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How To Flip The Switch When Your Network Marketing Group Has Turned Into A Ghost Town

Kat Krasilnikov

Has your upline created a Facebook group for you to engage with your customers or new prospects? 

The main goal of the group is to help increase sales by inviting people who are already your customers, or potential customers into the group with the goal to sell them your product. 

A problem I see is that these groups are a lot of work and are not providing any payoff. 

I am going to share with you what you can do differently so that your groups can be an effective way to communicate with your customers. 

It is so frustrating when these groups are dead because we invest a lot of time and effort into inviting people into these groups. 

So what is it that makes your group a ghost town? 

You got people to join your group, but they are not engaging. They are not communicating, or replying to any posts. They aren't buying anything. 

You are creating post after post and you feel like you are hitting a dead wall, and nobody ever sees these posts.


What is a group? Like what is the actual definition of group?

A group of people are united by the same goals, and the same mission. 

So when you look at your group, ask yourself: what are my goals for this group? 

Most of the time the answer might be to get more sales and more customers. 

If you want your group to be a thriving community, your goal and the goal of the entire group has to be the same. 

A group of people united by the same goal and the same mission. 


Now I want you to ask yourself: what is the goal of the people that I invited to this group? Why did they join? What was their goal?

It is likely that the majority of them got into the group to support you and to be polite. 

Sadly, its true. They join your group but their goal is not to be sold to.

So you see there is a huge disconnect. 

If your goals are not aligned with the goals of the members of your community, the group is going to be dead.


So how do you flip the switch? It is actually very easy. 

Ask yourself: what is it that the people who are in your group, or the ones that are going to join your group, what do they want? 

That is the million dollar question. If you answer it correctly and start giving it to those people your group will thrive. 

I used this method in the first group I created. 

Not only has it worked for that group but we have used this method for many others. 

In just a matter of weeks, you could grow your group from zero to  a couple hundred. 

Do you want to learn what you should do, from setting up your group to what to post, how to engage with people, and how to get them to buy your stuff? 

I will be sharing this process, step by step from start to finish will all the little details during our Next Level Workshop.

If you are interested to learn how to get your business to the next level directly from people who have done it and tested it, you need to save your seat at the Next Level Workshop!

Video Transcript

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Hello? Hello. I hope I’m live. My name is CAD just in case we’re meeting for the first time. I’m one of the founders of beach bus influencers, a coaching community for network marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build their business on social media, uh, build their personal brands, grow their influence, and stop chasing everyone with the breath to , uh, grow their business. So in today’s videos, I want to share with you something that a lot of you probably can relate to. And I’m gonna be talking about Facebook groups. . So what usually I notice a lot of network marketers are struggling is that they create a group or their upline created a group for them to engage with their customers or new prospects, which I usually call VIP groups. I think that’s what they usually call. Sometimes they call like support groups.

Sometimes they have different names, but the groups to help to create more sales by inviting people who are already your customers, former or current customers, or just potential customers in that group, in with the goal to sell them the products. And if you have one of those groups, let me know. And also let me know if that group went dead. So that’s what I’m observing from. A lot of network. Marketers complains that this groups usually go dead. And it’s frustrating because we invest a lot of time and effort and also inviting people into those groups. But there are just not as effective as they used to be, or they used to be effective for your upline. And now you don’t see, you know, any payoff from these groups. And you’re wondering, is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there something the group could be something in the group that could be done differently?
All of this are really good questions and we’re just gonna cover today. I’m gonna cover today. What is it that you might be doing wrong? That makes you group a ghost down because it’s frustrating, right? You, you got people into that group and they’re just not engaging. They’re not communicating. They’re not replying to any posts and they’re not buying anything. It’s, it’s a ghost town like you’re creating posts and you feel like it’s just hitting a dead wall. Nobody ever sees those posts. So if you can relate to this, let me know in the comments, you’re certainly not alone and I’m gonna try to help you to fix it today. So the first thing that popped into my mind is to actually look up the meaning of the word group. So group, group of people, not just, uh, yeah, usually group, it’s a group of people.

So group, when I looked it up and it might be, you know, some differences, not exact words is a group of people United by the same goals and the same mission. So now when you look at your V I P group or whatever you call that group, you look at it and you ask yourself, what are my goals for this group? And a lot of times the answer would be, well, I want more sales and I want more customers. And also new distributors. This is my goal. This is why I created this group. And if this making sense to you so far, let me know. I just need to let know Adam not to come here because I’m recording a live video. yes, okay. At least he was not yelling across the house. So this probably was your goal when you were creating in this group, or maybe it’s not, you you’re upline, but you get the idea.

Now, if you want the group to be thriving community, your goal and the goal of the entire group has to be the same, a group of people United by the same goal and the same mission. And if you ask yourself, what is the goal of the people that I invited or added to that group, what is their goal? Why they got into that group? What was their goal? They probably majority of them got into the group just to support you just to be polite. Um, sometimes it’s sadly, but it’s true is they do just so we leave them alone, like, okay, I’ll go into your group. That’s fine. But their goal is not to help to sell you the products. Maybe the, your mom and sister has this goal to help you sell your products. And that’s fine. But majority of people, their goal, usually not to be sold, not to be annoyed by another salesy promotional information that we bombarded with every single day.

So do you see, there is a huge disconnect. If your goals are not aligned with the goals of the members of your community or your group, uh, the group’s gonna go dead. It’s gonna die. so how to flip the switch is actually very, very easy. And once I figured out how to flip that switch, and the first step is to ask yourself, what is actually those people that are in your group or join in your group or go to join your group in the future? What is it that they want? That is the million dollar question. If you answer it correctly and start giving it to those people. So when I started implementing this method, what actually happened in my business is that when I created my very first group, my own group, where I was the creator, I was the leader and no one else I was the boss when I created my very first group, which was probably about four years ago.

Now I had over a hundred people wanting to join my group, begging me to let them in. Before I even watched the group, wouldn’t be crazy, amazing to have a hundred people knocking on your door, asking you, how can I get in, and also inviting their friends to be in your group and not only getting into the group, but communicating, engaging, uh, replying to your post, watching to your videos, telling other people about your group and bringing their friends in and buying your stuff and wanting to join your team. That’s a life changer, right? And this method not only worked for me for one single group, we’ve implementing this method to many, many groups of hours, and we were able organically grow it from zero to several thousand people. In a matter of just a few weeks, I don’t wanna say days that actually was days, but it sounds a little bit unrealistic, but we were able to grow it in just several days, but I don’t wanna promise.

the same thing. I would say weeks, you could grow your group in a matter of several weeks from zero to at least couple hundred and not just people who will get in there and will want to do nothing with your group, because your goals are not aligned with their goals. So would you want to get a sneak peek to that process? What is actually you should do from how you set up that group to what you post in that group, how you engage with people and how you get them to buy your stuff all step by step. So if that sounds like something you want to get your hands on, I will be sharing this process step by step from start to finish with all the little details during our next level workshop. That’s happening virtually, uh, from June 16th through 18th. And I think I’m sharing the, this group, um, training on the second day, there will be a lot of amazing trainings like this from day one, day two and day three, every single day will be packed with hands on actionable information that you can take with you and implement the same day.

So if you are interested to learn how to get your business to the next level, directly from the people who have done it, who’ve tested it. And who will give it to you almost. I can say on silver platter, you need to get to the next level workshop. So some of you already sign up. We have many amazing people who grab their seats, and I’m gonna tell you, they’re not gonna last long. There’s a limited amount of seats. We want it to still be intimate event, because if there is a lot of people, we kind of get lost in, in the crowd, but we wanna see you. We wanna know who you are. We wanna extra interact with you. We want this experience to be special and intimate. So you can actually learn something, ask questions implemented and have results that you want. So if you haven’t grab a ticket to your next level workshop, there will be a link above this video also might be in the comments as well.

If you have any questions, ask them and the answer to this question, I know for sure it’s not going to be recorded. So in order to get this information, you need to be at the event. So if you registered for the event, you will be able to purchase the recordings later, but you have to show up and be there. So it’s not one of those boring webinars. where you’re gonna be sitting a whole day and just listening. It’s a totally different event, very interactive, where you will be asked to share your classwork, not even homework. You will get a lot of homework as well. But anyways, so this is the most frequent question that we get asked. Will it be recorded? Can you register and not show up and just watch the recordings later? The answer is no . The recordings only will be available for people who actually were at the event.

So you can go back and rewatch some of the stuff and do the homework properly. So that’s the only reason you won’t get the recording. So I hope that makes sense. So if you haven’t grabbed your ticket, you need to do it right now because sooner is better than later, they all will be gone and you will be sorry that you didn’t do it. So in this event, not for everyone, it’s only for people who are ready to drop all the excuses to show up for their business, roll up their sleeves and start taking actions. So that’s what it’s all about. And we have incredible testimonials and results of people who have attended this event in the past. And in the past, you could be there only if you fly across the country. Usually we do it in Florida and be there in person. So for the first time ever in the history of which VA influencers, this event is going to be virtual and we are not really sure if we will ever do it virtual again. So it’s our first run. It’s our test run, and we might not ever do it virtual again. So it’s a huge opportunity for people who are not part of our higher level program to get a taste of what is it like to be a high level student and start getting high level results? Because let’s be honest, if you want your business to be, to get to the next level, you have to start show up as a next level person. And this event is probably gonna be one of them where you could do that. So I’m not gonna keep you any much longer. Just wanted to share some of the, uh, incredible information about the upcoming workshop. And, uh, if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, you can do it right now. So this is it for me today. I hope to see you at the workshop. I hope to see you thriving in this community. Ask questions, uh, participate, learn and take action. So see you later have a great day.


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