April 26

How To Host A Successful Online Event For Network Marketers

Kat Krasilnikov

Have you ever been invited to an online party where you knew they were going to try to sell you something but you didn't really want to buy it?

But you said "YES" to be nice, and you probably ended up buying something.

I have felt that way before and I learned quickly that I did not want to host events like that. 

So today I am going to teach you how to host a totally different event where people actually want to come and show up. They also tell their friends to be there, and they participate and buy your stuff. 

Lets be honest, if you tell someone "I want to invite you to my Facebook party", they already have a bitter outlook on that. 

So come up with a different name for it. Because even though your party is going to be amazing, when they hear "Facebook party", they will not want to be a part of it. 

What I like to call these online events are customer blitz.


The first thing you must do before any event is plan. 

You need to plan how and who you are going to invite, as well as how to execute your event.

If you want people to show up to your event and enjoy it, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 

Your community has to be fun, engaging, interactive, and educational. 

They want to feel like a part of the community and the bigger mission.


Knowing who to invite is a very important step, because you don't want to invite just anyone. 

You don't want to waste your time inviting those who your products or opportunity serves no purpose to. Only invite people who will tremendously benefit from buying your products. 

Invite the people who are already looking for solutions that you are offering, the people that are your perfect prospects. 

When you are inviting people what do you need to pay attention to? 

You need to have a relationship with those people before you invite them. 

Not like you had a relationship years, or months ago and then out of the blue inviting them to your event. That's not how it works. 

You have to revive that relationship prior to you sending them the invite.


Now that you have invited people to your event, you need to create content for your party. 

You want your event to be remembered. You want the people to feel like they mattered and they were not just a number or someone to sell to. 

They want to know they were part of the community, where they could chat and be themselves. 

You have to create that in your community. You need to create the right environment. 

So your first post should be welcoming them to community, and tell them what they are going to learn. 

You need to tell them what they are going to learn, how they are going to have fun, how to show up, and get the most out of this event.


The next important step in the follow up. 

I can not tell you how many times marketers will host an amazing online event, and then nothing happens because there is no follow up. 

So how do you follow up effectively without being pushy? 

My first follow up will be just asking them if they watched the video. If they say no, you tell them it's still up and will be posted for 3 more days. You can ask if they want you to tag them in the video post. 

If they did watch it, instead of just sending a link to your products, engage in conversation. Ask them what they liked or got the most value out of.

Get to know them, and once they express more interest or state their problem, then you can ask if you can send more information to them about the products. 

Another way you can follow up is passively, meaning you don't have to constantly message them reminding them about your link or event. 

You just show up in their world to remind them you exist. You can comment on their posts or send them a message thanking them for coming to your event.


Whichever way you decide to follow up just remember you are a human being first and a marketer second.

When you show up as a human, people will appreciate you a lot more then when you show up as a salesperson.

So now you know the process that I use to create a killer online event. It took some trial and error to get our events to the level of success we wanted. 

If you want people to remember your event and show up again it has to be a great customer experience. 

If you want to know more about building your business online, check out our free formula below.

Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hello. My name is Ken Christoff. I’m one of the founders of beach bus influencers. It’s online coaching community for network marketers who want to learn how to use influence marketing, and start attracting their perfect prospects to them instead of chasing everyone around and actually not enjoying the process. So if that sounds like you, and you wanna learn how to be that at attract factor for other people to reach out to you and start asking how they can join your team or buy in your products. You’re in the right place in the right time. Because today we’re gonna talk about how to host a successful online or what we also call it successful customer bullets. And if you’re not familiar, what is this customer blitz or online event is? I’m gonna remind you back in the day, we used to call it a home party, but because of the, our current world world situation, home parties probably became a thing of the past because let’s be honest.

People are not advised together to gather anymore. Uh, so we were forced to do it online. And luckily we are beach bus influencers, ourselves learned this threat way before, uh, we were forced to be online. Thank God we were doing an online before everyone was doing an online. So we gained quite a few skill sets and we are willing to teach you how to do it successfully. So not only people want to show up to your party, they want to engage. They want to participate and they want to buy whatever it is that you are selling. So if you are excited about this topic, and that sounds like something you wanna learn buckle up because for the next 10, 15 minutes, I will pack this video with a lot of useful information. So first of all, let let’s start with, have you been to, have you been invited to a online party like this let’s call it party.

So we familiar what we’re talking about and, uh, you automatically knew that, okay. I’m gonna say yes, but I don’t really wanna be part of that event. I know they’re gonna try to sell me something I don’t really want, but I probably will have to buy it just to be nice. I felt that way before. And what did it tell me that I do not want to host events or parties like this, where people feel that way and you probably don’t want it either. So in this video, I’m gonna teach you to host a totally different event where people actually wanna be a part of and not only come and show up, they also tell their friends to be there and they participate and they buy your stuff. So if that’s something that you wanna learn, let’s get started. So, first of all, there’s three steps to hosting a successful online.

Let’s call it customer blitz because even let’s be honest. If you tell someone I wanna invite you to my Facebook party, they add have a bitter taste in their mouth because they already been on couple of this Facebook parties and they do not wanna be a part of it. So come up with a different name. You can say, I have this online event, I have this online blitz, whatever it is, I don’t recommend you to call it party anymore. Just because people have a bitter taste and we call it PTSD. so as soon as they hear a word Facebook party, they will not wanna be part of it. Even though you a party is gonna be amazing. So call it something else when you invite people and that’s what we’re gonna be calling it here in this video customer blitz. So there’s three steps.

First step is preparational where you think it, how you’re going to plan and execute your event. And also how and who you going to invite. It’s a very important step because you don’t want to invite everyone and anyone want to that party. And that’s probably how you were taught in the past could be by your upline. Or you could be that upline that taught your online to do it this way, nothing wrong with it. I’ve done it myself, but there’s a better way. Let’s be honest. If you invite everyone and anyone, what’s the chance. What’s the percentage of people will say, yes, it’s just becomes kind of like a waste of time. Statistically 10% might show up. So if you invite a hundred people, you, you are lucky to get 10 people come to your party. Do you wanna be doing that much work? Probably not.

That’s why you’re watching this video. So instead of inviting everyone and anyone only invite people who potentially tremendously will benefit from buying your products. And you might think like, oh, everyone on wants to lose weight, or everyone wants to have better skin. You will be surprised. Although that is true. How many people are not ready to do that? How many people are not aware that they have a problem and how many people already have solutions for their problem and your invitation might even offend them. So think about it. What are those people that is cream of the crop people you even potentially will wanna work with? Not just be your customers, who are the people that have been asking your questions about this or that, who are the people who’ve been expressing interest in your area of expertise? who are the people that have problems that you actually can solve.

And they expressed it. Not just you assuming that they want better skin. not that you assume that they wanna lose the weight who doesn’t, but they actually expressed it. And if you don’t have that many people who expressed it get to work and go talk to people before you invite them. So the preparational stuff is to invite people who are already looking for solutions that you offering, who are your perfect prospects, and you will offload 90% of the work. Because if you inviting your perfect prospect, you only will need to invite about 40 people in order for 20 people to show up. And if you inviting 40 people, probably 35 will say yes, I will probably make it. And 20 will actually make it. That’s just the formula. And I’m gonna give you this quick formula right now, now that we’re talking about it.

So we are gonna go backwards. Let’s say, if you wanna make 10 sales out of this party, you need to have 20 people inside your event. And usually they’re done in Facebook group because that’s the easiest place to organize a temporary online community, right? So usually we do them inside a Facebook group that Facebook group can be also popup group, where you create a new group for each party, each event, or it could be what we call it. Evergreen group, where you constantly host this EV events, whether once a month or even once a week, and you don’t change the groups, it happens in the same group over and over again. So either popup group or evergreen group. So in order for you to have 10 sales, you have to have at least 20 people join that group 20 buts in the seats. And in order for you to have 20 butts in the seats, you have to invite 40 of your perfect prospects, not everyone and anyone, 40 perfect prospects.

The good part about those. That’s not gonna make it to this party. You have the next one and you just can put them on an another party list and invite them next time. So it never goes to waste your work never goes to waste. So when you are inviting people to your party, what do you need to pay attention to? You need to have a relationship with those people before you invite them. And not like you had the relationship two years ago, six months ago, and you suddenly show up a out of the blue, inviting them to your event. That’s not how it works. you have to revive that relationship prior to your, to you sending them that invitation, how that might look like, Hey Susan, I saw you post about your dogs. There’s so adorable. How are you doing that? Might not be enough.

Just one, but if she replies and you answer back, ask her, then would you been up to, you know, I’m missing your posts or I miss talking to you, that’s it if you had this kind of with person, it’s not gonna be weird.

Let’s say a couple days later, you said, by the way, I have this awesome blitz going on in one of my Facebook communities, free Facebook communities, you can say them that way. And I thought, you know, it would be so much fun. Uh, if you can join, can win some prizes and learn how to do X, Y, and Z. So, and before you actually start inviting people, here’s another thing to think about. If you want people to show up to your event and enjoy it and bring even people with them, you need to cover four things. Your community has to be fun, not just all by my amazing whatever it is.

And all the posts being about your products or about you loving your products, what’s in it for them. So they want fun. They want to be seen, heard and understood. They wanna feel like they’re part of the community. They want to feel like they’re part of bigger. It’s not just the small blitz party. It’s, it’s a mission. And we are onto something big right here. And the fourth part, what was the fourth part? There was something important. , um, fun, engaging and interactive. They need to feel like they’re part of the community and they need to, they’re part of bigger mission. So four things you need to keep in mind, and that’s how you’re gonna be executing your party. And that’s what we moving onto. So if you’re still have questions about the preparation and invitation, you can drop them in the comments here. And we actually have a huge training and all the details that covers every single step with examples, templates, scripts, um, and whatnot, how to execute such event easily.

So if you’re interested in exploring that, click the link somewhere above or below this video, and you will get a chance to become a part of, of our community. And we offer this training to our students. So anyways, now that you invited people into your party, and I told you four things, you need to keep in mind when creating content for your party. So people actually wanna be part of it. They’re gonna remember your event. They’re gonna remember that you, they mattered. They were not just a number or someone who can be sold to they were, they were part of the community and they could enter track and they could talk and they could be themselves. That’s gonna environment. You have to create in that community. So I’m just, and give you an example of very first post that you should make in that community.

When someone just joins it, what would that be? not, oh my gosh, welcome to my party. That’s not your party. It’s their party. You’re just helping them to have fun. so here’s what your first post in that community should be. Of course, it’s a welcome post where you’re telling them what they gonna learn. Oh, that’s what I missed educational. They have to learn something there besides having fun. You, them, what they’re gonna learn. You tell them how you gonna have fun. You tell them how to show up and have the most out of this thing and what they’re gonna get at the end. So it could be your products, some incentives and all those good things. So that’s the first post about it. And usually we tell them, introduce yourself, want to know more about you and how we can serve you better.

There you go. It’s not your party. It’s not about you making money. It’s about the people that you’re trying to impact and serve. So you need to get to know them. So they feel like they’re seen and heard. And they’re part of the community. It’s not that hard. It might like different from what you’ve been doing in the past, but it’s not hard at all. Just little tweaking and understanding that it’s not actually your party, it’s your people’s party. You’re just showing up there and helping them to have a great experience. There you go. Just like another party planner, right? They’re just to help their attendees to have a good experience, and that’s what you’re gonna be doing. So, and the next important step is a follow up. I cannot tell you how many times, um, marketers will host an amazing online event party, and then nothing happens because did not follow up.

And you probably will hear that if you don’t have a solid follow up process, you’re leaving about 60% of your money on the table. Meaning you’re doing the same effort and you getting 60% less money for your efforts. That’s just not fair. So you need to learn how to follow up after the, the event is over and they will tell you the marketers, the gurus that you need to follow up somewhere between six, six to 12 times before someone will make a buying decision, shoot me, but I’m not going to follow up old, conventional way with someone who said no to me, once or twice, I am not gonna bug him six them six or 12 times, because I have a process where I don’t have to bug people and I’m gonna share with you little bits and pieces of it. And we actually have also the whole training in our community on this same follow up process that not only works for these blitz events, it works just for just a normal interaction and normal follow up process.

If someone been to your zoom meeting or someone been to one of which, some of your company videos, they might have joined some of your groups, this is the same follow up process works for any of this mentioned events. So how do we usually do it? First thing, a lot of people, although it’s online event and they will know what time the main video is happening, where you’re gonna be introducing your products and making that call to action to bio products, not everyone’s gonna show up and you will be surprised how many people, if you follow up and ask them, if they watched it, probably 90% of people will say, oh my gosh, I forgot. Or they will say I was busy and was planning to watch it this weekend. Or they were not planning to watch because they totally forgot about it. 90% of people have, will not watch your live video in your online party.

That’s just how it works, but what you can do instead of telling them, oh, by the way, you need to go and watch it because it’s going away in three days. And yes, it’s nice to have that, uh, urgency where people need to go and watch it. But you have to represent that urgency in a little bit different way, where you thinking about them and they need to go and watch it because they’re gonna learn something absolutely amazing and new that’s gonna help them to solve their problem and have a better life. So what I would do, so my first follow up would be just asking them, have you watched the video? If they say no, you’re like, oh my gosh, you know, it’s still in the group. Do you want me to tag you because it’s gonna be deleted or taken away three days from now.

And I really want you to watch it because you’re gonna learn some amazing stuff. Do you want me to tag you there? If they did not watch it? If they did watch it instead of saying, well, do you want my link to buy my stuff? I would say, what was the best part that you liked about that video? What was the best thing that you liked about it? Do you want to start a conversation and learn more about person? Whatever they tell you they liked? Was it the technology? Was it that some kind of unique approach? Was it something unique about the products? Was it the testimonial? What was it that they liked the best? Ask them more about that stuff. Tell me more about it. Why did you like it? Get to know them, talk to them on the human level. Once they express more interest or even state their problem, then you can say, would you like me to send you more information so you can learn more about it.

That could be your link. That could be your company video. That could be whatever’s the next step for them. Right? And even if they did watch click to on my link and they still did not buy anything, it could happen. You just find out why, you know, maybe they just bought something similar and they wanna try it first. Maybe they honestly can’t afford it. How can you give them incentive where, you know, they can have some sort of discount when, or maybe next time you will have a discount. So talk to those people and find out what is it that they really need and want. So, and even if after all this interaction, they still said, it sounds really good, but I can’t buy it right now. Whatever that reason could be. Whatever could be many different reasons. You can still follow up with them passively.

And this is one of my favorite ways to follow up passively, meaning you don’t have to constantly message them and reminding them about your link or about your party. You just show up in their world in their social, a world and remind to them that you exist. That’s it. how you can do it. You go and comment on their posts about their life. You send them a message saying, thanking them to be in a party, whatever that process might look like. Some people ask, you know, if they would like a host, uh, a party and make money that way. So however way you follow up, but passive follow up, it’s being human first and marketer second. And because you show up as a human people will appreciate you a lot more than what, when you show up as a salesperson. So this is kind of like our process of creating killer online customer BLIS, and we’ve done so many of them and some of them were really successful, but in order to create successful events, it took us some time to tweak and test different things.

But bottom line, it has to be a great customer experience. If you want people to remember your event and to wanna show up to your events again and buy from you and not someone who’s selling the same thing online. So if this makes sense to you, let me know in the comments. And I’m pretty sure you might ton of questions because it’s this huge topic that I just covered in a short amount of time. I try to pack it with as much as information as I could possibly do, but it’s just impossible to do it in all the details like I could have if you were part of our coaching community. So if you are interested to learn, what else are we teaching in there? How to be that influencer and not be the sales weirdo, how to attract people that want show up, not only to your parties, but just show up on your world and ask you, what is it that you’re doing?

Can you tell me more? How can I be part of your team? It is real, it is happening. If you follow a simple process, how to stop being a chaser and how to start being an attractor. So that’s actually what we teach our students. And you can grab a link. I think it has a free, uh, training in one of these links that you can be a part of. And if you decide you can be our, uh, paid student, but that’s up to you. So if that made sense to you, if you learn something new here and you host that your own blitz parties before, or wanna host your blitz party in the future, and this was helpful, let me know. And we are doing these videos every week. Someone from beach bus, influencers, mentors show up and deliver incredible topic with a lot of value that can help you to get those breakthroughs in business that you deserve. So this is it from me today. I enjoy spending time with you guys and I will see you next time.


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