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Network Marketing Misconceptions

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You might have heard that network marketing is all about being a super-salesperson, but guess what?

That's not the whole picture.

Yes, selling is a part of the journey, but it's not all about you being the frontline sales warrior all the time.

Instead, it's about setting up smart systems and processes.

These systems are your MVPs – they work behind the scenes, making the sales happen, sometimes without you needing to take center stage.

We're here today to clear the fog around network marketing.

Now, let's dive into some of the misconceptions floating around in the network marketing world.


Debunking Network Marketing Misconceptions

In network marketing, myths and misconceptions are as common as the dreams of success.

It's time we unpack these misconceptions and set the record straight with a dose of reality and a sprinkle of sincerity.

Let's start with the age-old claim: “Everybody needs this product.”

While optimism is a key ingredient in the recipe for success, believing that every person you encounter is a potential customer can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Network marketing isn't about casting a wide, indiscriminate net—it's about finding the right people whose needs align with what you're offering.

Remember, it's not about selling; it's about solving.

Then comes the well-intentioned but misleading mantra: “You're not selling, you're sharing, and the product sells itself.”

If only it were that simple!

While high-quality products are indeed the cornerstone of successful network marketing, they don't magically fly off the shelves without effort.

It takes a genuine connection, understanding of customer needs, and a touch of persuasion.

The product doesn't sell itself; it's your passion, knowledge, and the trust you build that do the real selling.

Now, let's tackle the big one: the pyramid scheme shadow that looms over the network marketing industry.

Here's the truth—network marketing is a legitimate business model, thriving on the genuine movement of products and services from producers to consumers.

Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, are a game of musical chairs where the product (if it exists) is just a disguise for a recruit-driven scam.

They're not only unethical but downright illegal.

In genuine network marketing, the product or service is the star of the show, bringing real value to customers' lives.

So, as you navigate through the world of network marketing, arm yourself with knowledge, dispel the myths, and pave your path with authenticity and integrity.

It's not about the easy road; it's about the right one.

The Realities of Growth and Success in Network Marketing

One of the most pervasive myths is the notion that success in network marketing is effortless.

Picture this: someone stands on a stage, sharing their rags-to-riches story, igniting the room with tales of instant success.

They speak of inviting friends and family to a meeting, resulting in a miraculous turnout and immediate sign-ups.

Yet, in reality, you may host countless meetings, feeling a sting of disappointment when the turnout isn't as expected.

Moreover, the industry sometimes whispers, “Fake it till you make it,” leading many to wear a mask of success even when the journey is rough.

However, portraying an unreal picture of success isn't just misleading; it's counterproductive.

Authenticity resonates more deeply than a facade.

Your real journey, with its ups and downs, can be a powerful testament to your resilience and commitment.

Another misconception revolves around the need for a boisterous personality.

If you're introverted, you might feel network marketing isn't your cup of tea.

But here's a twist: network marketing isn't a battlefield for extroverts alone.

It's a diverse field where varied strategies can lead to success.

The digital age has opened new avenues, allowing many to leverage social media and other online platforms to grow their network effectively, all from the comfort of their screens.

In essence, network marketing is a journey of personal growth, strategic planning, and genuine interactions.

It's about setting realistic expectations, being authentically you, and understanding that while the path may not be easy, it's paved with opportunities for those willing to learn, adapt, and persevere.

Overcoming Misconceptions and Embracing the Network Marketing Mindset

In network marketing, it's easy to feel like you're in a constant race, comparing your progress to others and feeling the pressure to match up.

But let's get real—portraying an inflated version of success only muddies the waters of our industry.

Network marketing isn't a sprint to instant riches; it's more like a marathon that demands persistence, strategy, and genuine effort.

The myth of “easy money” is just that—a myth.

It’s not about hitting that imaginary “easy” button and watching your bank account overflow.

True success comes from building genuine connections, understanding your audience, and serving their needs.

And if the thought of selling makes you want to run for the hills, you'll find solace in the fact that network marketing is evolving.

Gone are the days of pushy sales tactics and unwelcome door-to-door pitches.

Today, it's all about influence marketing—connecting with the right people, creating value, and establishing trust.

This shift from selling to relationship-building means that when people reach out to you, they're not just leads; they're informed individuals ready to make a purchase decision.

But what about rejection?

It's a common fear, yet in the realm of influence marketing, you're in control.

You choose who to engage with, transforming potential rejection into a proactive selection process.

And that dream of finding that one game-changing “whale” to skyrocket your success?

It's time to look in the mirror because you are that diamond.

Success in network marketing isn't about stumbling upon a mythical figure; it's about personal growth, being a leader, and attracting like-minded individuals.

So, as we navigate through the misconceptions, let's remember that network marketing is a legitimate, rewarding venture.

It's a journey of growth, learning, and genuine connections.

By embracing a mindset of authenticity, effort, and strategic influence, we're not just building businesses; we're shaping a profession we can be proud of.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Speaker 1:
You do have to sell something eventually, but what’s really great about network marketing is that you don’t necessarily need to one, be the one that’s selling, or two have to be the person that sells for your team through systems and processes and putting those things in place. You can actually put systems in place that do the selling for you. You

Speaker 2:
Are not going to want to miss today’s episode because we are totally debunking some of the biggest misconceptions in network marketing and we’re excited you’re here because it’s going to help you skyrocket your team in this industry. What questions do you have about network marketing? We would love to hear from you in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe and this video so that you don’t miss anything else that we put out there for you in the future. Alright, so let’s talk about some misconceptions in the network marketing industry. What would you guys say is some of the good ones?

Speaker 3:
I think one of the first ones that I was told was everybody needs this product. Everybody needs it and people are everywhere and speak to everybody because everybody with a heartbeat prospect needs this product. So therefore anybody alive, no matter whether they, so long as they are 18 and above, go speak to them and

Speaker 1:
If they can fog a mirror, you go,

Speaker 2:
That’s a good

Speaker 4:
One. I think for me it was you’re not selling, you’re sharing and that the product just sells

Speaker 3:
Itself. The product sells itself.

Speaker 4:
The product just sells itself, so you just get them to sample it and they’re going to fall in love and you don’t need to do any selling.

Speaker 1:
If the product sold itself,

Speaker 2:
They wouldn’t need

Speaker 1:
You, wouldn’t need you. One of mine is actually that it’s easy that growing network marketing is easy and I don’t know how many times over the years, especially when we were growing traditionally, it was like our uplines were like, this is easy. And the people from stage were like, this is easy. And I’m like, this is not easy. And so many people end up quitting because proper expectations aren’t set from the beginning.

Speaker 3:
Well, you just need to find more people, but where are these people? Just go back through the list of all your friends on the phone, another list, just make another list.

Speaker 2:
I think one of the other misconceptions is it’s a pyramid scheme, so I know we’ve talked about that in the past, but network marketing is actually a legitimate business. And pyramid schemes are when products don’t actually move, right? Pyramid

Speaker 1:
Schemes are illegal.

Speaker 2:
All network marketing has a product or service attached, and that’s what the difference is. So that’s a really good thing to debunk because you’re going to hear that, right? You’re going to hear that when you’re presenting. You’re going to hear that when you’re talking to friends and family. You’re going to hear people even on social media, the don’t agree with the network marketing industry and they’re like, oh, it’s a scammy MLM or it’s a pyramid scheme or whatever. So it’s important to remember that that’s one of those misconceptions and you don’t have to argue with people. That was one of the things that one of my uplines were like, well, just tell ’em what a pyramid scheme is. If you have to tell them or confront them or convince them that it’s not a pyramid scheme, they’re not the right, they’re not your people, right? Yeah. What else do you guys see

Speaker 1:
Is another one I would say is you have to be good at sales. Let’s be honest, you do have to sell something eventually, but what’s really great about network marketing is that you don’t necessarily need to one, be the one that’s selling, or two have to be the person that sells for your team through systems and processes and putting those things in place. You can actually put systems in place that do the selling for you, but however, you still have to be the one to put those systems in place. And I feel like when we try to argue with people, it actually ends up bringing the whole industry down. Whereas if we just lead by example, put systems in place, set proper expectations from the beginning, that’s what actually helped our team grow and thrive as fast as it did was we were upfront with our people. Yes, we have an incredible system, but you’re going to have to do the work and this is the work that you’re going to have to do, expect it to take this long. And it all depends on your influence level,

Speaker 2:
Right? Yeah. That’s another one. I had a meeting and 10 people came and they all signed up and now I’m a billionaire.

Speaker 1:
Nothing pissed me off more than going, and that’s what they’d get up on stage. And we’re going to share all of our golden nuggets on how we got up here. We made a list of our friends and family. I invited them all to a meeting, 50 showed up, 35 enrolled, and I’m here and I’m like, I know I have had a meeting every week for the last year and I have not recruited a single person or gotten more than two to show up. That wasn’t my mom

Speaker 5:

Speaker 1:
That wasn’t my mom or my sister and

Speaker 5:
My dad. This one, I probably made it out myself. And it’s more probably LinkedIn belief that it’s very hard to grow in this industry if you’re introverted.

Speaker 1:
That’s a good one. That is a good one.

Speaker 5:
That’s what I thought. And I am very introverted and I thought like, wow, it’s probably not for me. It’s for people who extroverted and I love talking to people and I love going to the events and it’s just not me. So maybe I should just quit and go back to what I was doing. And actually the funny part is the only reason I decided to check out Influence Marketing because I thought I could keep hiding behind my computer screen screen and making some kind of magical posts on my profile that would attract tons of people to me. That’s what it is. And I was like, yeah, I’m going to go check it out. Because I honestly didn’t want to be on social media. I didn’t want to be posting my face and what I do and what I sell. Actually, I was embarrassed that I was in network marketing

Speaker 1:
And that for people that are listening and watching, are you embarrassed? Are you embarrassed to be in networking in network marketing? I know that I was

Speaker 3:
Mean. People made fun of me. It was like a dirty word. You quit dentistry to do this, right?

Speaker 1:

Speaker 3:
You quit dentistry to build this little sign gig when you’re selling these weird products. Yeah, they laughed at me. Go get a real job. Go back to your profession. You went to university for how many years? You got your degree. You’ve been practic, you

Speaker 1:
Paid all that money for it.

Speaker 3:
You’ve been practicing for 28 years and now you’re go and quit to do this. They didn’t only laugh behind my back, they laughed to my face as well.

Speaker 1:
Well, at least it was to your face. What came out of it, and I was living with my parents and my dad. He had gotten started in network marketing. I remember two companies that he had gotten involved with in the past, and my dad was a hard worker. He wasn’t the one that didn’t do anything and expected anything in return. He had gone, he had built a huge company or a huge team, they changed the compensation plan or the company went public. That’s what it was. They went from a privately traded company to a publicly traded company. And when that happened, everything fell apart. My dad’s check cut in half. So I had watched these things, all of it fell apart and I had watched it fall apart. And so I was embarrassed to be living in my parents’ basement. They hated network marketing. They’re sitting here, you’re in my basement. You need to start making money. As much as they love me, they’re like, we don’t want you here forever. And so it was kind of like a, not only was I embarrassed, I felt like my parents were embarrassed for me and of me. And so it affected how I had those conversations in the beginning.

Speaker 3:
I think one of the things that a lot of up clients tell new people is just fake it till you make it. And that’s exactly what I did. So when In your smart jacket, in my smart jacket, so when colleagues came to me or people that I knew from my previous world came to me and said, so how’s that going? How’s that side gig going? It’s going awesome. It’s going amazing. No, it wasn’t. I referred to a couple of friends and family

Speaker 1:
We know, and

Speaker 3:
It wasn’t literally, and then when I started building on social media, you’d be connecting with people. So how think that’s going amazing. No, it wasn’t. So be real about your

Speaker 6:
Journey. Be

Speaker 4:
Authentic. Well, I think it’s hard too because you feel like you have to measure up with people in your team because you’re comparing, and then you’re seeing people that are rank advancing or they’re constantly dropping in their group, team, group, whatever, that they just enrolled someone else and welcome to this. And so you feel this pressure to have to measure up and by the next event when you’ve gotten there and still it’s just you haven’t brought any team with you. And then people are like, how’s it going? You feel like you have to be this fake and put on this show and be like, oh, it’s great because we’ve all sat in that seat and we’ve all been there. And that’s just sad because again, you’re fluffing up the industry, you’re fluffing up your results, you’re fluff fluffing up the industry, and it’s just not real. And too many network marketers don’t want to say, man, I’m just super struggling.

Speaker 2:
And one of the other misconceptions that comes with that is that network marketing is easy money. There is nothing easy money about network marketing. You’re going to work for it. You have to build an audience, have to. There’s work involved right now. Is it worth it? Absolutely right. For depending on how you build it. But one of those misconceptions is it’s easy. You just enroll, you push this red button and you swallow this blue pill and you enroll her, her, her and her, and you’re a millionaire. That’s not how it works.

Speaker 4:
And I think that’s why people feel like they need to measure up because we’re told it’s easy, but then we’re failing, failing, failing. And we’re in the same place you are at six months down the road, 12 months down the road, your team hasn’t grown, and then you’re over here. It’s so easy. Why do I suck so bad? So I’m going to show up. I’m going to be excited. I’m going to try and get whatever golden nugget that’s going to get it to click, and all of a sudden I’m going to have this team. And it’s just like this cycle

Speaker 2:
And it’s success just isn’t overnight for anything. It’s not overnight in network marketing. It’s not overnight in anything. So the other misconception that I’ve noticed is that you have to be salesy to make this work. A lot of, I don’t know about you guys. If you’re a member of the Avon ladies, they would come to your house, they would leave. They would want to visit with my mom. This was back when I was younger. My mom’s Avon lady would come over, she’d show her all the new stuff. It was kind of like a presentation, but she never made an appointment. She just showed up so she could catch you at home kind of thing. And she kind of was salesy. I mean, but that’s not what you have to do to be successful in network marketing. There’s a lot of people that have done it a different way and gotten success. And if you’re scared

Speaker 4:
Of sales influence, marketing

Speaker 1:
Should be your jam. If you’re scared of selling, it’s all off the table. It takes all the selling off the table because you’re attracting people that already want what you have to offer. You’re building that know and trust through value, valuable posts or lives or whatever it is you’re doing, building relationships, and then they’re coming to you and they’re like, I want to buy. At that point, you’re like, great, let’s get you signed up. It’s a completely different conversation. It’s not a selling conversation at that point. It’s a buying conversation. And they’re two different things.

Speaker 2:
Other, I

Speaker 5:
Have a good one. You have to go through a lot of rejection if you want to be successful in that work. Marketing, it seems like. Yeah, right? Makes sense. If you’re doing it old school, if you prospect and every single person who can fog a mirror, but if you learning how influence marketing works, you choose who you want to work with and who you don’t, and then there’s no rejection. So that’s became a misconception in my world when it used to be true.

Speaker 2:
One other one that I want to bring up that is a touchy subject is that you just need to enroll one whale.

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:
Yeah, one whale. You got to find that one diamond,

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:
One diamond away, away. One. You just keep turning over those rocks and you’re going to find that one diamond that’s going to totally change everything. The total misconception, you are the diamond you have to,

Speaker 1:
It is you, right? It comes down to you if you’re looking for that person, but you aren’t that person yourself. You’re not going to attract that person and that person. If you’re going and thinking, oh, I just need to find one person. You’re treating it like a lottery

Speaker 2:
Ticket, you might as well just enroll in the lottery.

Speaker 1:
You might as well just rush lottery. Yeah, really. But to your point, you need to be that diamond so that you attract diamond leaders,

Speaker 2:
Right? And that’s the thing. You can’t actually land a well unless you are a, well, they don’t. Just a top network marketer, somebody that’s making millions and millions doesn’t just enroll with somebody that just started. That’s not how it works. I mean, now if you’ve built a relationship and it’s all going well and things make sense, right? Then that can happen, but you have to become the will. So we’ve just talked about a ton of misconceptions that are in the network marketing industry, and network marketing is actually a legitimate business. So if it’s something that you’re looking at, if it’s something that you’re exploring, don’t forget to join our free community where we have over 10,000 network marketers just like you that are wanting to build their business to six and seven figures, totally free. You can find the link in the description underneath this video, and we’ll see you next time.


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