Done For You Social Media Content July 2021

Done For You Social Media Content

July 2021

Daily Posting Formula

Personal profile posting calendar

Post once a day on your timeline and 3-5 stories daily 

Monday: Gratitude post 

Tuesday: Team member recognition 

Wednesday: Educational post related to your products or services 

Thursday:  Product curiosity post 

Friday: inspirational quote

Saturday: Lifestyle post

Sunday: Family, personal

Monday: Marketing tip

Tuesday: Engaging question

Wednesday: Vulnerable/ Power post 

Thursday: Poll style post (give them list of answers to pick)

Friday: Share your passion or something that inspires you

Saturday: Family, personal post 

Sunday: Invite/ promo post for your group, page, webinar, video, lead magnet etc

Repeat this 2 week cycle again

Facebook page posting calendar (2-3 times a day)


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Personal or fun post


Gratitude or power post 


Engaging Questions

  1. Would you rather be famous or be friends with someone famous? 
  2. Would you rather hike on a mountain or lay on a beach?
  3. Fill in the blank: My favorite blog is ____________.
  4. Fill in the blank: I’m inspired by _________.
  5. Would you rather have 5 close friends or 10,000 Facebook friends?
  6. Would you rather have 100K Facebook followers or 100K Twitter followers?
  7. Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day?
  8. Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
  9. What is your favorite knock-knock joke?
  10. What is your superpower?
  11. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  12. If you could run away for a day and do anything you want, what would you do?
  13. What five things could you not live without?
  14. What was your first job?

Facebook Live Topics

1. Ask me Anything!!

  • This is one of the most popular live videos your audience wants to get to know you!! 

2. Interview a person who is a product or service success story.

  • NOT a teammate!!!!
  • This works best with strictly someone who has purchased but hasn’t wanted to sell/ hasnt been a seller 

3. Do a live with a kid and have them describe your product or service to your followers

  • Ask them what they think you do
  • If you sell a product, ask them to describe it
  • Ask them to talk about how it works

4. Teach a skill that ties back to a specific product or service you provide.

  • This is helpful around a launch but not DURING a launch. 
  • Show your followers a product/service that is either newer or doesn’t get a lot of attention and why it’s so fantastic

5. Pack orders/thank you/etc and talk about an aspect of your life that relates back to your product

  • This is helpful if you have a way for your followers to request samples/info/etc during the live. 
  • The topic of conversation can be almost anything but make sure to keep referring back to the orders and steadily reminding your followers that they should reachout for additional info.

6. Try to make breakfast using only “tiny hands”

  • Buy a set of tiny hands and let your followers join you as you make your entire breakfast, lunch, or dinner just using tiny hands. 
  • Probably should not use the stove for this one. 
  • If you have a product find opportunities to subtly and passively mention it in the live..(OMG yall this is making me thirsty...but I’m committed let me see if I can take a sip of my pink drink with these tiny hands)

7. Celebrate a team/ company/ personal victory

  • This can be a small victory, doesn’t need to be a large one. 
  • It is always more impactful to see more than one person in your group or organization win. 
  • Try to highlight one or 2 of these people/groups/personal successes this month in your lives

8. Get your team together and play company trivia telephone LIVE

  • This adds an element of fun to the organization. 
  • It shows that you are building your community and supporting your team members
  • By using company or team/product trivia you’re also passively educating your customer about your product or service

9. What NOT to do

  • Go live and talk about a story of something you personally did when you were new to your industry that was NOT the right way to accomplish that task
  • Tell your followers WHY you chose that path then 
  • Tell your followers how you learned better and why what you did then wasn’t the correct way to do it.

10. Ask viewers to tell you what trending content they’re seeing right now.

  • This will both help you have fun with your audience and learn about them

11. Read a Blog post that is relevant to your product or service

  • Discuss the blog post on the live 
  • Subtle links back to your product or service here.
  • Give your opinion what did the writer get wrong/right

12. Do a “deep thought” live

  • This could be product, team, or neither related 
  • These work best unplanned IE parking lot live, park bench live, ect
  • Discuss a deep thought that you feel compelled to share with your followers

13. Share your “process”

  • This could be getting ready to create content
  • Getting ready to prospect
  • Getting ready to host an event
  • The goal is to let your followers in on another aspect of your life behind the scenes,

14. Have a kid/teen you know teach you a trending dance routine.

15. Have your followers help you decide on something for your business

  • This can be business cards, logo, blog post, blog name, lighting, just about anything 

Inspirational Quotes

Engagement Posts

Marketing Tips

Ask yourself is it time for a Re-Launch?

  • Is there a major event? Conference? Company anniversary? Consider taking this time to evaluate your strategy and potentially look at a relaunch. 
  • This would be a great time to update headshots, refresh your brinding/logo, generate excitement on social media around the big reveal!

5 elements of a facebook post;

  • Great visuals 
    • Human faces and dogs get more views than anything else. 
    • Your established followers will be more likely to focus their attention if they see your face. 
  • Emojis help break up text in facebook posts and add visual interest that helps stop the scroll
  • Make the copy (typed section) relatable to your ideal client/customer/team member
  • Keep longer posts well spaced. 
    • Avoid long trailing unspaced posts in favor of single sentences that have spaces and emojis to break up the visual and prevent the reader from becoming overwhelmed. 

Set team goals for the middle of your monthly sales cycle.

  • Encourage all of your team to have their “monthly minimum” completed by the 15th of the month
  • Provide short term rewards for teammates as they attain those goals 
    • Examples of rewards
      • Praise inside the team group
      • Social media shoutouts
      • Giveaways for prizes

Make a schedule that includes reaching out to team members.

  • Set a goal of 5 team mates per week to reachout to
  • This is an opportunity to discuss how their business is going and to find out where they or their team members might need some added support. 
  • During these reachouts identify things your team members do well and ask them to train on those skills this both shares knowledge with the team and supports individuals in building confidence as they become leaders.

You MUST engage!!!

  • Every single day take 10 to 30 minutes and genuinely engage on your social platforms. 
  • DO NOT cout engagement as only hitting the like button!!! THAT IS NOT WHAT WE MEAN
  • Engagement is a genuine comment on a post, a genuine interaction on a story, ect simply a thumbs up will not build the level of know, like, and trust that brings a successful business.

Use motion in posts and graphics whenever possible

Tools like Canva allow for creation of content that moves. These graphics draw the eye and increase the engagement, even adding sticker gifs to instagram and facebook stories helps to increase engagement because it brings the focus to the moving object ie the post/story. 

How to Grow Your Team with Facebook Stories

  • Post 3-5 stories daily
  • Be authentic and show people the behind the scenes of your life, business and who you are
  • Create curiosity around the benefits your products and opportunity without showing the name of your product or company
  • Give CTA in the form of Polls & Questions

The #1 reason why people fail in network marketing is because....

  • They have a SALES MINDSET. And this mindset is hurting your business big time. Instead, your main focus should be on creating new connections with people who are looking for what you offer and building relationships with them rather than pushing sales to everyone and anyone. Wanna know how to make that shift?

People don’t buy a product, they buy the solution to their problem.

  • When creating content ask yourself these questions with every post 
  • What problem am I solving? 
  • How does my product/ service/ opportunity solve that problem?
  • What value can I give a person experiencing this problem?

Engage with 5 to 10 stories per day.

  • This is actual engagement not just “Likes” make genuine comments and have genuine interactions with your followers. 
  • The best time to “engage” is shortly before and shortly after posting your content. IE 15 min prior to posting on facebook or IG engage with 5 to 10 people. After posting on Facebook or IG engage with 5 to 10 people

To become a strong leader and build strong leaders

  • Call them out on their stuff. There is no need to be disrespectful, but there is every need to be honest and direct. 
  • Keep them accountable make sure you’re following up with goals and progress of goals when meeting with downline team members
  • Have high expectations. Meet the person where they are, but also show them where they have potential to go...
  • It’s ok to say  “no”. Especially in a leadership role the boundaries you model will be the boundaries your team members learn as they grow into more confident leaders

If you want to become a good marketer, you need to stop chasing the masses.

  • Focus on constructing your image of the perfect prospect or customer. 
  • What characteristics does that person have? 
  • What do they like?
  • What do they dislike? 
  • How can you bring value to their lives? 
  • How has your list changed from the last time you evaluated your avatar?

How To Increase Views & Engagement On Your Facebook Lives…

  • Create compelling descriptions use emoji’s good spacing, ect
  • Make sure you have good lighting, sitting upright or standing  and picture is clear.
    • Be mindful of camera positioning when using phones IE instagram prefers you to film with your phone sideways. 
  • Offer Value through your content that is relevant to the audience you’re targeting 
  • Engage with your audience responding to comments while live, or engaging afterward, thanking them for tuning in, ect
  • Give a Call to Action

The 4 C's to growing your business and your team

  • Commitment - are you committed to your business and to yourself in developing your business? 
  • Consistency - are you willing to do those small things or large things EVERY SINGLE DAY that are the most impactful in building your business? 
  • Coaching - are you willing to learn? Are you open to new information, new skills, different ways of thinking to help you advance your business? 
  • Community - are you surrounding yourself with the right kind of people? Are you connecting with people who are positive? Driven? Supportive of you and/or your business? 

9 Tips for Coping With Impostor Syndrome

  • Know the signs of imposter syndrome
  • Know you're not alone
  • Distinguish between humility and fear.
  • Let go of your inner perfectionist.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Track and measure your successes.
  • Talk about it with a mentor 
  • Say "yes" to new opportunities.
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip




If there is something you need help with or can't find, jump on the group and leave us a message.