Done For You Social Media Content January

Done For You Social Media Content


Daily Posting Formula

1. Inspirational image quote scheduled around 6-8 am your local time

2. Engaging question to help you to interact with your audience and build relationships or marketing tip congruent with weekly topic, scheduled around lunch time 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. your local time

3. Live video to help you to engage with your followers, deliver value and promote your products and services, scheduled in advance or done live around 8-9 pm your local time.

Engaging Questions

  1. Why do you think only 8% of people stick with their New Years’ Resolutions? 
  2. What would you try if you knew you could not fail?
  3. What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do more of that?
  4. What is one change you could make to your business that would make you proud of yourself
  5. What is ONE goal you want to achieve by the end of this year?
  6. What it really takes to make big goals a reality?
  7. Do you agree that “You can do two things at once, but you can't focus effectively on two things at once.”?
  8. What kind of goal setting planner or tracker do you use?
  9. Do you tend to procrastinate until everything is perfect?
  10.  Have you ever declined an opportunity or a project because you thought you were not good enough for it?
  11. Would you delete your social media post or video if you thought it was less than perfect?
  12. Do you have daily motivational ritual or practice?
  13. Do you believe in affirmations? Which one is your favorite?
  14. What was the most uncomfortable thing that you did last year?
  15. What do you fear the most when it comes to your business?

Facebook Live Topics

They can be used to grow your audience, provide value, increase engagement, build relationships and to promote your offers. So, don’t forget your call to action in each live.

  1. Why majority of people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions and how to change that 
  2. 3 tips to stay motivated after stressful holiday season
  3. How to set SMART goals and achieve them
  4. Why do you need a daily motivational practice?
  5. How to strengthen your motivational muscle?
  6. How tracking your little progress can create huge success
  7. Why focusing on the end result will never bring you happiness, what you need to focus on instead?
  8. How to plan your day so your long to do list don’t discourage you from taking action
  9. Daily mode of operation, why it’s important to form and follow little habits and routines
  10. Time management hacks. How to accomplish more while spending less time.
  11. Done is better than perfect. 3 reasons to leave perfectionism and strive for excellence instead
  12. 3 simple things to focus on each day to grow your network online
  13. How to deal with overwhelm and gain focus after a major setback
  14. Fear is your friend. Don’t run from it, ride it!
  15. There is no such thing as failure. Why you need to embrace your mistakes and use them to learn and grow

Inspirational Quotes

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Marketing Tips

5 tips to help you to stick with your resolutions

  • Humans are creatures of habit, and therefore hardwired to resist change.
  • To defeat our human nature and achieve our goals, we need to replace harmful habits with good ones.
  • New habits are formed through the “Habit Loop”: the cue, the reward, and the routine.
  • The changes you wish to make to your behavior should be specific, measurable, and time-based.
  • Tracking your progress through a journal will help you stay motivated.

 There is no such thing as failure. It’s tough to let go when something negative happens, because it feels like you’re losing control, or like you're failing but you aren’t.

  • Allow both the positive and negative into your life. Sometimes it may seem that you’re not making progress, but you always are. You are always making progress, even with negative experiences. You learn.The truth is when you’re going through a thunderstorm of negativity that you’ll grow the most. Let things go and allow whatever is happening to be okay. Not easy, but easier than resisting.

If you don't have engagement on your business related posts - it could be because of one or all of these 3 reasons...

  1. Wrong audience - not everyone needs your services
  2. Wrong message - they don't relate to it
  3. Wrong content
  • In order to fix it, start with #1 - build the right audience. 
  • Remember, not everyone is your prospect

 People don’t buy a product, they buy the solution to their problem.

  • They want change. What would you rather sell - a mattress or helping people to sleep better? Which one would you want to wake up and do every day? One is called career - the other is calling. You can spend your time extracting value from others or adding value to others. The greatest way to build influence is to help people win!

 Why do MOST people fail?

  • It takes more effort and time than 98% of people are willing to put in. And it is not because they are weak or necessarily lack willpower or drive.It’s not because they are lazy, apathetic, or necessarily need more knowledge or passion! The reason 98% of people FAIL is because change is based on the MYTH that there is something wrong with you in the first place. You were born able to succeed just like a bird is able to fly. You have the ability to achieve ANYTHING you want - if you remember that you’re good ENOUGH and there is nothing wrong with you right now. Do you agree?

Did you know that liking and commenting on other people’s posts won’t get more of your posts shown up in their newsfeed?

  • But what will? - their reply to your comment. Knowing this, what might you do to get more people to see your stuff?

How do you feel when someone sends you a friend request and then disappears?

  • You hear nothing from them or worse, the first thing they send you is a pitch for their products or business opportunity. It’s a formula for repelling all the prospects. It’s actually very simple to change that. Simple “Hello, nice to meet you!” can open so many possibilities to get to know your prospect and find out if they have a need for your products or services.

3 magical words you can use in your posts to attract more prospects. “Naturally, Easily, Quickly”.

  • For example “5 tips on how to naturally remove toxins from your body and easily shed 5 pounds over the weekend.”

Are you an influencer or a salesperson?

  • Either way is fine but...there are so many sales people out there, just open your Facebook, lol...and not so many good influencers. Here are 3 tips on how to expand your influence and as a result - increase your sales too.
  • 1. Create more value than offers. 
  • 2. Show up even when nobody's watching.
  • 3. Automate your efforts so you can reach more people in less time.

If you want more engagement on your posts - ASK FOR IT!

  • But make sure you put your call to action “above the fold” so more people can see it without scrolling forever. Majority of people don’t read long posts, so grab them upfront.

Here is a cool tip on how to share your group or your page on Facebook.

  • Instead of copying and pasting long links and losing them most of the time, you can type @ symbol and then your group’s or page’s name without any gaps. It will automatically create a hyperlink that they can click on.

If you struggle with doing Facebook lives, here are a few tips to help you to overcome it.

  1. 1. Pick a topic.
  2. Make some notes to stay on track (bullet points).
  3. Promote your live, let them know what’s coming.
  4. Keep it short and conversational (3-5 minutes at first).
  5. Follow up with your viewers.Keep it casual.
  6. Don’t forget to have fun!

Did you know that Facebook likes images with faces and ranks them higher in the newsfeed.

  • So, if you’re planning to post an image from your vacation or amazing dish that you’ve just made, or your dog, your struggle, your inspiration, or whatever...Put your face in there too. It might be uncomfortable at first, but hey, now you know why it’s called Facebook, lol

Most network marketers never realize that talking to friends and family about their business (products or opportunity) is a very SHORT TERM strategy.

  • As a matter of fact it’s the only strategy they are taught. There is nothing wrong with talking to friends and family about your business but at the same time you should be taught how to grow your audience beyond friends and family, so when you exhaust your warm market... instead of quitting, you would have a brand new warm market to work with. Do you agree? Were you taught how to grow your network in your early network marketing days? Or you’re still trying to figure it out on your own?  
  • How comfortable are you with confusion? Not all that comfortable, right? The funny thing is that we try to spend most of our life avoiding confusion and uncertainty.
  • However, if you think back to a breakthrough moment where suddenly everything made sense you may become aware of the fact that just before that breakthrough, there was a confusion.
  • Whenever you’re learning something new, which you are doing almost all the time, you will be feeling slightly confused. You may even feel fear.
  • The confusion comes from the assimilation of new information. Your brain literally has to restructure, especially if you bump into a piece of information that’s “life-changing.”
  • So, when, in the future, you’re feeling confused or uncertain, know that it is happening because you are growing and learning.
  • It’s just a sign that something new is going on. It might not be pleasant, but it is always leading you to higher understanding and clarity.
Beach Boss Influencers
Beach Boss Influencers
Beach Boss Influencers
Beach Boss Influencers


Beach Boss Influencers
Beach Boss Influencers
Beach Boss Influencers
Beach Boss Influencers
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