June 21

How to Find The Joy In The Journey While Building Your Business and Not Burn OUT Before it is Built

Brandy Shaver

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Are you a workaholic who is constantly hammering at the brick wall of your business, hoping for it to break or to find a way over it?

Is your goal to keep working until you hit certain milestones – more money, more time, a bigger team, or a significant passive income from network marketing?

If yes, then you're much like we were, but what we found was that we were robbing ourselves of the joy of the present.

Being too caught up in the future or the past means that we forget about the present.

Many people say the present is a gift because it's essential to find joy in the journey.

Here is how you can do that without burning out.


The Problem with Multitasking

Let's address the issue of multitasking.

We were proud of our ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, from conducting live videos to cooking dinner.

However, multitasking is detrimental to your health and productivity.

When you multitask, your body releases cortisol, creating a safe haven for unwanted diseases.

It also diverts your attention from the task at hand, preventing you from being fully present and appreciating the joy in what you're doing now.

To break free from the chains of multitasking, start by time blocking.

Use a Google Calendar, a paper calendar, or even a specialized planner, like our 90 Day Success Activator.

The idea is to assign specific time slots for different tasks.

The key lies in first scheduling what's non-negotiable, like your job that's paying the bills.

Prioritizing What is Important

You need to prioritize self-care.

Much like the airplane safety protocol of securing your oxygen mask before helping others, you need to look after your well-being first.

Whether it's through meditation, prayer, journaling, or working out, ensure you have enough ‘me time'.

You also need to focus on family.

It's a common misstep to neglect family in the race to build a successful business.

If you don't give your family due importance, you might end up with nobody to enjoy your business success with.

So, remember the order – you, your family, and then your business.

Have a Schedule

Now that you've allocated time for yourself and your family, the next thing to schedule is your business-related tasks.

Identify pockets of free time in your schedule where you can work on your business, like a half an hour lunch break.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, use this time to build your business – prospect, follow-up, create a quick reel or conduct a live video session.

Life is unpredictable, and so it's important to incorporate some flexibility into your schedule.

This flex time acts as a buffer for any unexpected events or tasks that may come up.

Lastly, remember to schedule what brings you joy.

Be it working out, gardening, spending time with your pets, or a date night, include them in your schedule.

The Importance of Evaluation

It's crucial to evaluate your day – what worked and what didn't in your business, personal, and family life.

Focusing on the positive aspects first helps keep you motivated and involved in your business.

However, recognizing what didn't work allows you to identify areas of improvement.

Then, you can strategize about what can be done to change what didn't work.

Remember, the journey to building your business doesn't have to be exhausting and joyless.

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Video Transcript

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Hey, hey, welcome to today’s episode. My name is Brandy Shimer. I’m one of the founders of Beach Boss Influencers, and I am so excited to be here because we are talking about how to find the joy in the journey while building your business and not burn out before it’s all built. And this is something near and dear to my heart because I’m a workaholic. So I would love for you to let me know down below if you are one of those personalities that you’re like, you know what, I’m just gonna keep banging on this brick wall until it either breaks or I figure out how to go over it, or something happens in my business, , right? And so this is where I was in my business, and it’s something that I’ve had to really work on to find the journey because I was always like, you know what?

When I make more money, when I have more time, when um, you know, the kids are bigger, when my team is bigger, when I’m making, um, you know, this huge, uh, passive income from network marketing, then I’ll be happy. Then I can stop working right then. And really what I found, it was robbing myself of the joy and the joy of being in the present. And really what ends up happening when you’re in this place is you’re thinking about the future or you’re thinking about the past. And so you’re kind of like forgetting about the present. And that’s why, uh, a lot of people say, you know, the present is a gift because it’s so important to figure out how to find joy in the journey. And so we’re gonna talk about this today. So number one, stop multitasking. Now, this was really hard for me because I pride, you know, had some severe, uh, pride around being a multitasker.

I was like, you know what? I can, uh, do a live video, hold a pug and, you know, type and look at my phone and, you know, whatever, cook dinner all at the same time. And I was really proud of that. But this is what ends up happening, is that when you are multitasking, your body is dumping cortisone into your bloodstream and it’s creating a very safe place for diseases that you don’t want. Okay? So that’s the first thing. And number two, it’s rubbing you of what you’re doing right now instead of thinking about what I’m doing right now, right? I might be thinking about, oh, who just texts me? Or, you know, um, it’s dinnertime or whatever, right? Like, you wanna be present in that moment and taking it in and finding the joy. And this is something that has been a huge, um, task for me.

So I wanna share what I’ve come up with to help you do this in your business, to stay in the game long enough so you don’t burn out before it’s built. Okay? So number one is stop multitasking. Now, how do you stop multitasking? Because I know of some of your heads just blew off. You’re like, well, if I didn’t multitask, I’d get nothing done. Nobody’d have any clothes and nobody’d have any food and dinner wouldn’t be made and the dogs wouldn’t be fed and nothing, right? Well, number one, learn how to time block, okay? Get a Google Calendar, whatever kind of calendar, get a paper calendar, get a Beach boss calendar for that matter. We have a planner, a 90 day success, um, planner that you can get that will help you get on track. Right now for me, I like my phone because I like Google Calendar because I kept forgetting my paper calendar. So I would leave, you know, run to the store, run to the market, run wherever, and then, um, I wouldn’t know my schedule because I’d forgotten and it was on paper at home. So Google Calendar works fabulous for me. You just need to figure out what works for you. Now, what you do here is you’re going to time block, okay? Now, once you get into Google Calendar, it’s simple. You can hook it to your Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail, get a Gmail, it’s free. Okay? That’s one of the really great, uh, features is it’s free and you’re gonna learn how to time block, okay?

Now, number one, you have got to schedule in what is non-negotiable. Now, you may have a job right now that’s paying the bills and keeping a roof over your head. That’s non-negotiable. So you’re gonna have to schedule in that time. You’re gonna go in and time block those times out when you’re working, okay? Now, the next thing I want you to do, and you’re going to think is going to be your business, but it’s actually not. I want you to put yourself first. You know how the airplane says when you get on the airplane and they say, you know, if there’s a drop in pressure and the the dew hickey comes down from the ceiling, please put your mask on before you help someone else put theirs on. There’s a reason for that, okay? And it’s the same thing in life. You need to put your own mask on.

And I know a lot of women, especially, we feel guilty about, um, you know, doing self-care, but it’s important if you don’t have your cup full, if you’re not yourself, if you are not, you know, feeling like you can give, and we feel so guilty for this. I’ve been in this place before where I’m like, man, you know, I just can’t give anymore. Like, I’m tired. I need a nap, right? We’ve got to fill our cup before we can fill anyone else’s. So please put on your schedule you time. Now, obviously, if you’re working a full-time job, this can’t be all freaking day long. You’re gonna sit in the bathtub and eat bon bonds, right? That’s not how this is gonna work. Let me know if you get to sit home and in the bathtub and eat bon bonds. Cause I wanna know what you do .

Um, you probably don’t have kids if that’s the case, , right? But, um, you wanna put yourself first. And what I mean by that is some self-care. It could be meditation, prayer, journaling. Um, it could be working out, right? It could be a mixture of that. Maybe you, uh, meditate and pray in the morning and you work out at night. Maybe you meditate and pray at night or in the day and you work out in the morning, right? You’ve gotta figure out what works for you in this process, okay? And it’s a testing process. So you go first, then your family comes first. This is important because, and I’ve fallen into this before as well, the short-term sacrifice for the long-term gain. Now, let’s talk about this, right? So if you take three to five years to go build your business and you drop everything, including your family, which I am totally guilty of, I have done this and you know, I just did the bare minimum I could possibly do, I actually damaged the relationship with my daughter doing this.

If you put your family last after business, after God after yourself, there isn’t gonna be anybody left to enjoy your business with. So what’s the point? Okay? So just let me know if that resonates for you. We need to have our priorities in play, okay? God, you family, business, okay? So think about it in that way. Put you your family first on the calendar. And as far as I’m concerned, you, your time, you know, part of your time should be spent with your Heavenly Father if that’s, you know, what you do, okay? Now, the the fourth thing that you wanna put on the list is business. Now, this is where you’re going to put in the tasks now after you’ve gotten you your family, and then you’re gonna put business tasks in. You can find the pockets of where you have a couple extra hours, maybe a half an hour for lunch, right?

Instead of scrolling through social media, maybe you use social media to build your business in that half an hour while you’re eating right? Now, this isn’t multitasking because you would have been scrolling through Facebook anyway. Maybe you go in and you have that time blocked in that you’re going to active prospect, or you’re going to follow up in that process, or you’re going to do a quick reel, right? A reel takes what? Seven seconds, right? Um, you could do a quick Facebook live on your lunch break, right? Get intentional about building your business and block it into your schedule. All right? Now the last thing that you wanna put into your schedule, which is super important, is evaluation. Now, when I learned this skill from one of my mentors, it totally changed everything for me because, you know, I’m one of those that’s banging up against the wall.

And one of the things that I was doing was I was, um, when I, I took two and a half years cold prospecting, I figured if I just kept doing it, it would work, right? Well, after two and a half years, they sat myself down and I said, you know, after all this time and energy and money and gas and time away from my family and all the things, I’ve recruited one person and she’s not even duplicating what I’m doing. So this doesn’t make sense, right? If I had to learned that skill before, it would’ve made way more sense, right? To evaluate sooner rather than later in that process, maybe my business would even be farther and farther ahead of where it is now. Okay? So evaluate. Now sometimes when you evaluate, here’s the questions you wanna ask yourself. Okay? So what worked about, what worked about what I did in my business today?

Okay? What worked about our family relationships today and what worked about myself today? Okay? And answer those questions. Sometimes you’re gonna feel like, oh my gosh, nothing freaking worked, right? Like it was a total crazy circus, and I am the ringleader, right? , that’s kind of how you’re gonna fill. Well, you can still find something that worked. Number one, maybe you had a conversation with your son, number two, maybe you did a live video. Number three, maybe you time blocked your schedule, uh, maybe you didn’t follow the time blocking, but at least put it in your schedule, right? So you can find three things that worked. Now, what do you think is the reason that we teach you to focus on the positive first? Okay? We want you to stay in business long enough to get it built, okay? If you’re always focused on, on the negative, you’re not gonna stay in business.

You’re gonna be like, this doesn’t freaking work, and you’re gonna throw everything out of, uh, the house with, you know, just everything. You’re gonna just throw it all out and be like, nothing’s working and I’m done. I quit. Right? So we don’t want to do that. We’ve got to focus on the positive, focus on the small wins long enough to get moving into your, into the next phase of your business, which, you know, with skills and things like that, okay? So the next question you’re gonna ask yourself is, what didn’t work about my business today? Or what didn’t work about what I did in my business today? Or what didn’t work with the family today? Now, you want to evaluate different places in your life, right? Like your relationship with God, your relationship with your family, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your business, your relationship with your kids, right?

All these things are super important, and you wanna put those important things into evaluation because this isn’t just a tool for business, it’s a tool for life. Okay? Now, I want you, want I want you to do is I want you to come with two things that didn’t work, okay? Now, so if it was business we were talking about, I’d be like, okay, well, what didn’t work about, uh, business today? Well, maybe my internet wasn’t working. Okay, that didn’t work. Definitely didn’t work if you don’t have internet. Number two, what didn’t work? Well, I didn’t honor my schedule, okay? I didn’t go with this, with the schedule, okay? And then you ask yourself, what might I do right now to change that? Okay? Now, sometimes you can’t do anything. If the Internet’s broken, you can’t do anything. But if it’s something else, you can definitely do something about it.

Okay? Now, the last thing I want to share with you is you want to put into some flex time into your schedule, okay? You don’t wanna pack everything in so tight that like, there’s no place for, um, you know, anything different because your life’s gonna get hijacked. Let’s be honest, right? Something’s gonna happen, maybe this or that or the other, right? Just make sure that you have some time in there, some flex time, that if you didn’t get your live video done on Wednesday when you scheduled it, that maybe you can fit it in on Friday. All right? So now the last thing that I wanna talk about is putting the joy into your freaking schedule. Okay? Now, if you get joy from working out, if you get joy from gardening, if you get joy from your pugs, if you get joy from date night, if you get joy from whatever, schedule it into your schedule. And that’s how you find the joy in the journey. And keep in evaluation, focus on the joy, focus on your business, focus on the positive, and keep moving forward. If you need more help on how to build your business, go ahead and grab the link down below and we’ll talk to you next time. Bye-bye.


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