Done For You Social Media Content December 2021

Done For You Social Media Content

December 2021

Daily Posting Formula

Personal profile posting calendar

Post once a day on your timeline and 3-5 stories daily 

Monday: Gratitude post 

Tuesday: Team member recognition 

Wednesday: Educational post related to your products or services 

Thursday:  Product curiosity post 

Friday: inspirational quote

Saturday: Lifestyle post

Sunday: Family, personal

Monday: Marketing tip

Tuesday: Engaging question

Wednesday: Vulnerable/ Power post 

Thursday: Poll style post (give them list of answers to pick)

Friday: Share your passion or something that inspires you

Saturday: Family, personal post 

Sunday: Invite/ promo post for your group, page, webinar, video, lead magnet etc

Repeat this 2 week cycle again

Facebook page posting calendar (2-3 times a day)


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Personal or fun post


Gratitude or power post 


Engaging Questions

  1. What was the last thing you got really excited about?

  2. What is your superpower?

  3. What famous person in history would you love to meet?

  4. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

  5. What is your ideal date night?

  6. Are you a cat or dog lover?

  7. Tea or coffee?

  8. A quiet night at home with a book or out on the town with friends?

  9. Snapchat or Instagram stories?

  10. City or country?

  11. Mountains or beach?

  12. Are you a saver or a spender?

  13. Margaritas frozen or on the rocks?

  14. Wine or beer?

  15. Pepsi or Coke?

Facebook Live Topics

Get Charitable

  • This time of year people are particularly charitable. Talk about how you or your organization gives back to your community.

Show Your Holiday Spirit

  • This could be anything from giving out products to tips on holiday decor/ food prep

Provide Practical Advice

  • Its the end of the year people join gyms, make plans, financial goals, ect build a live   around one of those topics related to your nice

Tips on beating holiday overwhelm

Tips on building a stronger business even in a J month

  • Retail in general is slower around J months. Do a live with tips and tricks on how to avoid this pitfall

New Year's resolutions good/bad

  • Share your opinion on New Years Resolutions. / New Years Resolution Pitfalls

Tax prep Season

  • Talk about something related to Tax prep (If you are not a CPA please do not give advice. You can say what you do to prepare, you can talk about having a professional do it for you )

Making Changes

  • This time of year is perfect to talk about topics related to making changes in your business, evaluating your systems, new tools and techniques that make your life easier.

Do a series of lives where you invite the top seller, recruiter, most consistent ect on your team to come on live with you and talk about their secrets to recruiting, sales, consistency ect

Out With The Old

  • Do a live where you talk about one business practice in the network marketing industry that needs to go.


Inspirational Quotes

Engagement Posts

Marketing Tips

December is the perfect time to “Glowup” your branding

Small changes here, nothing huge but this is a great time to look at parts of your brand from your content buckets to your graphics and logo and see if there are any tweaks you would like to make going into the new year. 

Create your 2022 Business Plan.

Reverse engineer your goals for 2022 and evaluate the goals you had for 2021 to see where you are and if you need to add more small steps, or if you need to add bigger steps in 2022

Experiment With Facebook Ads

One of the most popular digital media marketing tools, Facebook Ads is a cost-effective way to market your business. Access to a massive audience and the ability to tailor your audience make Facebook Ads useful in just about any digital marketing campaign.

With that in mind, choosing how you engage with Facebook Ads can significantly impact how well your campaign performs. For example, are you running traditional ads or boosting previous posts?

Are you targeting general demographics or building your custom audiences? The most impactful Facebook Ads take time to develop, so monitor your experiments and test different techniques regularly.

Understand the Value of Saves

Instagram saves were introduced as both an expansion of the user experience and an alternative to the traditional “like” feature. The idea behind saved content is that users can actively save certain pieces of content to come back to later.

As saves become a larger part of the Instagram algorithm, one of my social media tips is to find creative ways to make a repeat visit to your content worthwhile.

Traditionally a visual-first community, Instagram travel content creators have found success with the mini-blog format. By creating a second, deeper experience for users, these content creators have been able to pack more value into a single piece of content.

Research Your Target Audience AGAIN

Only 55% of marketers use social data to better understand their target audience, making it a huge opportunity for both leaders and practitioners. Much of what you need to know about your audience to influence your social media marketing strategy is already available. You just have to know where to look.

Keep up with the latest trends

It is crucial to be relevant and stay on top of the latest trends on social media channels. By being an early adopter, you can find ways to stand out and promote your brand more efficiently. Some examples are:

  • Live video contents
  • Instagram stories
  • Messaging chatbots
  • 360-videos

It is also important to keep up-to-date with algorithm changes on each platform. It is a difficult task, but the benefits are worth your time. The use of these tactics is mandatory to create a winning strategy.

Create a hashtag to engage with customers

Customer testimonials play a very significant role in social media. Yet, searching for recommendations that fit into a tweet or social media post can be a difficult task.

Consider creating a hashtag precisely for that purpose. For example, if you are running a recycling business, you can create the hashtag #CleanTheEarth.

Inspire your customers to share their stories and interactions with your brand by using the hashtag. You can then repost their content as social proof of your brand impact.

Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip