Done For You Social Media Content June 2021

Done For You Social Media Content

June 2021

Daily Posting Formula

Personal profile posting calendar

Post once a day on your timeline and 3-5 stories daily 

Monday: Gratitude post 

Tuesday: Team member recognition 

Wednesday: Educational post related to your products or services 

Thursday:  Product curiosity post 

Friday: inspirational quote

Saturday: Lifestyle post

Sunday: Family, personal

Monday: Marketing tip

Tuesday: Engaging question

Wednesday: Vulnerable/ Power post 

Thursday: Poll style post (give them list of answers to pick)

Friday: Share your passion or something that inspires you

Saturday: Family, personal post 

Sunday: Invite/ promo post for your group, page, webinar, video, lead magnet etc

Repeat this 2 week cycle again

Facebook page posting calendar (2-3 times a day)


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Personal or fun post


Gratitude or power post 


Engaging Questions

  1. What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do more of that?
  2. What was your favorite toy growing up? 
  3. What personality trait gets you in the most trouble? 
  4. When you’re having a bad day, how do you make yourself feel better? 
  5. What is the cheesiest pickup line you ever received? 
  6. What is your favorite memory with your Dad? 
  7. Which movie sequel do you wish you could erase from history? 
  8. If your life were a movie, what songs would be on the sound track? 
  9. If you could trade places with any person for 1 day in there life, who would you choose? 
  10. If you were starting a company tomorrow what would be your top 3 core values? 
  11. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen a stranger do? 
  12. Mom Jeans or Skinny Jeans?
  13. When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about? 
  14. What is the worst thing a doctor could say to you as you’re going under anesthesia for surgery?

Facebook Live Topics

1. The 4 Keys to Social Media Marketing Success

  • Asking questions - “Why am I in this business? Who is this product/service for? How does it solve my ideal prospects problems?”
  • Be Authentic - Real trumps perfect because real creates trust
  • Use VIDEO whenever possible - Builds know like and trust the fastest. 
  • When you’re ready to scale and reach more people faster, don’t be afraid to spend money. Finding a good mentor to help you do that will keep more money in your pocket.

2. 6 Tips To Doing Killer Facebook Lives

  1. Pick a topic ahead of time
  2. Make some notes to stay on track (bullet points).
  3. Promote your live ahead of time, let them know what’s coming.
  4. Keep it short and conversational (3-5 minutes at first). 
  5. Keep it casual and ASK people to engage with you. 
  6. Don’t forget to have fun!

3. Don’t Make This BIG Mistake When Growing Your Audience

  1. Never send a friend request without a message saying hello, introducing yourself if needed and why you’re wanting to connect.
  2. People want real connection. No one is going to join you without a conversation. So say hello and ask them questions about them!
  3. Do NOT immediately spam them with your opportunity

4. Start a Vlog

  1. Pick an aspect of your life that relates to your business
  2. Start a regular vlog on that topic
  3. Make it consistent IE every wednesday you’re live vloging on that aspect of your journey

5. Ask Me Anything

  1. This is an opportunity to engage with your fan base and answer questions they are curious about. 
  2. It is also AMAZING for planning future content
  3. Either you can create a post PRIOR to the event in your social media pages and groups OR you can have your community ask questions during the live. 
  4. If you’re doing it during the live, it is helpful to have a secondary device (sound turned off please) to monitor the questions. It’s even more helpful to have an assistant to monitor incoming questions. 

6. Interview a New Recruit

  1. Someone who is new to the industry and just starting out their business
  2. How did they find out about your product or service
  3. What has been helpful in getting started
  4. What has been their biggest struggle
  5. What is the biggest goal they have met? How did it feel meeting that goal? 

7. Do something funny

  1. Let someone who doesn’t do makeup do your makeup
  2. Ask a child to name your products
  3. Have a kid pickout your outfit for the day 
  4. Have a team member give you a pie to the face for meeting a challenging goal. 

8. Share something you’re struggling with

  1. Be real 
  2. Be honest 
  3. You can even ask your followers what THEY would do in your situation. 

9. Run a contest related to your business

10. Discuss a current event.

  1. Discuss something going on in the world that relates to your product or service
  2. Share your perspective
  3. Ask for your audience feedback 

11. How did I ever live without this?

  1. A product you’ve discovered that helps you run your business. It could be something as simple as your ring light to your streaming service you use to go live. 
  2. It could be hiring someone to assist with your business day to day. IE interview your virtual or in person assistant. 
  3. A program that helps you find or organize tasks, customers, social media, ect

12. Do a live with a marketer outside of your niche

  1. Someone of similar rank/achievement
  2. Discuss your journey in the industry
  3. Discuss growth and plans for growth
  4. Discuss differences
  5. Successes Failures

13. Tough Love

  1. Something you see happening in the industry or in your niche
  2. The problem with this behavior
  3. The Solution
  4. Why the solution is better than the current behavior (What’s the benefit for change) 

14. Find One of your top lives that you’ve done in your business and recreate it.

  1. Look for the video with the highest views or just a live you really enjoyed creating and talking about. 
  2. Recreate it. 

15.  Do behind the scenes live.

  1. Go live to show your production process for your lives in your closed community. 
  2. Give a teaser of the content you’re planning within your community. 
  3. Give your prospective customers the action step of joining the group to learn more.

Inspirational Quotes

Engagement Posts

Marketing Tips

Do You Use Newsjacking In Your Social Marketing Strategy?

  1. Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to generate tons of media coverage, get sales leads, and grow a business.
  2. When you’re one of the first ones to talk about something happening, eyeballs are on you and other people will look to those that comment first about a story to come up with their own ideas. 
  3. Newsjacking gets you media attention. With little effort! As the story develops in real-time, buyers become interested in products and services based on what’s happening now.

Do not underestimate the value of gratitude in building your business

  1. From things like promotion gifts to something as small as a card or note all of these things go a long way to build your business and empower others on your team who are actively building their businesses. 

As your business grows consider automating or hiring out the parts that can be easily hired out or automated.

  1. The most precious thing you have as an influencer is time. If you can free up a small piece of that time in order to provide more value to your customers, team, family, and your own wellness, it might be worth it to crunch the numbers and determine if it is a worthwhile expense. 

Sit down for 10 minutes every single day and write out a list of the things you are grateful for.

Taking this time quiets your mind, refocuses your brain and makes you better able to focus on the things that require your attention within your life and business. 

If you choose to be present on TikTok, advertisers should keep in mind the app’s Do’s and Don’ts.

  • DO get your message out immediately! A user’s attention should be grabbed right away. The videos that show the highest CTR tend to get their message out within the first three seconds.
  • DO NOT wait to share your message until the end of the ad. Users are more likely to interact with an ad right away if they are drawn in by an enticing message.
  • DO focus on sound! TikTok is a 100% sound on environment. Sounds and visuals should work hand in hand. Did you know that many songs that’ve goneviral in the music industry this year have because of their constant reoccurrence and use on the platform?
  • DO NOT only use images. Since TikTok is a sound on environment users are expecting a video that will flow with their feed. The use of
  • images can negatively impact user interaction.
  • DO get to know your audience! Stay up to date on the latest TikTok trends as a way to build relevant ads.
  • DO NOT use trending popular generic hashtags. You want your ads to be visible to your target audience. By using popular hashtags you risk your ad being lost in a sea of videos.
  • DO make TikToks! Successful ads have been created to resemble in-feed content. Users are more likely to interact with an ad that appears to be shared by an actual user as opposed to an advertiser.

Don’t have time to create Tiktoks AND Instagram reelz but want to be active on both platforms?
Great! You can use this content in both places! Just make sure to use a 3rd party tool to remove the logo from the tiktok.  
Leaders building on social media should encourage their new distributors to make 3 videos. 

  • My Why Story  
    1. What was your life like before you began your journey with Network Marketing?
    2. What piqued your curiosity and made you want to learn a little bit more about the industry or the business opportunity?
    3. What are you MOST excited about regarding your business today?
    4. Describe YOUR journey from the beginning to now in a few sentences.
  • What are you MOST excited about for the future of your business?
    A product video  
  • A short opportunity video
    1. What first drew you into your business?
    2. How did it feel when you were just getting started?
    3. How has your business affected your life and your family’s life?
    4. What is your vision for your business into the future?
    5. What are the most common questions people ask about your business opportunity?

Don't forget to reward yourself. Your ability to recognize the small successes in your business and your life in general will inevitably translate to your ability to recognize those successes in others which is VITAL to building a strong connected organization. 

Do the math.

  1. Network Marketing is a business. If you want to build to a specific income level you need to break down the numbers you need to get there based on the compensation plan of the company you’re representing
  2. By reverse engineering those goals you will be able to see approximately how many recruits, customers, sales, ect you will need to develop your business giving you a strong platform to build from.

Lead Magnets  

  1. These essential assets in digital marketing because they help build email lists, develop customer relationships, and increase sales. If you haven't yet made use of these powerful tools, start now.
  2. You can do this via paid lead magnets or through calls to action if you’re not quite in the space yet of being able to fund a paid service. 

Consider SEO Search Engine Optimization.

  1. This could be blogging for information specifically in your niche
  2. Use of blogging for Keyword search optimization making sure to target keywords relevant to your niche that your customers will consistently search for.
  3. Solution focused SEO IE blogging about problems that your product solves 

Repurpose your lives on Youtube!!!

  1. As one of the most used search engines youtube is an awesome way to appear in searches for your cold market. 
  2. Target PROBLEMS that potential customers might search for. 
  3. Make sure to do your research on key words to really buckle down on your niche and make sure you’re maximizing your SEO here to get the best result.

Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip




If there is something you need help with or can't find, jump on the group and leave us a message.