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How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Even When You Don’t Have the Time

Kat Krasilnikov

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We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Yet, it often appears as if some people achieve significantly more by doing less, while others grapple with understanding even the simplest of tasks.

If this resonates with you, you might be asking, “Is there a secret tool or hack I can use to accomplish more in less time?”

Let us offer a candid insight: relentlessly pursuing more tasks doesn’t always translate to better results.

In our experience, we've found that by doing less, you can indeed achieve more.


Understanding Focus

If you're someone juggling a full-time job, raising children, home schooling, or looking after elderly parents, the demand on your time is intense.

The challenge is that despite our best efforts, time always seems in short supply.

So, let's start with our first hack.


If, like us, you often find time scarce, honing in on your focus can be transformative.

By focus, we mean dedicating your undivided attention to a particular task, without distractions.

For instance, if you've dedicated 20 minutes in your day for business, ensure every minute counts.

Inform your family that you're “going offline” for those precious minutes, and avoid the temptations of your phone.

Remember, even seemingly minor distractions, like a washing machine finishing its cycle, can derail your concentration.

Distinguishing Between Urgent and Important Tasks

It's important to recognize the difference between what's urgent and what's important.

Often, we're misguided into prioritizing urgent tasks, assuming they're also the most important.

But here's a distinction: Urgent tasks are actions that demand immediate attention, like picking up your child from school or switching laundry loads.

On the other hand, important tasks might not be time-sensitive, but they're crucial for your goals.

For entrepreneurs, these tasks may include content creation, engagement with followers, or brainstorming.

Don't neglect critical tasks in the hustle of urgent ones.

List out your daily responsibilities, categorize them, and prioritize the truly important ones.

The Art of Time Blocking

You might've heard about time blocking, and perhaps you've tried and dismissed it.

But here's a different perspective.

Instead of trying to squeeze numerous tasks into one block, focus on just one.

For instance, use an entire block just to create posts, instead of transitioning between multiple tasks.

It's essentially batching, allowing for a streamlined flow of productivity.

The benefits?

Over time, you'll find yourself less exhausted and more fulfilled with the work you accomplish.

As an example, structure your week with specific days for content creation, engagements, live videos, and so on.

The Structure of High Performers

High-performing individuals, whether they're athletes, actors, or entrepreneurs, often abide by a three-day structure:

  1. Performance Day: For entrepreneurs, this means active tasks like live videos, messaging, or closing deals.
  2. Preparation Day: This is the day dedicated to setting up – be it brainstorming, scripting videos, or any other foundational work.
  3. Rest Day: Lastly, never underestimate the power of rest. Successful people understand the significance of recharging.

Managing time efficiently doesn't necessarily mean cramming your schedule.

It's about strategizing, understanding the value of focus, and differentiating between what's urgent and what's truly important.

Embrace these hacks, and watch your productivity soar.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hello, my name is Kat Christoff and I’m super excited to be with you today. For those who don’t know, I’m one of the founders of Beach Bus Influencers, which is an incredible online coaching community for network marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to leverage social media to start attracting the right people to you so you can stop chasing single prospects and people who are not interested and learn how to attract the right people to you because that’s where the actual time freedom is, right? We don’t want to be chasing, we don’t want to be spammy weirdos. We don’t want to be salesy, a slimy car salesman. We want to be authentic selves and we want the right people to come to us, the people who are interested and who will benefit the most from what we are offering. So today I’m going to talk about that comes up a lot at our coaching calls.

The question is, how can I build my business if I don’t have time? Very interesting subject, because you probably heard it before. We all have 24 hours in the day and it seems like some people can accomplish so much more by doing actually less. And some people are struggling just grasping the basic concepts and tasks. And if you can relate to it, you might be wondering, is there some kind of hack or some kind of toll or something that I can use to be able to accomplish more and less time? Because who has time these days? It seems like it’s a pandemic of time shortage right now going on in the world. And I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, doing more is not always going to produce for you more results. And what I’ve actually discovered later in my journey that by working less, you actually can accomplish more.

So this is going to be one of the hacks I’m going to be sharing with you today. So buckle up. If you are someone who have a full-time job, have lots of kids, maybe you homeschooling your kids, maybe you have a lot of other responsibilities. Some people have elderly parent that they’re taking care of or something. We always have something going on in our lives when it seems like no matter how much we try to manage this time, there’s always not enough of it. So join the club. I used to be one of those people. So in this video I’m going to share with you our three most profitable time management hacks. Did you hear the word profitable? So that’s going to help you to realize how successful people are managing the same 24 hours in the day by actually working and have more time to enjoy life and have that time freedom.

So buckle up. You might need to take notes or whatever you want. And the first hack that I’m going to share with you is if you are someone who don’t have or doesn’t have a lot of time, and it used to be me because I used to have a full-time job, three kids, house, husband, activities after school, and very stressful job. So I was very limited on time. So if you are like me, focus is your best friend, you don’t need a lot of time, but the time that you have need to be used very intentionally, and that’s where focus comes in. So what do I mean by focus? Some people are going to have HD and D, and my brain can’t focus for longer than 20 minutes. Great, 20 minutes is all you need. But the key component here is to eliminate distractions. And what I mean by that, if you only have 20 minutes in a day to work on your business, all your attention has to be on that task and nothing else.

So you might want to tell your family members, Hey, for the next 20 minutes, I’m going to lock myself in the office or in my bedroom and I’m going to be working. So please don’t distract me unless the house is on fire. You will need to put your phone on airplane mode. If you are working on something, unless you are going in live or making a post, you won’t need to put it on airplane mode. But if it will eliminate the unwanted distraction, put your phone on the airplane mode because this is the biggest distraction of our time. So whatever you need to do, eliminate the distractions. Could be simple as the laundry sound came on, when my washer stops, it makes a 32nd place, 32nd song that I can hear from anywhere in my house and I will think about the laundry instead of working on what I’m working. And usually when we get distracted, it’s very hard to come back to that same focus. You’re going to be very scattered around and waste your time. So focus is your best friend if you don’t have enough time. Now, how to use that focus when you have very little time. So hack number one, you need to know the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks. And a lot of time we think that urgent tasks are important tasks and we prioritize our effort and our time and our focus on the urgent tasks that actually are not important. So what do I mean by that? So urgent tasks could be you need to pick up your kids from school because if you don’t, they will be literally standing alone on the street. So it’s very urgent. You need to go right now. Urgent could be that your laundry machine just made a sound that the washing is done. So now you need to switch to the drying because if you forget to do that the next day, it will be ruined. How many times we did that? So the urgent could be making a dinner for your family because if you don’t feed them, they will be starving. So all these tasks are urgent. They need to be done and they need to be done in timely manner. So now there’s important tasks and important tasks are actually the ones that moving the needle in your business, the ones that actually producing the money.

And that would be tasks like recording videos, creating content, answering the questions, engaging with your followers, even coming up with new ideas. Those tasks are important. They need to be done and maybe they don’t need to be done right this minute, but they’re very important and they need to be done regardless. So what happens is we focus in so much on the urgent tasks because we used to, because we think if we don’t get that laundry switch that the end of the world’s going to happen. And if we don’t go pick up our kids right now, yeah, it might be the end of the world for you, but you need to learn how to prioritize your task and pay the most attention to the important ones. The urgent tasks will be done, and sometimes you can even delegate it or rearrange it, but your main focus need to go on those important tasks and they need to be done first or they need to be done despite of the urgent tasks.

So we kind of give priority to the urgent tasks and we kind of neglect the important tasks. If that makes sense to you guys, let me know in the comments, and you can actually make a list of all the things that you do during the day and mark them as urgent or important, urgent or important. And then you will see, okay, these things are urgent, but they’re not important and these things are important, but they’re not urgent. And those tasks that will be on the important column, you need to make sure you get them done no matter what. And the urgent ones, yes, they’re urgent, they need to be done as well, but they can be rearranged, they can be delegated. So there is some flexibility around it. Well, there’s flexibility around important tasks as well, but they need to be prioritized. I hope that makes sense. So hack number one, urgent tasks and important tasks, and don’t confuse the two and how to prioritize the important tasks. So hack number two is time blocking. And you probably heard it. I yeah, I heard this one before. It doesn’t really work for me or I tried and it’s just not working. Yeah, I hear that all the time. And I used to hate time blocking because I felt like I’ve been put in the box. I’m like, I don’t want to do this right now because my mind, my soul want to do this right now. So I’m the person who hate time blocking, but I’m going to tell you this won work for me and this what didn’t work. So majority of people will block time. Let’s say even if you have 20 minutes a day, maybe on the weekend you have couple hours, maybe on some days you have the whole hour, maybe even have four hours. So when majority of people block time, they’re like, yay, I finally have time to work on my business.

And they’re like, okay, in this 20 minutes I’m going to make a post. I’m going to comment on all of my people’s post. I’m going to come up with 10 ideas for my next Facebook lives for the whole next week. And I’m also going to schedule one closing conversation because someone’s interested in joining my business. So there’s a lot of tasks in 20 minutes here, you’re probably not going to be able to accomplish all that, but let’s say in the two hours, it’s very doable. So if you have two hours, you might schedule five, six tasks in those two hours. And there’s nothing bad about it if you’re a very productive person. But if you’re an average human, guess what’s going to happen? When we switch from one task to another, it’s take a lot of our brain power to move from one activity to another.

It takes a lot of brainpower, so it’s easier for our brain and our body to stay on the same task. What do I mean by that? Let’s say if you have an hour, it will be more productive if during this whole entire hour you just created posts, maybe you can make five posts, maybe you can take 10 posts in an hour. It’s kind of like batching, right? So you stay in one task for the whole entire time block instead of switching for multiple tasks. I hope that makes sense. So I’m going to give you an example. So first, when I just started, I did the multitask thing. I would do as many things as I can in the time block that I have. And I felt exhausted. I felt exhausted, and sometimes I wouldn’t complete all the tasks. So I’ll have to roll them over to the next day.

To the next day I have more things piled up. And it was very overwhelming, and a lot of you probably can relate to it. It gets overwhelming. So later I started doing this and it made a huge difference. For example, Monday was the day, okay, Monday, let me think. Sunday, let’s start from Sunday. Sunday was the day when I was creating content for the whole entire week, however long it would take me. So in the beginning it would take me three, four hours, and that was okay because I had this time on Sunday later it would take me only two hours, and then it was a one hour, and then it became half an hour because I already created so much content, all I had to do, just schedule it. So I would spend Sunday for the content and nothing else, literally nothing else. Monday, I would do nothing for my business because Monday is stressful enough for those who are in the workforce and the corporate world.

Monday was stressful enough without doing anything extra. So I had a free mental day, free do nothing for my business day, and I had to learn how to be okay with it because I’m actually overachiever over producer. So learn how not to do things on certain day not to work was not easy, but it paid off. So Tuesday for example, was my day when I would schedule closing conversations, meaning when someone is interested to work on my team and I want to talk to them about it, all these calls will happen on Tuesday and there will be nothing else happening on Tuesday, and these calls will not happen on any other day unless someone need some special circumstances. So on Wednesday, I would do a live video. That was the day I would create a live video, and that’s the only thing I would do.

Thursday was, again, there wasn’t nothing day, I wasn’t doing anything in my business. And Friday was the day that I would go and do all my engagement, meaning comment on all the posts, give love to other people’s posts, messenger conversations. So usually I would have probably about 20 people who would needed my response on their friend request, or I send them friend request and they accepted it. So I would go message all my new friends saying, hello, sorry, it took me a while to say hello, life is busy, dah, dah, dah, just being real human. And then I will start that conversation. So all my engagement would be done on Friday. And this way I’m not all distracted and stretched in numerous messenger things and stuff like this. So that’s how I was doing it. And later on I realized that’s actually how very successful entrepreneurs structure their weeks.

They don’t schedule meetings every day of the week and do one meeting here, one meeting there. They schedule all their meetings in one day, they schedule all their video production on the next day, they schedule all their whatever on the next day, and they try to stay in one task for a longer period of time because that’s how we can accomplish a lot more. So if that makes sense to you, let me know and let me know if you are going to try to implement the concept of doing one task in one block of time and not switching from one task to another. I’m going to warn you, if you’re a beginner, it might be a little bit hard in the beginning, but once you get hang of it, it’s going to make total sense. And you’re going to feel like, well, how many free days? I had guys I had Saturday, Monday and Thursday, three days.

And I’ll tell you what to do with those three days. Because they’re not just random and they’re not important. They’re very important. So hack number three, also what I’ve discovered recently that majority of very successful people and actually high performers like athletes and high paying actors, they all use the same work in concept. So they have performance days, whether it’s athletes or actors or business entrepreneurs, they have performance day for us, performance day will be of course, we’re not actors, we’re not athletes. For us, performance day will be the day when we go and do live videos. The day when we go and actively messaging people in messenger or even doing closing conversation, this is the performance day. The second type of the day would be preparation day. So for actors, it will be rehearsals for athletes, it would be preparing, practicing before the competitions and between the competitions.

For us entrepreneurs, it would be creating that content, coming up with ideas for challenges, writing scripts for your videos, whatever it is. So preparation tasks. And the third type of activities, my favorite, and also all the high level entrepreneurs use it and they’re taken very, very seriously. It’s rest days. And how many of you guys actually don’t have any rest days? You work your job five days and then on two days that you have three, you pound work for your business and you just don’t have anything to take a breath. I used to be that person and I was burned out and I hated what I was doing. And I started questioning, is it worth it? Is it going to be like this all the time? How long I’m going to be able to do it? So I actually wanted to quit because I didn’t even want any money if that’s what it was going to take to work all the time and be burned out.

And if you’re feeling in this way. So you might need to rethink how are you using your time and are you actually having any rest days and are you taking them seriously? Why do we need actually to take those rest days? Seriously? Here’s why. Not only you give a break for your mental body, for your physical body, usually on the rest day is when the most brilliant ideas come to us. And if I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, usually I get my best ideas during shower when I’m vacuuming the floor, when I’m driving or when I’m meditating. So did you notice how during all of these activities, our brain is not constantly thinking about what we’re doing, what we need to be doing. It’s kind of like we zoned out into some different reality and we just can be quiet. And that’s when I get my best ideas. And when I learn about this concept, the performance day, preparation days, and the rest days, it made total sense to me. Because yes, during the rest days and rest time, you might come up with ideas, how to manage your time, how to create better content, how to show up better for your followers, how to create value, how to create fun challenges, how to come up with the business ideas that will change lives of millions of
People. So rest days are very important and one caveat comes with it. Rest day doesn’t mean that you just don’t do anything physically, but you still checking your phone and you’re still commenting on stuff. Rest day means unplugging from all the business activities, not doing any of your work stuff, not any of your house stuff, and not any of your business stuff, meaning it’s just you, your family, your loved ones, your pets and your thoughts, your laughter, your love, your connection, your relationships, conversations. And during this time when your brain is at ease at rest, that’s when you get your most brilliant ideas on everything. So this is probably my favorite hack, and I actually didn’t realize that I was already doing it without knowing that I was doing it. So how amazing is that, right? And it proves that high performance people, they don’t perform 24 7, they perform on a high level for 20 minutes a day, and then they take the whole day off or the rest of day off.

So they can rejuvenate, they can, I dunno, give rest to their brain so they can get those brilliant ideas. So if this makes sense to you guys, if you got any aha moments of out of this conversation. So let me know in the comments and let me know if you’re going to take action upon any of these tips and hacks. And if you just start in growing your business on social media and you totally have no idea what I’m talking about or where you even should start, we have a very simple course that’s called Social Recruiting Secrets, where we take you step by step and teach you what you need to be doing and what you not to be doing on social media to start attracting the right people to you. So you never have to be that spammy Grammy or a salesy weirdo. So this is it from me today, and I’ll see you guys next time.


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