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How We Recruited 2000 People in 90 Days Without Prospecting | Network Marketing Recruiting

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Recruiting 2000 people in 90 days without prospecting?

Sounds incredible, right?

Recruitment is vital in network marketing, yet often done ineffectively.

We’ve been there—frustrated and stuck.

But once we ditched the old-school methods and embraced influence marketing, everything changed.

Ready to learn our step-by-step process?

Let’s dive in!


Traditional Recruiting Vs. Influence Marketing

When it comes to network marketing, many of us have been introduced to traditional recruiting methods.

These methods typically involve converting customers into team members.

While this might sound straightforward, our experience and conversations with countless network marketers reveal a significant downside – the “monkeys on your back” syndrome.

Essentially, this approach often leads to dragging along people who aren't genuinely committed or motivated, making it a constant uphill battle.

Traditional recruiting usually starts with making a list of everyone you know, under the belief that everyone is a potential prospect.

However, this isn't always effective.

Not everyone is your ideal team member, and pushing products or opportunities to disinterested parties can feel like forcing square pegs into round holes.

It’s a misconception that everyone is a prospect just because they have a certain need.

For instance, if you’re in skincare, the idea that everyone needs your product because “everyone has skin” is misleading and can lead to frustration and inefficiency.

On the other hand, influence marketing shifts the focus from prospecting everyone to attracting the right people.

This approach is about creating value, building trust, and establishing authority in your niche.

By sharing valuable content and showing genuine interest in others, you naturally attract individuals who resonate with your message and are more likely to be committed and motivated.

Influence marketing also leverages social media platforms to build relationships and engage with your audience authentically.

Instead of pushing products, you provide solutions and support, which positions you as a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson.

This method not only reduces the pressure and rejection often associated with traditional recruiting but also fosters a more sustainable and enjoyable way to grow your team.

Identifying and Attracting Your Ideal Team Members

The first step in recruiting 2000 people in 90 days without traditional prospecting is understanding that not everyone is your ideal team member.

Imagine trying to sell steak to a vegetarian.

Just because someone eats doesn't mean they eat meat, right?

Similarly, not everyone will want your product or opportunity, and that's okay.

This mindset shift is crucial.

Stop chasing the masses.

Instead, focus on identifying and attracting your ideal team members.

Think of people who are genuinely interested in what you offer and who resonate with your values and vision.

This approach is less about pushing your products to everyone and more about pulling the right people towards you.

Building relationships is key in network marketing.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust.

By fostering genuine connections, you increase the likelihood of attracting people who are interested in your products or joining your team.

It takes time—30 to 90 days—to build a solid relationship, but it's worth it.

This process can be likened to planting seeds and nurturing them until they grow.

Automation can be a powerful tool here.

Use social media and email marketing to engage with your audience consistently.

Share valuable content that speaks to their needs and interests.

Show them how your product or opportunity can solve their problems or improve their lives.

By focusing on relationship-building and leveraging automation, you create a network of people who are more likely to be receptive to your offer.

This method is less about cold calling or spamming strangers and more about creating a community of like-minded individuals who trust and value what you bring to the table.

Building Relationships and Automation

Building relationships with your prospects is crucial, but it's not about chasing after everyone.

Instead, focus on attracting the right people to you.

The first step is to decide who you want on your team.

Be specific.

Do you want go-getters, dreamers, or people who are coachable and willing to put in the work?

Write it down.

Avoid those who just want discounts or are not committed; they'll only frustrate you.

Once you identify your ideal team members, understand what they want.

For us, it was people who loved network marketing but hated the traditional methods.

They wanted a process that was enjoyable and aligned with their values.

Knowing this, we created content tailored to them.

We posted about how to build a team without chasing people, how to create posts that attract more sales, and more.

This content not only grew our audience with the right prospects but also built relationships with them passively.

Automation plays a key role here.

By consistently showing up with valuable content, you attract the right people who come to consume it willingly.

There's no need to spam communities with invites to join your Zoom calls.

Instead, let your content do the talking.

This approach allows you to build a strong, engaged team without the need for constant manual outreach.

Remember, it's about quality over quantity and creating a system that works for you, even when you're not actively working.

The Step-By-Step Recruiting Process

Our recruiting process revolutionized traditional network marketing by focusing on authenticity, relationship-building, and leveraging automation.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps we followed:

Grow the Right Audience

The foundation of our success was understanding and attracting our ideal team members.

We created content that resonated with our target audience, addressing their pain points and desires.

This approach helped us build a community of engaged followers who were genuinely interested in what we offered.

Build Genuine Relationships

We prioritized building real connections over making a quick sale.

Engaging with our audience through comments, messages, and content allowed us to establish trust and rapport.

This authentic approach made our followers feel valued and understood.

Pop the Question

When the time felt right, we invited our audience to join our team.

If someone expressed interest in our content or asked for advice, we seized the opportunity.

We kept it simple and genuine, saying something like, “I’d love to work with you. Would you like to explore this possibility?”

This invitation felt more like a natural progression of our relationship rather than a sales pitch.

Handle Rejections Gracefully

Not everyone said yes, and that was okay.

We respected their decisions and kept them in our world by continuing to provide valuable content.

We knew that some might change their minds later, so maintaining these relationships was crucial.

Leverage Automation

To scale our efforts, we incorporated automation.

We used tools like automated challenges and application funnels to streamline our recruiting process.

These tools allowed us to deliver high-quality content quickly, build trust, and filter potential team members efficiently.

Follow Up Consistently

For those who initially said no or needed more time, we made sure to follow up regularly.

We checked in to see how they were doing, offered help, and stayed in touch without being pushy.

This consistent follow-up demonstrated our commitment and kept us top of mind.

By blending authenticity, relationship-building, and smart automation, we transformed the traditional recruiting process.

This method not only brought us 2000 team members in 90 days but also created a supportive and engaged community ready to grow with us.

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