August 22

How To Recruit Using Private Messages Without Being Spammy

Cari Higham

Do you find yourself spending hours upon hours messaging prospects every single day?

Your upline has told you that you need to send 20, 30, or even 40 messages to people that you may or may not know.

Every single day and you feel spammy. 

It is time to stop doing that. 

Today I am going to share with you how to recruit in private messages without being spammy.

When it comes to having recruiting conversations we see our colleagues making a lot of mistakes that actually chase their prospects away.

I am going to share with you the three step process I use to initiate conversations with your prospects.


If you are someone who is going in and sending random copy and paste messages to people, you need to stop doing that right now. 

When it comes to human behavior, people hate to be sold to.

When people sense that the message is not genuine, you can guarantee that person is going to ignore or block you. 


People don't like to be sold to, however, people love to buy from trusted sources. 

So when it comes to prospecting for your business, the best thing you can do is actually go in without having the intention of recruiting at all. 

Now that might seem crazy. 

But if you can go into messenger conversations on any platform, by just wanting to building the relationship and providing value, you will actually make more sales and recruit more people. 

You will be building the know, like, and trust. You will be building influence. 


So I am initiating conversations every single day and I am also growing my audience. 

But I am not having conversations with just anyone.

I am having conversations with people that have already shown interest in what I have to offer. 

Those people that have already raised their hand by commenting on a post or story. 


The first thing you want to do when initiating a conversation is give a genuine compliment. 

One thing I love about Facebook stories or reels is if you comment it sends it directly to their messenger. 

So give a genuine compliment, relate to your prospect and then ask questions. 


Now, I am not going to go in and pitch them right away. 

I am going to build the relationship and connect with them.

And if the conversation doesn't go towards business, I don't necessarily take it that way.  


If I know the person is interested, and they are telling me things that they have tried before, I am going to dig a little deeper and ask and really figure out what their pain points are. 

Then I can ask if they would like to look at what you have to offer. 


So that is my three step process.

Give a genuine compliment, build the relationship, and dig a little deeper. 

Once you get through the process and they are your perfect prospect, then you can ask if they want to look at your product or opportunity. 

If you want to learn about the tool I use to keep track of my conversations, and how to master messenger recruiting conversations, click the link below. 

Video Transcript

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Hey there. What’s going on? Do you find yourself spending hours upon hours messaging prospects, maybe? Oh, fuck. Do you find yourself spending hours upon hours prospecting for your business every single day? Maybe your upline has told you to go in and send 20, 30, 40, maybe even 50 messages to people that you know, and maybe even people that you don’t every single day, you feel spammy. You feel icky. If that’s the case, you’re definitely gonna wanna watch this video because in today’s episode, I’m talking about how to recruit without being spammy. I’m gonna be diving into my three step process to initiate conversations with your prospects, as well as sharing my favorite tool that I use to completely automate my prospecting. So if we’re meeting for the first time, my name is Carrie Hyam and I am co-founder of beach boss influencers. And at beach boss influencers, we help you make more and less time leveraging systems and processes and social media.

So when it comes to having recruit recruiting conversations, this seems to be one of the biggest, um, hiccups, if you will, that we see a lot of our colleagues, friends, students make, um, they make a lot of mistakes that ends up chasing prospects away. So first off, if you’re someone who’s going in and sending random copy and paste messages to people that, you know, maybe even people that you don’t, you’re gonna wanna stop doing that right away. Because when it comes to human behavior, people hate to be sold to. And the second they get a message from someone that seems disingenuine, that seems like it’s copy and paste. Um, if you have a link in there or you immediately start off by pitching somebody to join your team or buy your product or service, you can guarantee that that person is either going to ignore you, block you.

Um, you know, you’re not gonna get anywhere with that prospect. So people don’t like to be sold to however people love to buy from trusted sources. So when it comes to prospecting for your business, the best thing that you can do is actually go in without having the intention of recruiting at all. Now that might seem weird, right? It might seem crazy, but if you can go into messenger conversations, if you can go into having conversations on any social media platform for that matter, w by just wanting to make friends and provide value, you’ll actually end up selling a lot more of your products. You’ll end up recruiting a lot more people because you’re building no like, and trust or something that we call influence and building influence and helping you grow. Your influence is something that we specialize here at beach boss influencers. Okay.

So when it comes to initiating a conversation, I’m gonna give you my three step process that I like to use to initiate a conversation. Now I’m initiating conversations with people every single day, but I’m also growing my audience every single day. It’s not, I’m not just, uh, having conversations with anyone, right? I’m having conversations with people that are, that have already proven to be somewhat interested in what I have to offer. Whether I’m meeting them in a Facebook group, maybe I’m meeting them in a forum. Maybe I’ve met them. Maybe they’ve come to me through TikTok. Um, you know, I’m, I’m having these conversations with people that have already somewhat raised their hand and said, yes, I’m interested in what you have. Maybe they’ve commented on one of my posts, whatever that is. These I’m not just going in and messaging people, Willy nilly, okay.
The three steps to initiating the conversation. The first thing that you wanna do is give a genuine compliment. Okay. So, you know, it might be, uh, you know, and I, what I absolutely love is I love on like Facebook stories or reels or whatever, messaging people that way, because it ends up in their messenger automatically. So think about it as a genuine compliment, relate to your prospect and then ask questions. Okay. So giving a genuine, so it might be something as, as like, you know, Hey, so, and so I saw you, uh, you know, commented on my post over in the female entrepreneurs group. You know, I checked out your profile, looks like you had an amazing time on vacation with your family. I absolutely adore your children. You know, I can’t believe max just got his black belt. Um, you know, you seem to be doing a really good job at balancing, you know, between working and being a mom.

I have a question, you know, you commented on my post. What other, what other solutions have you maybe tried to this problem that you’re having? Do you see how you’re able to kind of use this process to first establish the relationship? They know where they met me, they know where I’m coming from, then I’m, you know, building that relationship and that rapport, I’m not automatically going in and pitching them after that initial conversation, after that initial message, I’m messaging back and forth. And if the conversation doesn’t go towards business, I don’t necessarily take it that way. However, if that person, because I know that they’re interested in what I have, they’ve already, you know, if they’re replying and telling me what other solutions they’ve tried, I’m digging a little bit deeper and I’m saying, you know, okay, you’ve tried this, you’ve tried that. How did it work for you?

What did you like about it? What did you hate about it? I’m asking questions to dig deeper, to really figure out what their pains and problems are before I will, I will actually ask, you know, will I have a solution to this? I’ve been using it for this many years. It’s helped me with this. Um, you know, my friend, Julie just got started on it. She’s lost this much in this much amount of time, right? Like I’m being generic here, but you can kind of see how the conversation goes. Then I’m saying, saying, are you open to taking a look at what I’m using at that point? We’re moving them through. So that’s my three step process and what I absolutely love, there’s actually a tool that I’ve been using for the last few years that actually has helped me automate this process. It’s called lead magics.

And there’s a link somewhere. It’s either gonna be above, below, somewhere attached to this video, depending on where you’re watching it, probably in the comments, there’s a link where you can go and you can check it out. And what I absolutely love about this tool is I’m able to keep track of my conversations. Not only am I keeping track of my conversations, but I’m able to locate the highest, uh, the highest value prospects that I have, meaning those that are ready to buy, ready to join in. And I’m able to completely automate my prospecting efforts. So if you click that link, head on over and check it out, they actually have a free version that you can, uh, take a look at it, help it’s gonna help you, uh, manage your contexts. It helps you search filter and organize your leads in messenger. Not only that, but it’s gonna help you add private notes to each contact, because I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how many times before I had this tool, I would go and I would be messaging people.

And then I would look back and I would see, oh, I have messaged this prospect before. I don’t remember what they said. I hopped on a call with this prospect. Maybe it was a year or two ago, right? What I love is I’m able to add private notes to each of my contacts. So I’m able to keep track of the different conversations and where they’re at. I’m able to con completely create message templates, which means there’s no more copy and paste messages. And there’s a really awesome bonus, uh, prospecting course that my good friend, Brandy shaver has put, uh, you, that has put together to help you learn how to use this tool to completely automate your prospecting efforts. So grab that link, head on over, check it out. Like I said, there’s a free version. Um, they also have a couple other tiers of this program that you can actually take a look at. Um, and you can pick the one that works best for your needs. So hopefully you got value from this episode, if you did, don’t forget to like comment and share it with anybody that you think might benefit from it. And we’ll see you on the next episode.


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