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How to Build a 6-Figure Team Without Sacrificing Your Kids in the Process

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By Cari Higham:

How to Build a 6-Figure Team
Without Sacrificing Your Kids in the Process

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This can be a touchy subject for a lot of parents when it comes to building their network marketing business…

Whether this is your full-time gig or even your part-time “side hustle,” the biggest question I get asked these days is “How do I manage my time so I’m not putting my kids on the chopping block while I build this?”

I totally get it.

You’re at work all day, building someone else’s dream, and then you’re expected to come home and kiss your kids goodbye for a few more hours while you make phone calls, send messages, and attend home meetings.

Because if you don’t build it, who will?

The struggle is the worst for us moms…

The “Mom Guilt” we get when we leave our kids or put them in front of the TV while we make our calls is enough to make any of us want to quit.

Because we’re taught there’s going to be a short-term imbalance in order to get our business off the ground, we sacrifice some of the most precious moments in our kids’ lives for the business and it rips our hearts out piece by piece…

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’m speaking from experience here…

My first 2 years in this industry were spent making plenty of mistakes and missing out on a TON of moments I’ll never get back with my kids…

In January 2016, I was seconds away from quitting this industry all together, because I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving my babies to attend another home meeting…

And I was sick and tired of prospecting every single person I met because I was desperate to make this industry work…

But, in April 2016, I discovered a way to actually build my network marketing business at home, without putting my kids in front of the TV for hours on end or hiring a nanny to raise them…

It’s replaced home meetings, sending hundreds of messages every day, and leaving my kids for hours to prospect strangers at the mall…

It consists of 2 different concepts and it’s helped us create a multiple 6-figure income in less than 10 months without putting my kids on the chopping block.

It all has to do with WHERE you spend your time and WHO you talk to…

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#1 – Where do you spend your time?

When it comes to time management, earlier in my career I would have given you advice like, turn on the TV for an hour while you make your calls…

Give your kids healthy snacks to keep their mouths busy while you hop on that team training…

Or grab a babysitter so you can step away for that house party…


Because we all know you need to focus on those “Results Driven Tasks” first in order for your business to grow…

And though this may have been good short-term advice, it’s definitely not fit for building a long term, successful, multiple 6-figure or even 7-figure business! (One where you don’t miss out on your kids’ lives in the process.)

This is why it’s important to schedule your kids FIRST!

You heard me… Scheduling your Results Driven Tasks ahead of your kids is a big No No…

How many times have you sat down to make a call or hop on a training and your kids are climbing all over you, asking you a million questions, and let’s face it… driving you crazy? lol (In the best way of course!)

Wouldn’t it make sense to take care of your kids first, play with them, eat with them, let them get the wiggles out and THEN set aside some time to work on your business?

Now don’t get me wrong… Those Result Driven Tasks are important…

And your business really WON’T grow if you don’t focus on them every day.

There has to be a little sacrifice, meaning you aren’t going to be able to relax on the couch and eat bon-bons all evening…

But take time out for your kids first.

If you do, you’ll find the time spent on your business is better focused (because you aren’t feeling guilty about not giving your kids time) and it will be more productive because your kids won’t feel like they’re being pushed to the side.

If you have little ones at home… I promise if you make time for them first… Even they will be more patient while you work.

Our kids are only little once. It’s important to take a little time out of our day to be present for them.

We don’t get this precious time back.

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#2 - Who Are You Talking To?

There’s a big lie network marketing leaders have been feeding their downlines for decades now…

This lie is told with good intentions, as a hope to get their teams to take action, but it’s a major factor in what is keeping a lot of people STUCK in their business!

The lie is that EVERYONE is a prospect…Or the “3-foot rule” as most leaders tend to call it.

You know the saying, that “everyone that comes within 3 feet of you is a prospect.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Everyone is NOT your prospect!

In fact, very few people are actually considered a prospect at all.

But because you’ve been taught this rule, what ends up happening is you feel like you have to talk to EVERYONE about your business because they “might” be that one person that will take your business to 6-figures and beyond…

And that leads to you wasting a ton of time talking to a bunch of dead end people instead of spending that time with your family! Am I right? Or am I right?

I was guilty of this too…

If you breathed or had a pulse, you could guarantee I was figuring out a way to put my business in front of you and it was the same when I prospected online. If I could message you, I did.

And all that lead to was me missing out on time with my kids, my business producing a measly $80 a month after 2 years, and good friends of mine dodging me in the grocery store.

Do you want to take your business to the next level without sacrificing your family?

Now, I’m going to share something with you and this is a secret that I didn’t understand until I learned how to set up an online recruiting system in April 2016…

But there’s a very big difference between a lead and a prospect.

A lead is a lead is a lead is a lead…

If you’re walking around outside on the street, everyone that you pass can be considered a lead. Right?

Well it’s the same thing online. There are leads everywhere.

Your Facebook friends, people that respond on one of your FB posts, and even those that request more info from you aren’t considered a prospect yet…

They’re just a lead at that point because they haven’t qualified themselves…

A prospect on the other hand is someone that takes action.

Someone that goes through a funneling process and identifies themselves as interested in buying your product or service or joining your team.

Do you really think your upline that is making 6, multiple 6, or even 7-figures really takes the time to talk to Joe Schmoe about their business? Of course not!

They’re very selective about who they give their time to.

And that prospect has to prove that they’re higher quality in some way or another.

When I figured this out… Everything changed in our business!

Beach Boss Influencers

#3- Setting Up An Online Recruiting System

An online recruiting system is exactly what it sounds like…

It’s an online system that sifts, sorts and qualifies prospects into your business so you don’t have to deal with dead beat leads anymore… And the best part?

It’s completely automated so you can spend more time with your kids or spouse, as well as doing more of what you want to do and less time messaging people and stalking strangers at the mall trying to qualify prospects!

It all starts with your social media page…

You attract people to you through different posts, articles, or FB live videos…

Your people go through a small “funneling” process that you put together…

And it all ends in prospects buying your products or even scheduling themselves on your calendar to talk with you about your business…

Now of course there’s a little more to it than that and…

It’s a breath of fresh air to only talk to high quality people that I know are already interested in working with me or buying something from me before I hop on the phone or a video chat with them.

It does mean that I talk to less people, but because I’m only talking with the best of the best, it also means I make more money and recruit more reps because they aren’t just anybody!

And I’m able to spend a heckuva lot more time with those I love instead of working on my business 24/7.

That way you can spend more time with the people that matter to you most!

Talk soon,

Cari Higham

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I'm looking forward helping you build your dream team and becoming your own Boss. And it's a lot more fun doing it together with beach Boss Influencers inside of our virtual island, one of a kind and fun coaching community in the industry.

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