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Network Marketing Tips: A Guide To Avoid Burning Bridges

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You don’t want to be “that person” at family parties. You know the one.

The one that no one wants to get cornered by because you’ll get stuck in a conversation where you are doing all the listening.

The one that everyone tries to slip out of the party without interacting with.

The one that is always trying to sell you something.

Network Marketing Tips: A Guide To Avoid Burning Bridges
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“But wait!” I can hear you yelling at the screen. “Am I not trying to sell something? Do I not want to offer my product to my family?” You absolutely should. But before we learn how to do it correctly, let’s pull apart all the ways it could go wrong:

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Here are eight ways that you can quickly burn any bridge in your life:

1. Only Talking About Your Product

If you only talk with your friends and family about one thing, they will stop talking to you. This is a perfect way to spoil any relationship.

2. Being Inauthentic

If you want to burn bridges, this will do it quickly. When you are only talking to people out of a desire to sneak in a sale, people will be able to tell. You will lose friendships if you show no interest in their life beyond converting them into a potential customer. Don’t tell anyone happy birthday. Don’t bother congratulating anyone on their engagement or graduation. And don’t even think about remembering little details about others.

3. Bombarding Your Messenger Connections

If you start to spam everyone you know on Facebook about your product, you will frustrate some people. If you really want to burn some bridges, don’t just stop at your immediate connections. Branch out to your connections’ connections, too.

4. Bad-Mouthing Other Products

Instead of just promoting the positives of your product, really focus on tearing down any competitor products. By name, specifically. That way, anyone who uses that product can feel a secondhand shame, which will translate into a burned bridge for you.

5. Ignoring Your Social Media Followers

Responding? Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you really want that bridge to burn, do not engage in any of your social media activity. Oh, sure, you can post, but just post and ghost.

6. Not Bothering With Names

Don’t bother committing their name to memory whenever you meet someone new. You don’t even need to learn it before you start trying to jam your product down their throat (if you’d like to burn the bridge before you even build one).

7. Taking People For Granted

Did you get a referral from someone? Don’t bother thanking them for it. Tell them to get you another referral if it ever comes up in a conversation. If you want to burn bridges, you don’t want any gratitude at all.

8. Taking Offense

If you approach someone about buying something and they turn you down, take it personally. Let your feelings show. Stop talking to them. This is a great way to make sure that the bridge won’t be usable any time soon.

Can you imagine? Please don’t follow this list! Our goal is not to burn bridges. We want connection. We want authenticity. Our goal is to build bridges.

Build Instead Of Burn

Think about the way you interact with people. Are you in their face too much about your product? Are you letting the thought of sales cloud your perception and ability to create a genuine connection with other people?

A few ways you can try to build your bridges are by incorporating these tips for network marketing:

• Prioritize People: Make sure you care about the people over the product. At the end of the day, remember what is most important.

• Don’t Be Pushy: No one wants to talk about your products in every conversation. They really don’t.

• Be Valuable: On your social media platforms, provide content that adds value to your followers’ feeds, not just post after post promoting your products.

For anyone who wants to learn how to make money in network marketing, you need to be able to network. Networking is building and strengthening those bridges in your life.

If you’re not actively working on building your bridges, they might not spontaneously combust, but they might need a little maintenance, too. Actively seek out the connections that will help you build up and strengthen the bridges you have with everyone.

It might help you get sales, but even if it doesn’t, your life will be more rich because of it.


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