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Ditch the Social Media Overwhelm & Get Results using Automation Tools

Adrian Lindeen

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Building a business using organic strategies can often be overwhelming, especially when you're juggling various responsibilities like parenting or managing multiple ventures.

Sound familiar?

When we dove into our businesses, consistency was our middle name.

For over three years, every single day, we showed up – going live five days a week and churning out content incessantly.

“Do we have to do this for the rest of our lives?”

Such dedication is bound to cause burnout.

The introduction of automation tools was a game changer.

Automation lifted the heavy manual tasks that took up so much time and energy!

Here are our favorite automation tools to help you reduce the overwhelm.

Embrace Automation for Growth

Automation isn’t about replacing the human touch in your business; it's about enhancing it.

By automating certain aspects of your business, you can focus more on tasks that require your personal touch and creativity.

Think of it this way: automation tools tackle the 80% of repetitive tasks, leaving you with 20% of high-impact tasks that truly grow your business.

Incorporating automation means you work smarter, not harder.

The result?

A thriving business, satisfied customers, and most importantly, a balanced life.

It’s time to wave goodbye to social media overwhelm and embrace the digital aids at our disposal.

Streamyard: A Tool for Streamlined Lives and Pre-records

Enter Streamyard, a tool we've come to love.

This platform not only lets you stream live but also pre-record your content.

The beauty is, you can connect it to multiple platforms – be it your pages, profiles, or other accounts – simultaneously.

However, a quick note: We recommend that you start with going live.

Think of it as a gym workout. Just as you can't expect to lift heavy weights from day one, live sessions require practice.

It's only through repetition that you'll get comfortable and build confidence.

Once you’ve mastered live streaming, you can then venture into pre-recording and scheduling your videos using tools like Streamyard, optimizing your time and efficiency.

LeadMagicX: Automation for Prospecting and Messaging

For those unfamiliar, LeadMagicX is a tool we swear by.

Exclusively developed by the Beach Boss Influencers, it's a tool that revolutionizes how you engage with your prospects on Messenger.

From automating birthday wishes to following up with leads, LeadMagicX ensures you never miss out on building meaningful connections.

Facebook Groups and Professional Mode

Facebook Groups are another underrated tool.

By simply asking prospects to leave their email addresses when they request to join your group, you organically build an email list.

No need for fancy autoresponders or technical expertise!

Facebook now also offers a ‘Professional Mode' for personal profiles.

With this feature, you can schedule posts directly without resorting to third-party apps, which Facebook's algorithm isn't particularly fond of.

This ensures your content gets maximum visibility and engagement.

Want To Accelerate Your Business?

If you want more help on how to make more money in less time using social media, grab our Social Influencer Formula where we show you how to crush your business in three simple steps.

Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Welcome to today’s training. I’m Adrie Linde, one of the co-founders and CEOs of Beach Bus Influencers, where we teach network marketers and entrepreneurs how to use influence marketing to build their business and teams on social media. So let me know if you are hopping in here, joining us live, say hello, and if you’re catching us on the replay, let us know as well. But today, let’s be honest, building your business using organic strategies can be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people and it can suck up a ton of your time that you already don’t have, right? You’re over here trying to build a business to get more time back in your life so you can work less, have more time, but it seems to be sucking up your time. How many of you feel that way? Because I know for me, when I started showing up more consistently in my business, and I mean I showed up every day for three plus years, every day I was going live consistently five days a week.

I mean, I was constantly pumping out content and it was like, how long am I going to have to do this for the rest of my life? So it could be a bit overwhelming. That stuff can maybe lead to some burnout. And so in today’s live, I want to, or today’s training I want to go over, I’m going to cover how to ditch the social media overwhelm and get results using automation tools. And when I was introduced into automation and what it actually does for your business, it was liberating. All the things that I didn’t like doing, the manual stuff was lifted off my shoulders. That overwhelm that task that for me, it just wasn’t something that was, it just took up a lot of my time. It took up a lot of my bandwidth, and I’m running a business. I’m a mom, I’m doing all the things. And so when I learned these automation tools that could do that work for me, it was liberating. And I want to share that with all of you here because doing all the things from your personal profile, posting, going live, doing video content, keeping up with your stories, reels, TikTok, all the things, email list, building, messaging, prospects. I mean, just saying all this makes my head spin. And it’s like, oh, right. And it’s like, oh my gosh, I thought this was fun. And it feels just more like all these tasks. So technology has really come a long way since I started building my business online back in I say 2016, but I really pulled the trigger and got started on New Year’s Eve 2015. So it was like December 31st, 2015 before because the price was going to double to enroll into becoming a business builder. So that’s when I did, I wanted to start 2016 out, like excited, running, hitting the floor. But now there are more apps and tools that you can use making building your business online much easier and much more streamlined. So let me know how many of you would love for this all to be easier, right? Easier, less time consuming where I don’t have to think about all the things. So here are some tips that I use to help me automate the process using organic strategies.

So once Streamy Yard came around, and actually you’re watching this through Streamy Yard and you can stream live, you can prerecord, it can go to multiple of your platforms, pages, profiles, all the things, you can connect it to those accounts all at once. So I never could do a video prerecorded. I always had to go live. And now you’re able to prerecord and schedule, okay, schedule using this software, using these apps, using these tools. So Streamy Yard, like I said, is one that I definitely recommend to use. You can prerecord. Now, I don’t recommend prerecording right away because going live is like an exercise. It’s one of those growth things that you need to do in your business, in your journey. So you get comfortable. It’s like your repetitions, right? It’s like your reps or it’s like your basketball shots. How many shots do you need to take before you have a feel for the ball before you’re making baskets more consistently?

So that’s like going live. Once you’ve gone through that process, and for time’s sake, you are scheduling lives, maybe it’s on a Sunday, you bulk batch and you do ’em for the week. Some people do ’em for the month, whatever it is, and you schedule them using Streamy Yard to go out so that your business is working while you are not having to be the one showing up in real time. I hope that that makes sense, right? But there’s also apps and tools that you can use to message your prospects. This is called Lead Magics. And if you don’t know what Lead Magics is, okay, then you’re going to need to check it out below this video when we are done. This is actually something that was created in-House Beach Boss Influencers is the only people that have app and created it. It’s amazing, okay?

One of the CEOs actually created this software and built it, okay? It is so good to be able to automate your messages in Messenger and to be able to keep in touch, build those relationships, send the happy birthday messages. It comes with a happy birthday strategy. It’s great, and it helps make your life easier. You can also create Facebook groups and capture prospects emails. So when they enter the group, right, there’s answers that they have to answer before getting in the group. And one of them is to leave their email. So you are able to build an organic email list. This is something anybody can do. You don’t have to be techie, you don’t have to have autoresponders and all that stuff. So it is awesome, right? And this also includes stories and posting and live and all that stuff. So definitely something that’s going to help ditch the overwhelm of manually in real time, having to do these things.

Some organic automation for your personal profile. So if you set your personal profile up right now and you are on professional mode, okay, you have professional mode turned on, you are now able to schedule posts and schedule things through on your personal profile. This has never been able to be done before unless you are using a third party app tool, which Facebook doesn’t like, the algorithm doesn’t like. So it’s not going to actually get your content out there. But now through professional mode, you can schedule posts. Alright? Another thing is growing your email list. I think I already touched on that with Facebook groups. Again, people come into your group, you qualify them with questions, including their email, and you are growing an organic email list. So automation is your friend. If that’s the only thing you’re going to take away from this training today, it will help your life.

It will ease the burden. You will be able to then do other tasks in your business, take other action steps in your business that’s actually going to move the business forward. We call this that 80 20%. What’s the 20% of things that are going to grow your business? And so once you have some of the automation set in, you can start moving and doing higher level things. You can grow the business bigger, get results faster, and you’re going to have more time back in your life. There’s so many things in your business actually that can be automated so that you can not only build a successful business from your phone or your computer, but you can also have the time to spend with your family and friends or whoever in the world that that is. So grab the link above or below this video and get started today. And again, like I talked about earlier, you’re definitely want to grab it. You’re going to want to check it out. It’s going to change your life. It’s so many ways. Automation is amazing. And we will see you next time. Bye.


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