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Daily Network Marketing Mistake That Keeps You Broke

Kat Krasilnikov

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Are your social media strategies holding you back?

We're revealing the common network marketing tactic that might be draining your wallet and your energy!

We spent years following a method that not only left us broke but also feeling like a “spammy weirdo.” 

Ready to discover a better way?

Understanding the Daily Reach Outs Strategy

Let's talk about daily reach outs, a popular strategy in network marketing.

Maybe you call it something else, but the idea is pretty straightforward.

The goal here is to grow your network marketing business by connecting with new people every day, especially once you've exhausted your warm market—those friends and family members who already know you.

Here's how it typically works: You're encouraged to make new friends on social media platforms like Facebook.

This involves adding friends of your friends, people you meet in groups, or anyone who seems like a potential fit for your business.

The aim is to reach the maximum number of friends allowed, which on Facebook is 5,000.

This means adding as many people as possible without prejudging them.

The idea is that we all have common needs and interests, so everyone is a potential prospect.

Once you've expanded your friend list, the next step is to engage in daily reach outs.

This involves sending a set number of messages each day—let's say 100—to these new friends.

The message is usually a copy-and-paste template that introduces yourself, compliments them, and pitches your business.

A typical message might read something like this: “Hey there! I totally love what you're doing. You would be amazing at what I'm doing! Check out my link.”

The thought behind this strategy is that by casting a wide net, you'll eventually find people interested in your offer.

It's a numbers game—reach out to enough people, and some will respond positively.

However, as we'll discuss in the next section, this approach has its downsides and often doesn't deliver the results you're hoping for.

Why Daily Reach Outs Aren't Working

Are you tirelessly sending out daily reach outs, only to feel like you're spinning your wheels?

Trust me, you're not alone.

Many of us were told that the key to success in network marketing is to get comfortable with hearing “no” over and over again.

In fact, traditional wisdom suggests that for every “yes,” you should expect around 100 “nos.”

This approach has worked for some, but let’s face it – not everyone is cut out for it, especially if you’re an introvert.

In the world of social media, this strategy is even more challenging.

Online, it’s not just about reaching out to 100 people; you might need to reach out to 1,000 cold prospects to get a single “yes.”

And that “yes”?

It often comes from someone who either wants to pitch their own opportunity or is just a shiny object seeker – they jump from one opportunity to another without any real commitment.

So, you end up with a “yes” that doesn’t really contribute to your long-term success.

What’s more, this approach can tarnish your reputation.

We've all seen those copy-and-paste messages flooding our inboxes.

They make the whole industry look bad and, frankly, they feel spammy and insincere.

People can spot these messages from a mile away, and it often leads to being ignored, blocked, or even reported.

I’ve been there, feeling like my soul was dying with each copy-paste outreach, and it was not sustainable.

Sending hundreds of messages, only to get minimal responses – often with embarrassing mistakes like using the wrong names – is not just ineffective but also demoralizing.

We deserve better.

If you're feeling this way after months in the industry, it's a clear sign that there has to be a better method.

And there is.

Automated Prospecting Machine: A Better Way Forward

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This strategy will revolutionize your approach, saving you time and energy while increasing your success rate.

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