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New Year, New Leads: 3 Simple Ways to Generate Network Marketing Leads

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As you’re ready to take on the months ahead, you should be thinking that this is the year you will crack open the success you’ve been chasing.

This is the year you are going to build up your downline. You’re going to make the sales. You’re going to reach your goals.

This is your year.

To get the results you are after, you will need leads.

We’ve got your back.

Simple Ways to Generate Network Marketing Leads

Your Ideal Candidates

Before we break down places for network marketing lead generation, let’s talk about your ideal candidates.

For your downline, you want it to be full of organized, driven, goal-oriented people. You want people who are ready to improve their lives and who aren’t afraid of hard work.

Sure, you can help anyone become that, but it will be easier for you to build success faster when your leads already come with that mindset. So, as you search for places to generate new leads, consider where your ideal candidates would congregate.

Remember: Don’t let your business be your motivator. Let goodness guide you. Be genuine in all your interactions with people; never be pushy. Even if the person you are speaking to isn’t interested, they might know someone who is. By interacting positively with them, they are more likely to give you a referral.

And the worst-case scenario is that they aren’t interested. But you might have had a pleasant exchange with them. You might not walk away with a new lead, but you might have made a new friend.

Find Your People

If you’re struggling with MLM lead generation and building up your target audience, here are three simple ways to boost your crew:

1. Think Like Your Solution

Take some time to think about the problem your product solves, and then go find the people who need that solution.

Do you sell weight-loss products? Go to the places where you’ll find people trying to lose weight. Some ideas might include:

  • The gym
  • Weight loss forums
  • Healthy eating groups
  • Workout communities

You can find online or in-person groups for weight loss, healthy eating, and working out.

Maybe you sell books. You can find your people by joining:

  • Homeschool communities and support groups
  • Mom groups
  • Teacher forums

Regardless of what you sell, you can find a community of people whose values align with your product and who seek answers to their problems. You can be their answer!

2. Create a Community

Are you having a hard time finding the right group, forum, or platform where you can find hot leads? Create one! Attract the people who are your ideal avatar by providing the content that you know they are seeking. Share workouts. Talk about healthy recipes. Include tips to kick your Dr. Pepper addiction. Let them know about your products and how they fit into your weight-loss journey, but don’t make the group all about what you’re trying to sell.

We’re all facing ad fatigue. No one wants products shoved in their face constantly. You won’t attract anyone by focusing on just trying to sell. When you provide constant value to your followers' news feeds, you’ll attract more.

3. Collaborate with an Influencer

Working with another social media influencer helps out both of you. When you collaborate on a post or a live, you can both leverage your audiences for each other. Creating content that overlaps your audiences’ shared interests can attract new eyes you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Bonus Idea: Paid Advertisements

There’s no shame in asking the Facebook algorithm for a little boost. Paid advertisements can get your ads delivered to the exact demographic you are after. Work on narrowing down who your product is perfect for and then get it in front of their eyes.

Remember, you want to attract people to buy your product, but who will also be passionate enough about it to join your team. Finding these leads at the source (communities and places where they are already trying to find the solution your product provides) will help you find more solid leads than blindly calling friends and family. So you get to build your business and stay on Aunt Martha’s good side; it's a win-win!

Try some of these places this year to help you get the leads you want. You won’t get any of the leads you don’t go after; go get ‘em!


New Year, New Leads: 3 Simple Ways to Generate Network Marketing Leads


If you're having trouble with MLM lead generation and growing your target audience, this infographic shows three simple ways to strengthen your team.

3 MLM Lead Generation Tips Infographic


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