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Prospecting + DMO trello board

Are you becoming frustrated with the disorganization of all the new connections and people you are talking to about your business or with what and when to post on social media, so you don't lose track of people and sales? 

Or you might be drowning in spreadsheets that take longer to maintain than actually to prospect or create content, and you feel like you're always in the planing mode and not so much in the doing one?

We have great news for you!

Organization means leverage, results and freedom. 

Isn't it why you signed up for this sidegig in the first place?

If you like simplisity, easy access on the go without the mess or overwhelm...then Trello is where it’s at! We have been using Trello for months and have found it to be one of the most useful task and project management platforms for our business. And it works seamlessly.

We have created a simple and easy to use prospecting board that we personally used to recruit dozens of peope in the past few weeks thatn you will gain full access to and can modify or use exactly as is to benefit your prospecting and recruiting process.

And as a bonus you will also receive our "award winning" DMO board to help you create, organize, and reuse your killer content

DMO + Prospecting Buy One get One Trello Board

All you have to do is

1. Create Free Trello account if you don't have one already

2. Click the link you will get in the email to upload our boards

3. Copy them to your wall and customize and use them any way you want 

What's included

$97.00 (usually $197)

This package includes the following:

1.Trello Beach Boss Influencers' Prospecting Board

2. Trello DMO board 

What to expect

After you purchase "Done For You Buy One get One Trello Board" Package, you will receive an email from Beach Boss Influencers with instructions on your next step and how to upload thiese boards. Make sure to check your junk folder or contact [email protected] for more assistance

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Disclaimer: This package includes 2 Trello boards as a prospecting and content organizing tool and doesn't guarantee any results or income. 

You will be required to customize these boards and to take action.

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