Done For You Social Media Content September 2021

Done For You Social Media Content

September 2021

Daily Posting Formula

Personal profile posting calendar

Post once a day on your timeline and 3-5 stories daily 

Monday: Gratitude post 

Tuesday: Team member recognition 

Wednesday: Educational post related to your products or services 

Thursday:  Product curiosity post 

Friday: inspirational quote

Saturday: Lifestyle post

Sunday: Family, personal

Monday: Marketing tip

Tuesday: Engaging question

Wednesday: Vulnerable/ Power post 

Thursday: Poll style post (give them list of answers to pick)

Friday: Share your passion or something that inspires you

Saturday: Family, personal post 

Sunday: Invite/ promo post for your group, page, webinar, video, lead magnet etc

Repeat this 2 week cycle again

Facebook page posting calendar (2-3 times a day)


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Morning - inspirational quote

Evening - Facebook live 


Morning - Inspirational quote 

Evening - engaging question 


Personal or fun post


Gratitude or power post 


Engaging Questions

Pumpkin Spice or Seasalt Caramel? 

All your debts paid off or $2000 a month for life? 

Leggings or sweatpants? 

If you could be any marvel character which would you pick and why?

Squeeze the toothpaste from the center or roll it down from the end? 

What's your favorite fall bath and body works scent? 

What is your favorite way to relax after a long day? 

What is one song that you can't help but sing along to every single time it comes on? 

What do you call the end of a loaf of bread? 

Tell me what generation you're from only using a quote from a movie that came out when you were a kid. 

What is the one snack food that is always in your pantry? 

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting out in your career what would it be? 

Facebook Live Topics

1. Tell a story
We put some variation of this in every months list. Why? Because story telling, whether it is about you, a customer, a team member, ect is HUGE for creating meaningful connections with your audience.

2. Do something seasonal. Blind taste test fall coffees, foods, ect.

3. Order a subscription box in line with your niche but not competing with your company do an un boxing.

4 Teach your most valuable networking lesson.

5 teach something about your product or service that people are getting wrong.

6. Do a live someplace random and unexpected. Loosely relate the live to your product or service but not directly. Under a desk, hiding from your kids in a closet, the opened trunk of your car (please don't lock yourself in your car.) Ect

7. Show gratitude. Can be business related, doesn't have to be. A person, place, or event that you are grateful for.

8. Do a live talking about your LEAST favorite part of your industry. For this one it's super important to have a great hook at the beginning and then a call to action at the end.

9. Use niche specific groups you are in on Facebook to find 2 questions related to your niche. Do a live on both of them. Not at the same time obviously. Establish yourself as an expert!!!

Inspirational Quotes

Engagement Posts

Marketing Tips

1. A great resource for what to focus on when planning your content is Answer The Public.
When you go to the website you are allowed 2 free searches per day but you can download the search results to view later.

2. Use story apps like Storitto to add polls questions and gifs to increase engagement on your stories.

3. Customize your done for you content by creating your own gif. People will always react more when they see your face and with websites like you can easily create gifs of yourself to add to any of your social media content.

4. When you want to add motion to your content (motion always gets more views) consider using Canva frames to add videos to your post or graphic. You can pick from lots of different frames to work with your brand or topic then add either your own video, a company video, or a canva video. Make sure you know your company's p&p with regard to using their content in your graphics.

5. Have you joined Facebook groups where your ideal customers might hang out? Are you using the search function in those groups?
Go to the group
Search your niche or a broad topic within your niche
Use those searches to plan out content.

6. Only use hashtags that make sense for your brand.
Trending hashtags are great, but if your account is smaller with lower engagement those hashtags might not work as well because you get lost beneath bigger accounts with higher engagement.
Instead opt for hashtags that are relevant to your topic but also relevant to your avatar but that have smaller numbers to avoid getting pushed down in the feed by larger accounts.

7. Stuck on what to right?
Try a service like Jarvis that provides AI written copy for Facebook posts, blogs, ect.

8. Are you using the 80/ 20 rule?
80% of the time you should be providing content to your audience that appeals to them. That attracts them. That benefits them. Then 20% of the time you provide content that is directly related to your product or service.

9. Are you planning video content for stories and social media posts? Are you struggling with making it look PROFESSIONAL due to sizes being different? Try a website like Kamua so that you can quickly resize those videos to make them look great on all the platforms.

10. Trying to grow your Instagram presence? Try $1.80. The software takes a bit of the guess work out of finding your perfect prospects and helps you interact with content in your niche with the goal of being seen by and connecting with your perfect prospects and customers.

Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip
Marketing Tip




If there is something you need help with or can't find, jump on the group and leave us a message.