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Our Incredibly Powerful Mindset Exercise

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In our community, we love to share tips to help you become who you want to be, reach your goals, and get past the tough mental blocks that stop many people.

We've found that even with the best strategies and skills, what really matters is how you think and feel inside your head.

This is what can keep you stuck or help you succeed.


Shifting from Past to Future Self

Many of us navigate life through the lens of our past experiences.

For instance, Fran's identity was once wrapped up in being a dentist – a role that left her feeling miserable, stuck, and stressed.

This identity shaped her daily existence and how she presented herself to the world.

It's a common scenario: past hardships or dissatisfaction, whether from professional setbacks or personal challenges, seem to dictate our present state and future possibilities.

However, we're here to flip that narrative on its head.

Your past doesn't have to define your present or future.

By envisioning your future self – the person who embodies happiness, success, and fulfillment – you can start living through this forward-looking lens.

Imagine a version of you that's thriving, perhaps earning a significant income, residing in your dream home, enjoying frequent vacations, or being the devoted parent you aspire to be.

This future self engages in activities that bring genuine joy and satisfaction.

Admittedly, this shift can seem daunting.

The shadows of our past selves often loom large, casting doubt on our aspirations with questions like, “Who are you to dream so big?”

Yet, it's entirely possible to transcend these doubts.

A practical tip to maintain this future-focused mindset is the concept of “joy alarms.”

While it might sound unconventional, it's a powerful strategy for reinforcing your connection to the future you're eager to embrace.

This approach is not just about dismissing the past but about consciously choosing which lens you view your life through – opting for hope and potential over limitation and despair.

Implementing Joy Alarms for Daily Transformation

In the journey towards personal and professional growth, one transformative practice stands out: the implementation of Joy Alarms.

This simple, yet profound exercise begins with setting reminders throughout the day, prompting us to pause and immerse ourselves in a moment of joy.

Whether it's once an hour or five times a day, these alarms serve as a nudge to drop everything and engage in a brief celebration of the present moment.

Initially, embracing Joy Alarms may feel awkward or even foolish.

The thought of dancing around in your office or expressing gratitude loudly might make you want to ensure no one is watching.

Yet, this feeling of embarrassment is part of the transformative process.

As you persist, the practice shifts from a source of discomfort to a powerful tool for change, altering your mindset and enhancing your vibrational energy.

The essence of Joy Alarms lies in finding happiness in the now – acknowledging the warmth of your surroundings when it's freezing outside, or simply smiling for no reason while going about your tasks.

This act of finding joy in the mundane can significantly shift your outlook, moving you from a state of bitterness or dissatisfaction to one of gratitude and positivity.

Incorporating Joy Alarms into your daily routine may start as a leap of faith, requiring you to step out of your comfort zone.

However, the results speak for themselves.

By consistently practicing this exercise, you train your mind and body to embrace joy, paving the way for a life filled with positivity, abundance, and success.

Real-Life Success Stories

Implementing joy alarms has proven to be a transformative exercise, not just a concept, but a practice that has reshaped lives within our vibrant community.

Whether it's through dancing, a moment of laughter, singing off-key, or merely wearing a heartfelt smile, the ripple effects are genuinely life-altering.

Take, for instance, the stories that emerged from our own community.

Many members accepted the challenge to incorporate joy alarms into their daily routines, and the outcomes were nothing short of inspirational.

One member shared how, amidst the hustle of her corporate job, taking a moment to smile genuinely at colleagues not only uplifted her spirit but noticeably softened the office atmosphere, fostering a more collaborative and positive work environment.

Another recounted a story where, during a particularly tense family dinner, a spontaneous decision to embrace a moment of joy dissolved the tension, turning what could have been a night of disagreements into one of laughter and bonding.

These real-life success stories underscore the power of joy alarms in rewiring our brains towards positivity, enhancing our emotional well-being, and fundamentally changing our approach to life.

It's not just about finding joy in the grand gestures or significant milestones but recognizing and celebrating it in the mundane, the everyday, the simple.

This practice doesn't require monumental effort; rather, it's about allowing yourself to be present, to feel deeply, and to express joy freely.

Embrace the challenge of joy alarms and let's collectively cultivate a life enriched with joy, laughter, and positivity.

Your story could be the next beacon of inspiration, reminding us all of the incredible power of our mindset and the transformative joy that lies in the palm of our hands.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Speaker 1:
Hey, welcome to another episode of Unleash Your Inner Badass. We are the Beach Boss Influencers. We call ourselves the Beaches. And in these podcasts, in these episodes, we like to share mindset tips to help you be the person that you want to be, to be that person, to achieve the success, to overcome a lot of the mindset struggles that keep most people stuck. What we’ve discovered is that we can teach all our students all the strategies, all the skills, but it is what happens in the six inches between their ears that usually keeps them stuck and stops them from actually achieving the results that they really want to achieve. So let me introduce myself without further ado. My name is Fran Loubser,

Speaker 2:
And I’m Kat Krasilnikov And I’m Brandy Shaver.

Speaker 3:
And I’m Cari Higham.

Speaker 1:
Awesome. And as I said, we call ourselves the beaches. And in this episode, following on from our past couple of episodes where we’re talking about manifesting, talking about living in the filter of your future self as opposed to the filter of your past self. And this episode, I want to share with you a very simple but powerful, incredibly powerful exercise that you can do and that you can do every day in order to keep your mindset in this filter of your future self. We were talking about it previously and this filter of your future self that influences your present self. And let me backtrack a little bit because if you didn’t catch the last episode, you may think, what the hell is she talking about? So let me backtrack a little bit, because so often we live and most of us live in the filter of our past self.

Like this is who I am. And in the last episode, I shared how I was a dentist and that’s who I was. I was miserable, I was stuck, I was stressed, but that’s who I was. And so it affected my day to day. It affected who I showed, how I showed up every day, affected who I was. And so often you may have gone through a horrible time in your past, or you may just be miserable. You may be in a job that is keeping you miserable. You may be in a family situation that is very unhappy, whatever it is, and you think that your present self is completely affected by what’s happened in your past.

We want to shift that around completely and it doesn’t. And what’s happened in your past does not have to affect how you show up today and how you sharpen the future. And that if you get clear on what your future self looks like, who you want to be, how it feels, what your life looks like, that you can operate every day in the filter from your future self as opposed to operating in the filter from your past self. Now, your future self is happy. Your future self is living the dream life, your future self, maybe making a million dollars, maybe living in the dream house, maybe going on vacations multiple times a year, maybe the stay at home mom who can be there for their kids all the time, that can be doing the things that you want to do, that can be doing the things that fill you with joy.

And sometimes it is quite hard. It can feel quite difficult, and it’s only as difficult as you make it feel. But we can make it feel hard to keep operating in that filter because this past keeps popping up and this past keeps reminding us who we are and who we were and thinking, well, who the hell are you to think that you can be? That you can have that? Who the hell are you to think that you can quit your job? Who the hell are you to think that you can live in that beautiful house? Who the hell are you to think that you can have that life that you’ve always dreamed of having? You can. And one hack to help you stay in that space, in that filter, in that mindset is to practice joy alarms. And this may sound a little bit woo, okay. When I first heard it, I thought, oh my gosh, that seriously, I’m going to look like an idiot. And when I first did, I felt like a complete idiot. I thought, I hope nobody sees me. I closed the door, I closed the curtains, and I did it very quietly inside when nobody could see me. Yeah, I did. I literally did. But it’s a quiet joy would be a very quiet joy.

Speaker 4:
Seriously, when you holding

Speaker 1:
Down here is a fact. If you every hour of your waking day or maybe seven times a day or however often, maybe you want to do it five times a day, if you can set an alarm on your phone or maybe get your Alexa to remind you joy alarms, okay? And it can remind you every hour time for your joy alarms, and you put down whatever you’re doing. And it just said, reminder for, yeah, it literally just

Speaker 5:
Me. Yeah, mind did too. You said it. And all of a sudden she went off. I was like

Speaker 4:

Speaker 1:
But you set an alarm to find joy in whatever it is that you are doing right now, and you stand up in your office and you can’t stand up and jump around for joy, then do it quietly, but you find joy in the present moment. I am so grateful. I have incredibly warm house. It’s freezing outside, and I’m finding the joy in the moment right now. And you stand up and you dance and you celebrate it. You can dance around, you can celebrate, and you do this every day and you find that joy, it completely changes your mind. It changes how you show up. It changes your vibration. What’s the word? Your vibrations. You can see immediately I’m so happy. And what you put out there, you attract. The energy that you put out there is what is going to keep coming back to you. And if you keep operating in the filter from your past and feeling miserable and feeling stuck and feeling I’m not worthy and I can’t do this, then what’s going to come to you? But if you practice these joy alarms, honestly, it’ll make such a difference. And to start out with, yes, you’re going to feel like an asrs, you’re going to feel like a fool, and you’re going to think, I hope nobody bloody sees me doing this.

Speaker 3:
I’ve got a story that I can share. As you were sitting here and you were talking about this, Fran, it made me think back to when we first started growing online using influence marketing. And I donate every single paycheck, 10% of every paycheck I have, I donate. And as I started making money, I remember that feeling of joy and just so much gratitude. And every single time I was donating this money because, and what I noticed was the more grateful and the more joy I had as I donated this money to go and help feed the poor and clothe the hungry and do those things. It was like all of a sudden it grew more and it was growing more and it was growing more and it was growing more. And I think just being in that state of joy, being in that state of gratitude, it’s a feeling of abundance, right? You have so much you give away, and then the Lord blesses you with tenfold in return.

Speaker 2:
Yeah. So my story is before I even knew about this dual arm existed, I just realized that I was doing them without even knowing I was doing them. So I was a postal clerk for 15 years, and one of the things about postal service, you are never going to have Saturday off unless you put about 40 years of service. So I was on my 15 years, it’s like, oh, in 25 more years, I might get a Saturday home. So every Saturday, kids at home, my husband at home, they sleeping, and I had to be at work at 5:00 AM So I would start driving at four 30 and I would joke that the Walmart parking lot was still empty and the road is empty. There’s no traffic. And one of my duties was, so I was there literally alone. No one else worked there on Saturday.

It was a downtown office. It doesn’t open on Saturdays, but someone inside putting the PO box mail up for the businesses and doing some other stuff. But anyway, so I’m there, it’s about five something in the morning. I have tons of mail to put up, and you grab a whole bundle of it and you start putting them in those boxes from the other side. And I remember every time I would catch myself feeling miserable, I was like, oh my God, there’s not even dogs outside yet. There’s not even a salt out there yet. There will be sometimes actually homeless people sleeping in the postal service foyer because it’s open 24 7. And it’s scary sometimes. I don’t have to go through them to get inside. So anyways, and I remember I would be feeling so miserable that I have to do this on Saturday morning when I could be doing something, could be still in bed and whatever, and I’ve done it for many, many years.

It literally makes you bitter. You’re bitter. And when I start learning all of this mindset stuff and manifestation stuff, I learned it from somewhere I don’t even remember where. Every time I would catch myself falling into that mindset of bitterness and feeling sorry for myself and blah, blah, blah, I would start smiling for no reason while I’m still doing the work. I would just put smile on my face and do it while I’m smiling. If someone looked at me, I’ll be like, what the hell is she smiling about? Is there someone waving at her from the other side of that? But I would just put a smile. And automatically, when you just put a smile on your face, you create different energy. You can’t be mad when you smile, right? You can’t be bitter when you smile. You can’t be angry. It instantly changes your energy.

So I did it without even knowing what I probably read a book or some podcast someone shared. I was like, well, I’m going to do that. And little that. When you change your energy and you get rid of all of that negativity that you surround yourself and it goes into your thoughts and subconscious, you switch it just like this. So this was my joy alarm, and I didn’t even know that I was doing it until friends start sharing her. I was like, oh my gosh. I did it without even knowing that I was doing it. And it sounds so silly, but it’s a very powerful exercise because not only you train your subconscious, you train your nervous system and you train your present to be aligned with your future. It sounds like a woohoo stuff, but it’s actually a science present here as well, because everything is energy and you not attract or create what you want. You attract or create from the energy that you’re putting out there, what you are, what you being. Yes. So it’s very important when you catch yourself feeling miserable or unsatisfied with yourself, your life, switch it. It’s not that hard. You don’t need a million dollars to feel joy, right?

Speaker 1:
I just thought of something because so often if my husband and I, if we are having an argument, I will start laughing at him. I start laughing. I just start laughing. Sometimes things get so insane and you just think, this is just crazy. And I just start laughing. And then he just like, I can’t argue with you anymore.

Speaker 2:
It changes the energy. It

Speaker 1:
Changes the energy. How often have you been in the shops or something and somebody looks miserable or somebody, you pass somebody and you just smile at them and it’s just like smiled at me. They smile back and immediately the energy changes. So

Speaker 3:
You got to practice. I just had a squirrel moment. Some advice that I was given when wit and I got married was to argue naked. Because I mean, how bad can that argument get if you’re both naked while you’re arguing?

Speaker 4:
I just in the gutter, her brain’s in the gutter. Again,

Speaker 2:
The question might rise from the listeners. Did you implement it?

Speaker 4:
Yeah, I could. What? Now? They did

Speaker 1:
Last long. They

Speaker 4:
Did. It’s probably like, oh, I’m mad. And they just start ripping off their

Speaker 3:
Clothes. I know.

Speaker 4:
Try be mad now. Go ahead.

Speaker 3:
Fine. Get mad at me.

Speaker 1:
So I would love to hear what your biggest takeaway has been, but I want to challenge you, and I’m going to challenge each and every one of you to set joy alarms and to practice joy alarms. Whether you do it every hour of the waking day or whether you do it five times a day, it doesn’t matter. But start practicing joy alarms so that throughout the day you are just finding joy. You are celebrating being alive. You are celebrating the incredible person that you are, you celebrating whatever it is that you want to find joy about. Just get up, dance, spin around, sing, do whatever it is. I won’t sing you. I really can’t sing. Or just smile. Or just smile. If you’re in the office and you’re thinking joy, alarm, put a big smile on your face. Honestly, it literally will change everything. So let me know if you’re up for the challenge. Let us know if you are taking on the challenge, and I’m excited to hear how you go. And we have an incredible community. In fact, I challenged our students the other week to do this, and so many of them said, I’m up for this. This makes so much sense to me. It’s helping to rewire your brain.

Speaker 2:
It’s going to help to change your life.

Speaker 1:
It’ll change your life as something as simple as practicing joy. Alarms will literally change your life. So let us know if you are up for the challenge, and there’ll be a link up above or below this video wherever you are watching or if you’re listening on the podcast to connect with us. So grab that link and we will see you on the next episode. Bye everyone. See you. Bye. See you.


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