February 23

How To Find Hot Leads That Are Ready To Buy For Network Marketers

Fran Loubser

Do you struggle with finding people who want to buy your products? 

Do you spend hours and hours on social media and still get nowhere

Finding hot leads on social media and be a headache...

if you don't know where to look.

Being in the right place with the right people can make a huge difference.

Today I am going to share with you just how to get there. 

To find your hot leads, the first things you need to figure out is who you are looking for. If you don't know that, it can be pretty hard to figure out where to find them. So, let's start there.


Who is your perfect prospect, your perfect customer? 

This is going to be the person that your products can offer a solution to, someone who has a pain point and is looking for a solution.

If you have multiple products then you may have different avatars for each products. To know who your avatar is, you need to know what problems your products can solve.


You need to be crystal clear on what problems your products solve. 

What are the benefits of the product

What does your product do for its users? Does it make something easier like doing your nails or hydrating? Does it remove something that is unwanted like weight or wrinkles?

Once you've got an idea of what your products do for their users, think about the problems those people had before using the product. 

Now, keeping those problems in mind, it's time to find a group where those people hang out.

You need to get really creative here.

Being in a group where people are only posting links to their products isn't going to get you anywhere. 

You need to be in a group where people feel safe enough to ask for help and open about the problems they need help with. So, the groups that are just an endless stream of product photos and links...aren't it!

Think about your product, if it is an antiaging product, search for groups where people are asking how to look younger, or for antiaging solutions. 

If your product is something that helps people do their nails quickly, search for groups of people who want to pamper themselves but don't have the time (like a group for stay at home moms). 

Once you have found those groups, you want to go and request to join. 

When you go to request you will find that a lot of these groups will say no MLM or no network marketers allowed. And that is okay. 

Why? Because your purpose for getting into these groups is to connect. It is to collect friends. 

It is not to sell your products, the purpose isn't going to be to find your next sale

You want to connect with other people who are going through the same struggle that you went through that your product solved.


When you connect with the people in the group, you are going to let your content do the talking. This is where you are going to forget about trying to sell your products and just be a human being. 

If you are allowed to post in the group, you can post questions. If your product is about weight loss you could say, "Did you know that you should be drinking half your body weight in water a day? Do you struggle to drink this much water?"

You want to provide value inside these groups, be the person who is adding a ton of value. Be the name that they recognize.

You want to comment and answer other peoples posts, to build the know, like, and trust.

After you start building relationships with people inside the group, you can send a friend request. 

Now your content on your profile is going to do the talking for you. You want them to see your content and your stories, which means you need to engage with their content. You have to give love to get love.

Now that you have built a relationship, you can ask these people if they want to try your product. If they comment on one of your posts, ask them what they have tried in the past and ask them if you can give them information about your product. 

Remember, you're not just copy/pasting a message to every new friend. You are collecting friends that have problems that your products solve, building a relationship with those friends through content/engagement and then solving their problem when you have peaked their interest.

People buy from people that they can trust

I do hope that this week's post helps you in building new relationships with folks online and building your business. 

If you want to know more about building your business online, check out our free formula below.

Video Transcript

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Hey there in today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing where you can find hot leads that are ready to buy your network marketing products. So if we’re meeting for the first time, my name is Fran Locher and I am one of the co-founders of beach boss influencers, where we coach and train entrepreneurs, home based business owners and network marketers, how to build, influence online, how to build incredible businesses online, um, without looking like a sales, without having to send the copy paste messages without having to, um, you know, post all about your products all over social media and maybe get crickets, but how to build a hundred percent online by being you and by leveraging your most powerful asset, which is you and your story. So, um, I’m excited to share this with you and the first step, the first step, um, in, in figuring out where these people are hanging out, like, where are the people hanging out?

They wanna buy our products because perhaps you’ve gone into, into selling groups perhaps on, into, um, you know, groups, you know, where network marketers hang out or direct selling groups. And you just, all you see is people, spaming their links. And you’re thinking, well, this isn’t gonna get me anywhere because nobody’s seeing my link because everybody you’re so busy sharing their links. Okay. So the first thing to get crystal clear on is what problems do your products solve? Okay, what are the benefits of the product and what would people be looking for? For example, if I go to the classic weight loss, you know, the, there are, there are loads and loads of, of, of people who are looking to lose weight. What also looking to have more energy who are looking to, you know, feel better, who are looking to be, be able to run around after their kids.
Okay. If you are in finance, what are the bene benefits? Maybe getting a better credit score, maybe being able to get a, a mortgage or a, um, a loan, uh, for their, for their house. Maybe be able to buy their first car, maybe be able to pay off all their debt. Okay. So think about, think about what your products, what are people looking for? What are the solutions that people are looking for? And then I want you to get, I want you to get creative. Okay. And I want you to go and Google or go to Facebook. Okay. And search groups. Okay. For example, weight loss groups, search may be groups that where, where you can, um, you know, improve your credit score, maybe search groups where you can, uh, reduce your debt, maybe search groups, where, um, people are looking to looking for antiaging solutions.

People wanna look younger. Okay. Think about, you know, if you think about the, if your, maybe your products, how people look younger, maybe your products, uh, maybe you’re in makeup. Okay. Um, and you know, maybe you are like me, uh, and you are looking for ways to, you know, so that, so mascara doesn’t end up all over your eyelashes, all over your eyelids and all over your, you don’t look end up with Panda eyes. Okay. People, where are people looking for help to, you know, to put on makeup and look natural. Okay. Nobody really wants to look like they are made up. They also wanna look natural, but they want to look better maybe than they look without makeup on. Okay. So think about the, think about the benefits that your products can solve and then go and find groups where those people are hanging out.

Okay. Now this is, you know, you want, you want to go and request to join these groups. And you may find when you go to request, enjoy to join these groups, that they will say no MLM, or they will say no network marketers are allowed in this group, or you do not promote your products. This is where I want you to get. I want you to understand that the purpose of going into these groups is literally to connect with other people. It is to collect friends. The purpose of going to these groups is not to sell your products. The purpose of going to these groups is not to get the next sale, but is to, is to connect with other people who are going through, um, the struggle that maybe you’ve been through that you went through in the past, okay. That your, your products have not solved.

And when you connect with connect with people in these groups, then you’re gonna let your content do the talking. So the process is number one, figure out, you know, and if you haven’t figured out who your avatar yet is yet figure out who is your avatar, who is your perfect prospect and who is your perfect customer. And you may have multiple products. I’m actually backtracking a little bit. So you may have multiple products. Okay. And you may have different avatars for your different products. So for example, you may have skincare and you may have weight loss, and you may have gut health products, and you may have something else. Okay. May have, um, I don’t know, um, something to, to reduce your aching joints. Okay. So you, you, you actually got four different people there that, that you, that you would want to connect with.

Okay. So when you go through your avatar process, you wanna be crystal Keon, who is that person? Okay. And where are these people hanging out? Okay. When you understand what they’re through, what problems that they’re going through, what solution are they desperately looking for? Alright, then you understand what they’re looking for and where then think about where they would be hanging out. You can Google it. So you could just go into Facebook and search for those groups and then start looking at those groups and see what value they’re provide. Then you want value based groups. You want groups where people are providing value. Okay? Okay. Once you, once you figure this out, then you’re gonna request to join these groups. And when you’re going into these groups, this is where you are going to just talk to people. This is where you’re going to just go and be a, a human being.

This is where you’re gonna forget about trying to sell your products and just be a normal human being and connect with people. Okay? If they see you trying to sell your products, you they’re gonna kick you out the group. So don’t try and sell your products in the group. All right. Connect with people in the group. If you are allowed to post in the group, you could post questions. You could post, you know, um, perhaps if it’s weight loss, you know, um, do you, we should be drinking, um, half our body weight in answers in water every day. Do you struggle to drink this, this much water? Or do you, what is, what is, what are your, your best hacks to, to get this amount of water in your body? Like just providing value in those groups. Okay. Providing value in those groups. And then people comment, you know, and may, you may not be able allow to post, but if you can’t post, then actually comment on other people’s posts, comment on other people’s comments, give, help them.

If you, if you can help them without trying to sell your products. But if you can help them by just adding more value in there, then just go in and add more value in there. Okay. And when you build this connection with these people, that’s when you’re gonna send them a friend request, send them a friend request. And, and again, the idea of sending them a friend request is just to gather more friends is to connect with more people so that your content on your file is gonna do the talking. Now, if you want us, if you want them to see your content, you need to make sure that you are commenting on their content so that they see your content. Okay. You need to be giving love so that, so that you are gonna get love on your content. Okay? So, you know, when you, when you have, I’m just taking my notes here, but you’re gonna figure out who is your avatar?

Who is your avatar? You have multiple avatars, where are these people hanging out? Where are they looking for solutions to the problems that your product can help them with going to the groups, connect as a normal human being, okay, this is where you’re going to go. And you’re gonna request a join. You’re not going there to set a, your products, but request to join as a normal human being, help people in there. If you can provide more value, if you can be, you know, be known as that person who is adding a ton of value in these groups, add the value in there, all right. Be that person who is helping them all right. And then send their, send these people friend requests, okay. That you’re building connections with send them friend requests so that your content on your profile is then going to do the talking for you, your content and your stories.

Okay. And then once you’ve done that, then build a, just be a normal human being and build a relationship with these people. Okay. So that at the end of the day, you can then ask these people, Hey, you know, so I’ve seen that you’re struggling with X, Y, and Z. Um, and you know, maybe they’ve commented on your, your posts. Find out more about that. If they’ve commented on your yes. I’m, I’m interested in this product. Okay. So awesome. What have you tried? What, ask them again, ask more questions. What have you tried, um, to help you with this? Okay. Or have you tried anything in the past? And they say, I’ve tried this and this and this, and nothing has worked, say, well, you know, I might be able to help you. My product might able to help you. Oh, you know, can I, can I get you some more information?

Okay. You haven’t gone in there and just tried to sell them straight away. You’ve actually built a relationship and built a hu built a, been a normal human being. Cause people will buy from people that they know like and trust. And if they see that you’ve just come in there and just try to sell them straight away, they’re gonna run a mile. Okay. They will go and buy from that. They know like, and trust. So be, be a human being, be normal, be genuine, be authentic, provide value in the groups. Okay. Wherever the groups are, whether it’s in financial services, I don’t know nothing about financial services, but you know, if, if you’re in groups where people, you know, starting reduce their, their credit score and you can give them tips on how to do this and what to do, be that person who’s giving them tips.

Who’s giving them awesome value so that, so that they want to keep following you. And they may just send you a friend request. But if they don’t send you a friend request, um, you know, then send them a friend request, comment on their content so that they see it and they see your content. So hopefully that you’ve got a ton of value from this. There will be a link above or below, um, in this training or in the comments, wherever you’re watching this. Um, so go and grab that link to learn how to build influence online, to learn how to build authentically online by being you by branding yourself. And by being a genuine normal human being, okay. Learn how to build influence, um, and how to build a hundred percent online, grab the link. Um, and we will see you inside until next time. Thanks for joining me. Bye.


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