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 Are You Ready To Increase Customer Flow
And Create A Massive Momentum Inside Your Network Marketing Team?

Customer Blitz Bootcamp

Join us for a special online Bootcamp where we reveal the best selling strategy on social media That's working RIGHT NOW!

It seemed so simple when you first signed up, right?

"Just share your results with everyone you know and the product will sell itself"

But in reality creating momentum and duplication is one of the hardest things to accomplish in the network marketing industry…

Especially if you aren’t able to enroll people en mass or sell a ton of product by yourself just yet.

And there are only a few teams out there that can offer their newbies a simple way to sell a lot of product easily and make money fast without being a salesy weirdo.

If your team is just not there yet... you are in luck, because we are about to show you how you can create a huge momentum for yourself and your team, have customers knocking on your door without chasing a soul, because lets be honest...just talking to more people will only get you rejected, frustrated and make you want to quit.

And one of the biggest beliefs we see network marketers have that keeps them stuck and frustrated is they think 

that those that are experiencing momentum and are bringing hundreds of customers into their teams each month just got “lucky”...

The truth is, momentum doesn’t just happen. 
It’s something that has to be created.

And we have a perfect strategy for you!

Are you ready to get your hands on a very simple but very powerful selling machine, even if you don't have a lot of experience yet? 

Then click below to reserve your spot in our brand new bootcamp, where we will share our best selling and recruiting strategy, step by step.

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There are a lot of gurus out there claiming to have the “secret sauce” to helping you get more customers and team members…

And they’ll give you bits and pieces of what’s working for them, but they never seem to reveal the whole system from start to finish…

And that can keep you spinning your wheels without getting any results

One of the most effective ways to attract more customers and team members fast is by leveraging a special Facebook group to give new prospects an inside look at the products or services you sell and the team you’re building while having a lot of fun in the process. 

But we're not going to tell you to create just another VIP Facebook group. 

We are going to show you how to create a party group that will attract prospects, build like and trust and close those prospects for you basically on autopilot.

And we personally tested and used this strategy time after time with the same results - team and customer explosion!

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Do you have a Facebook Group that your team uses to sell products and recruit reps?

Customer Blitz Bootcamp

If you do, chances are you’re consistently sharing posts about your products to try and “pique” the interest of the prospects being added to your group…

And you may even throw a few recruiting posts in there as well hoping someone will take the bait…

But sadly, the group is a dead zone…

And the only people engaging are people that are already in your team.

It’s frustrating…

Not to mention exhausting trying to keep up with new content so your team will feel confident adding new prospects each month.

Deep down you know there must be a better way…

After all, there are industry leaders crushing it using Facebook groups to grow their teams right now…

Adding hundreds of people to their downlines each month.

So what do they have in place that you don’t? What’s the missing piece that’s keeping you stuck?

If this sounds familiar You’re in Luck!

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Because for the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing all our secrets to run a successful customer Facebook group and explode your downlines using Facebook Party Groups…

This strategy is sure to have prospects knocking down your door to buy from you
or join your team and we’re so excited to teach it to you! 

Introducing the CUSTOMER BLITZ Bootcamp…

Where you’ll learn the exact strategy we’ve used to create hoards of customers banging on our doors and as a side result, enrolled hundreds of people into our team without prospecting, bugging family & friends or sending spammy messages to strangers.

This is the NEW WAY to sell to people by the masses and help your team duplicate, even if they are brand new and haven’t had any results yet.

 Here’s what you’ll discover inside this exclusive bootcamp:

  • How to supercharge your customer Facebook group and get people knocking on your door before you even launch your first party.
  • How to get your customers excited about what you do and have them dying with anticipation to learn more about your products, services, or opportunity
  • How to plan, run, and close any party successfully so you can sell a ton of product and enroll a bunch of new team members without prospecting a single soul.

Here’s what you can expect to learn each day of the Bootcamp:

Day 1: Customer Blitz Blueprint with Adrian & Fran

Day 1: Customer Blitz Blueprint with Adrian & Fran

Before you can even consider running a Customer Blitz there are critical principles and steps that need to be applied or your blitz will fail before you even start.

Inside the Customer Blitz Blueprint you’ll learn all about how to plan out your blitz… You’ll discover what to cover each day as well as how to set up your blitz for success from the get go!

You’ll also discover the key principles that make a blitz powerful and everything you need to have in place before you launch.

Day 2: Blitz Funnel Filler with Brandy and Kat

Day 2: Blitz Funnel Filler with Brandy and Kat

What use is a blitz if there is nobody in it?

Inside Day 2 you will learn all the hacks on how to get your Customer Blitz full of the right qualified people to get you results from the beginning, without wasting time with people that are not ready to buy your products or join your team. 

We'll cover how to know your target market and give you the tools to fill your funnel with perfect prospects who are ready to buy from you!

Day 3: Blitz Enrollment Machine with Cari

Day 3: Blitz Enrollment Machine with Cari

Day 3 is crucial and without it, your Blitz will fail… Inside Day 3 you’ll discover the best, easiest and most effective ways to follow up with your prospects so you can easily close them as customers & team mates!

You've learned how to set this up, you've learned how to fill your funnel, now learn exactly what to do with those people and turn them from prospects into sales!'ll have a chance to access to our treasure chest full of Done for You goodies including scripts, post examples and a schedule to keep you on track.

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This bootcamp is for you if:

  • You’ve attempted to run a customer party group or challenge in the past but it failed to gain traction.
  • You and your team are struggling to sign up new customers & team members.
  • Your new customers and recruits are entering the witness protection program and are quitting faster than you can get them their first sale or team member.
  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level and step into a leadership position by launching a party group.
  • You’re ready to attract the highest quality prospects into your downline and duplicate your efforts right away
  • You want to jump start your team and create massive duplication quickly so you can all ride a wave of momentum together

Meet your mentors

Beach Boss Influencers Mentors

We thought long and hard about how much to charge for this bootcamp...

Because frankly, we’ve put years of trial & error and hours & hours of time into perfecting this strategy…

And we settled on an original price of $2497…

But, we decided to give a huge discount to those people who we believe are truly committed to investing in themselves to grow their business.

We believe you are one of those people and that's why, for a very limited number of Bootcamp seats, we are offering the massively discounted price of $497...

Grab this exclusive price before they are all gone!

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Disclaimer: This is a more advanced training and we’re going to be moving at a fast pace… So if you’re ready to jump in and implement quickly we can’t wait to have you join us!

Don’t let another month go by without helping your team rank up… 

Instead, learn this powerful strategy that will have serious buyers reaching out to you to buy or enroll without sending any spammy messages, chasing, begging, being ignored or unfriended.

Imagine having floods of people buying your products or joining your downline each month… And having your teammates rank advance & crush their goals…

We’re excited to help you CRUSH it in your business and help you create a massive momentum in your team that you can ride through the end of the year!


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Bonus #2. Special invite to watch and participate in our next live customer blitz so you can see the strategy in action and duplicate exactly what we do! ($597 value)

We understand that everyone learns different way and sometimes it's easier to see something in action so that you can duplicate what is already successful. That's why we want you to join us at our next blitz, see it in action and copy our success.

Bonus #3. Downloadable Interactive Trello board for effortless tracking and follow up, so no one falls through the cracks ($197 value)

To keep you organized and get more done in less time 

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