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What future network marketing trends do you foresee as digital lifestyles evolve?

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In a world of ever changing technology, marketing strategies must adapt to help companies reach their target audience. What does the future of marketing look like? Keep reading to find out what trends other business leaders predict will be key.
Maxine Fraivillig

Maxine Fraivillig

Marketing Manager and Senior Relationship Manager at Malta Sotheby's International Realty.

Engagement of Artificial Intelligence in Network Marketing

Higher engagement of artificial intelligence in network marketing is definitely a popular trend you can notice [in the] upcoming year. Virtual reality, automation of various tasks and data analysis are all included in the benefits of artificial intelligence. Marketing strategies are also going to be more effective in the upcoming years. Implantation of artificial intelligence into your marketing strategy can enhance the satisfaction level of your customer, which is beneficial for the organization.
Andre Kazimierski

Andre Kazimierski

CEO of Improovy.

Expansion of Digital Lifestyles

Expanding digital lifestyles to create more exclusively online network marketing trends and businesses. We've seen more and more of this already, with network marketers being more empowered to expand their teams worldwide due to digital technology and presence. Offering products online means more convenience both for sellers and for consumers. This is becoming more and more the norm as we move forward.

Todd Saunders

Reliance on Mobile Commerce

As digital lifestyles continue to evolve, network marketing has come to rely heavily on mobile commerce options. We'll likely see an even greater focus on multi-channel shopping options through network marketing, as this greatly expands the potential customer base for these efforts. Social media will become the epicenter of network marketing, which is a trend we have already seen emerging in the last few years.

Dan Gallagher

VP of Operations at Aegle Nutrition.

Use of User-Generated Content and Customer Testimonials

As more and more people become more comfortable with showcasing their lives online on social media, network marketing is going to continue to benefit from the use of user-generated content and customer testimonials to get their messages out. It's never been easier to reach a vast audience through the use of social media. When used correctly and targeted, you can reach exactly the right audience very easily, which is beneficial to network marketers.

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