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Our Best Tips on Handling Rejection and Moving Forward as a Network Marketer

Brandy Shaver

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There is always going to be rejection.

That's how it works. Not everybody's going to be ready to do what you're doing.

So, we want to share with you a couple of our best tips on how to handle rejection like a pro and start to grow your business quicker and rank advance without being a spammy Tammy.


Always Acknowledge Their Concern

Once you have presented the information about your company, you will find yourself asking the question…

“Hey, you know what I would really love to work with you. Are you open to seeing what it might be like working together?”

Their answer may be “this just isn't for me,” or “I don't have the money,” or a multitude of other answers.

For all the possible answers, you need to acknowledge their concern.

So, we recommend you to use ”yes, I totally get that,” and then tell them how you used to feel.

All of us have felt that way, especially when we first got started in network marketing.

Maybe it was that you didn’t have time for it.

That was us. We had kids and were working full-time jobs. There was no way that we could fit another thing into our schedules, but we wanted a different life bad enough that we took a look.

So, acknowledge their concern.

Inserting a story can also help with this.

Maybe you're talking to a high-level executive and they think there's no way that they could possibly fit network marketing into their life.

Go find a person at one of your company events who is a CEO in your company and ask them how they got there and what their story is.

And you can use that story.

Don’t Start Arguments

Arguing does not help anything.

Imagine the scenario where someone tells you that they don't have the time for your opportunity.

Maybe you respond with “if you don't change anything, where are you going to find the time?”

That person is going to instantly put up a wall.

If they don't know you, like you and trust you, they’re going to take that response the wrong way.

There is no care and concern in that comment. Instead, it sounds like you’re judging them for what they're doing.

By remaining calm and professional, you give the opportunity for other aspects to work out like using stories and building the know, like, and trust with people.

Because here's the reality of the deal.

No one cares about what you want until they know, like, and trust you. 

So remember that it all boils down to building the know, like and trust with the right people.

The Biggest Objection is Network Marketing

Your biggest objection is not time.

It's not money.

It's network marketing. That is your biggest objection.

People don't understand it.

Maybe Aunt Susie did it and lost a bunch of money.

Maybe Uncle Bob did it and bought a bunch of products that he still has in his garage and he's told everybody about it.

So, it's network marketing is the objection.

So how do you get around this to build your business?

How do you find more people?

Well, you figure out who your perfect prospects are.

When we started building our businesses online, we didn't understand that concept.

We didn't understand that not everybody was our perfect prospect. Not everybody needed our products, and not everybody wanted to quit their nine to five.

That's not how the world works.

We're looking for a very small percentage of people.

You've got to figure out who your perfect prospect is. And for us, that was network marketers.

We could teach network marketers to build their businesses online and guide them toward what was working for us in building our businesses.

These were our perfect prospects.

So we stopped having to deal with the network marketing objection.

Figure out who your perfect prospects are and build a new audience. Build influence with those people so that when you promote to those people your offer, which could be your products or your company, then they will actually take a look.

And when you build on social media, it builds faster because you can film a live video and there is going to be people that see it on the replay.

It's going to be on social media for years to come.

And so it creates leverage because that stays there.

So you're using the tools of social media to build the know, like and trust with hundreds of thousands of people.

They're seeing you online, they're seeing you in their newsfeed, they're seeing you in their stories, they're seeing you on TikTok, they're seeing you everywhere.

And if you position yourself as someone that can help them get what they want, it's going to build the know, like and trust faster.

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Brandy Shaver

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Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet with automation, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

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