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Comparing Standard Training and Network Marketing Coaching

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Once you joined your network marketing business, your upline probably met you with promises of thorough training that would help you become successful.

And they might’ve had some good tips. But let’s face it. Probably not a lot. Network marketing today is not your grandma’s Tupperware parties. Cold calling all your friends and family? Hosting in-person parties? Yes, you can get some sales that way. But you won’t take it to the next level following those steps alone.

Comparing Standard Training and Network Marketing Coaching
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What exactly are the next steps? You can try to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch, using a lot of trial and error, or you can have someone guide you through the best network marketing processes.

Network Marketing Coaches

Network marketing coaches can help you navigate your business in the best way possible.

Social media has changed the way that we communicate with the outside world. You no longer need to know someone directly to be able to connect with them via your platform. But successful network marketing can still seem like a far-off dream in the ever-changing landscape of likes and shares.

A network marketing coach is worth every penny for those network marketers ready to invest in themselves and their businesses. A personal guide to keep you updated with the best practices and algorithm-beating techniques can be the big break you’ve been waiting for with your business.

What A Coach Won’t Do

Hiring a network marketing coach will only help if you have realistic expectations. Here are some things a network marketing coach won’t do for you:

  • Give you motivation. You should already bring motivation to the table. A coach can’t force you to want to be successful. If you don’t care, don’t waste your time.
  • Do the work for you. When you hire a coach, know you will still be doing the work. You aren’t delegating the work to them; they will guide and direct you through it. Come ready to put in the hard work.
  • Guarantee success. No one can guarantee success. Be wary of any coach who is promising specific results. A network marketing coach can teach you the best methods that will most likely lead to success, but there are no guarantees.

What A Coach Will Do

On the other hand, there are many things a network marketing coach will do for you. Here are some things to expect if you hire a network marketing coach:

  • Teach you strategies. These strategies will help you make the most of your business and generate more sales.
  • Help you build problem-solving skills. Quickly identifying and solving problems is valuable in many professions, including network marketing.
  • Pass on business knowledge. Unless you already have a business degree, you might not know some of the nuances of being your own business. The professional world can have some mannerisms you might want to adopt (or at least learn about).
  • Teach you how to build up your downline. You will become more successful more quickly with a downline. A coach can help you discover the best ways to recruit to your downline.

Who Needs A Coach?

Coaches really aren’t for everyone. They’re not for the network marketers who are only half-hearted about the long-term success of their business. Coaches aren’t for people who lack motivation. They aren’t for the people stuck in their ways and unwilling to adapt.

But coaches are for the people who are hungry for results. They are for those who know they need direction to maximize their efforts. They are for the people who aren’t satisfied with just the training their business offers. Coaches are for the people with the drive to make a difference in the lives of others. They are for people wondering how to succeed at network marketing. They are for the people who believe enough to invest in themselves. Coaches are for the people who are ready to grow.

So yes, your company might offer some training here and there. And they might have some nice tips to help you get a few sales. But ultimately, that training can only take you so far. If you are ready for more, you’re ready for a coach.


Comparing Standard Training and Network Marketing Coaching


A network marketing coach can provide valuable guidance to help you navigate your business in the most effective way possible. A coach can provide personalized guidance on the latest best practices and techniques, helping you take your business to the next level. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a network marketing coach in this infographic.

4 Network Marketing Coach Benefits Infographic


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