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How to Deal With A Spouse/Partner That Isn’t Supportive Of Your Network Marketing Business

Cari Higham

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Growing a business without the support of your spouse or partner can be incredibly challenging.

The doubt, fear, or outright opposition from someone you love might turn into a roadblock on your entrepreneurial journey.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Here are four essential tips that helped us navigate this very issue and ultimately succeed in the network marketing industry.

Whether you're just starting or have faced this challenge for a while, these insights will help you build understanding, collaboration, and even excitement with your spouse about your business.

Have an Open Discussion

Communication is key, especially when dealing with sensitive issues like business and financial investments.

Schedule a sit-down, heart-to-heart conversation, away from distractions, where both partners can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Start with a non-threatening approach like “I want to talk to you about something important, can we be neutral like Switzerland?”

Share your vision, excitement, and concerns.

Explain why this venture appeals to you and how you believe it can benefit both of you in the long term.

Address any fears and allow your spouse to express themselves openly without judgment.

Often, lack of support stems from fear or misunderstanding, and addressing this elephant in the room can remove many barriers.

Be patient, listen attentively, and be ready to answer questions honestly.

Remember, collaboration doesn't happen overnight; it may take several discussions to align your goals and expectations.

Make Time for Each Other

When launching something new, your attention may unintentionally drift away from your relationships.

To keep connections strong, schedule regular quality time with your spouse in your calendar.

Even consider scheduling intimacy if that's what works for both of you.

Regular date nights, walks, or shared hobbies can foster a connection that won't be overshadowed by business concerns.

Be transparent about your work schedule, but make sure to delineate boundaries between work time and family time.

Prioritize your relationship over your business to avoid driving a wedge between you two.

Keep an open line of communication about how both of you feel, and be ready to adjust as needed.

Consistently investing in your relationship reassures your partner that they are valued and important, which can lead to more support for your business endeavors.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

Taking your business seriously is crucial in building your spouse's faith in your venture.

Maintain regular hours, commit to meetings, and create a designated workspace if possible.

Invest in training and personal development to grow your skills and credibility.

Show your dedication by being consistent, disciplined, and committed.

Write down your goals and share them with your partner so that they can see your progress.

When your partner sees you treating your business like a real job, they are more likely to believe in your success.

Share your achievements and even your failures with your spouse, making them a part of the journey.

This way, they'll understand the value of what you're doing and see that you're approaching it with the seriousness it deserves.

Make Money and Get Results

Earning money can be the best way to prove the worth of your business.

Focus on revenue-generating activities and strategize how you can reach financial milestones.

Share successes and milestones with your spouse, not just in terms of money but also personal growth and connections made.

Be transparent about financial investments and returns.

Demonstrate the potential of your business by actually making money.

Consider involving your spouse in celebrating your successes, however big or small.

The more tangible results you can show, the easier it will be for your spouse to see the value of what you're building.

Continual updates on progress, sharing victories, and even discussing failures foster trust and make your spouse feel part of the process.

This involvement often transforms skepticism into enthusiastic support, leading to a more harmonious personal and professional life.

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Cari Higham

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Cari Higham is a sought-after Speaker, Trainer, and #1 Best Selling Author that calls Utah home with her husband, Whit, and their three children.

Jumping into network marketing in 2013, she quickly learned that there’s a lot more to entrepreneurship than just talking to your friends and family and hoping your business will grow.

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