to one another as a, as a husband and wife. Yep. And so that’s one of the, and, and where we learned this and we actually threw this in and added this in for other people that are looking at growing together. Other couples that are looking at growing together in a business is when we launch one of our very first like mentorship type products. I remember we spent like two full weeks, like up in the morning, all the way till early morning in the next day, it Like four, the morning to two in the morning, Two weeks. Like it was just, it just kept, you were Exhausted.

And I remember when we got done with that and we launched it and we did well, I remember I looked at Carrie and I said, if we ever have to do that again, I’ll I I’ll just go back to working for somebody else cuz that wasn’t worth it. Yeah. You know, because I didn’t get to see her. I didn’t get to have fun with her. I didn’t get to, We were both tired. We were both stressed. We Were both mean to each other at that time too. So learn how to make deals with each other, learn how to reward each other, whatever that looks like for you. Yep. We have our own way of doing that, which it would take us forever to explain it. But well, an example is, Hey, I don’t wanna do this certain thing. If you do it, he tells me I’ll do this, I’ll do this. Right. You’ll be like, I’ll give you a massage tonight. This is worth that, you know?

And my versa we’ll let your mind wander on that. Now. Maybe you’re not a couple, maybe you don’t do. You’re not, but it Can Still work the same, but it can still work the same where it’s like, Hey, I’ll buy you dinner if you do this. Yeah. Do this

This one time. But learn to make deals with one another. Yep. You know, like again, kind of that reward system for, um, you know, somebody really not wanting to, cuz I promise you, you will come, you will start. You will do things in your business that both of you just absolutely despise doing, but sometimes it requires you to do it. Yeah. Um, not everything in your business is always gonna be fun and exciting. Some things are gonna be, you know, kind of doom and gloom type stuff, but, but they have to be addressed. Right. So if you don’t address that, I promise you once we implement it, this, our business has been way more fun just because we take the hard things and we know that, Hey, you know, if I, they come and say, Hey, will you do this?

Hey, you know, what do you want for that? You know, it’s almost like fair game. Well, this is what I want. So let’s make it happen. And, and it just, it’s made our business a lot fun and actually brought us a lot closer together. Yeah. We say it’s SPN up the whole relationship. Not just the business. Yeah. So hopefully you got a little bit of value from these tips today. Tip number one, open communication at all times around all things tip number two is no blaming and shaming at all ever allowed. Yep. Tip number three is being that cheerleader for your partner.

Number four is identifying clear roles and responsibility for each person in the business. And number five is make those deals. Keep, keep it hot. Right? Keep the romance alive. If you’re working as a couple, um, if you’re just working with a partner and you’re not necessarily romantic with that person, keep it fun. Yep. All right. So hopefully you got tips. Uh, hopefully you got value. If you did hit the subscriber, the like wherever you may be listening to this and make sure you share it with anybody that you think may benefit from it and we’ll see you on the next episode. See Ya.


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Jumping into network marketing in 2013, she quickly learned that there’s a lot more to entrepreneurship than just talking to your friends and family and hoping your business will grow.

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