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Customer Blitz Bootcamp

For the first time, we are going to share all the secrets and steps you need to take to get qualified customers banging on your door asking to buy your products and ultimately to join your team in a fun and exciting way!

Inside this exclusive workshop by Beach Boss Influencers you'll discover

  • How to plan out your own customer blitz and what to cover each day as well as how to set up your blitz for success from the get go!
  • All the hacks on how to get your Customer Blitz full of the right qualified people to get you results from the beginning, without wasting time with people that are not ready to buy your products or join your team. 
  • The best, easiest and most effective ways to follow up with your prospects so you can easily close them as customers & team mates!

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The best part is…this strategy is amazingly easy to duplicate and works for any niche. 

This workshop is an advanced strategy for those entrepreneurs wanting to push their businesses into overdrive and will be a real game changer.
Especially if you had prospect or customers groups in the past but did not get any traction, engagement or a ton of sales.
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