January 20

How To Sell More Products For Network Marketers

Did you know that at least 50% of network marketers quit within their first year

Many people quit because they cannot make enough sales to warrant all the time they are spending on their business. And the reason why they cannot make enough sales is because they are coming off like a salesy, spammy weirdo. 

So, how are the successful network marketers able sell without coming across like a vacuum salesman?

Well, first off, they understand one crucial thing

And it's very important for any network marketer to understand. No matter what your product is, not everybody is looking for your product.


You need to get that mindset right out of your head, because it is always true (for network marketers and any other business owner). Let's take skincare, for example. Yes, everybody has skin. BUT not everybody is looking to spend more money on skincare. So, your products that are more expensive than those in the supermarket, are probably not what they are looking for.

You want to be speaking to people who are actively looking for your solutions, looking for your products.

You want to find your perfect prospect.

In order to do that, you need to really hone in on who these people are.

Where are these people are hanging out? How can you connect with those people? 

To find your perfect customer, think about who you were a few months or years ago or however you long you've been using your product.

When you were looking for the solutions that your product can solve where did you go looking?

Think about who they might be following and how you can go and connect with those people in groups or on pages.


Once you have connected with those people, avoid going into the groups just to sell your products.

You are not going to those groups to get the customers. You are going into those groups to connect with those people so that they can see your content and can see the solutions that you can provide. This is so that you can build a relationship with them and see if your products are a good fit.

You are literally growing your audience in these and that's all you are doing in these groups.

This is what being a network marketer is all about, networking. The problem is that a lot of network marketers forget that.

Once you've got your foot in the door, the next thing you need to understand is what this person is going through.

Find the pain points and dig into the emotional struggles that they are going through. Then figure out how your product can help them with that. 


You want those people to see your content. You want those people to see your posts. How do you get them to see your posts? By loving on their content.

You're going to go into their content. You're going to go into their profile and actually engage with them and love on them.  This isn't just giving them a thumbs up. This isn't just tapping the heart button. This is genuine engagement, building a relationship, actually, genuinely engaging with their content. This means starting real conversations by saying more than one or two words. 

This is a step that a lot of people skip because they think that social media is a one-way street. But social media is there for you to be social. Without being social, any business owner (especially network marketers) will struggle.


So once you have done that, what content are you gonna put out there?

Well, you want to be adding value to people's lives, letting people get to know you, and be an authentic person. Don't just try and be a salesperson.

Adding value, inspiring them, letting them into your life, letting them know what you, what, who you are, what makes you tick. You know, and then maybe once a week, you're going to have a post around your products. Not more than that, you can do it a little bit more often in your stories.

One way you can do this is by finding out more about them, ask them questions. You could just do a question post or do a poll.

You want to know more about them in order to give them the kind of content that they will engage with.  

Next, you want to create curiosity. The very best way to create curiosity, is to talk about the benefits of your product without plastering photos of it everywhere. What I mean is, take them through your journey. Tell them how you felt prior to using your product, how it helped you, how you have changed. If you are trying to get more team members, talk about what network marketing has done for you.


Another way you can add value is to use video. Every platform has their own video that you can use to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

For Facebook, going live is an awesome way to sell more products. You can speak to everyone who is online in real time and they get a special notification that you are live. Then towards the end of your live, tell your viewers where to find out more information. 

If your perfect prospects aren't hanging out on Facebook, you might try TikTok or Instagram reels. You can be more direct in these, because you only have a few minutes to catch their attention. But always be sure to tell them where to find more, either a link in your bio or a direct message.


Try to avoid having your conversations in the comments section. Always encourage your audience to reach out to you directly. 

Once they do, avoid going directly into the sell. Continue the conversation. 

Find out more about them, be interested in them, where they're at, what they've tried before you just try to sell them your product.

This part right here is the difference between the successful network marketers and those who rely on hey girl messages. The last thing that you want is to work so hard at providing value in your content and ruining it at the last minute with a premature pitch. You want to be focused on creating a lasting relationship, not a copy-paste friendship.

If you do that, you'll start to see the kind of results that you want for your business. You'll see more sales, more team members and more success as a network marketer in 2022!

And if you're still struggling, check out our free formula below for some amazing tips on how to make this year yours. 

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Fran Loubser

About the author

Fran Loubser is a wife, mother, former dentist, and spunky network marketer on a mission to help people around the globe believe in themselves and to learn the power of influencer marketing to build brands on autopilot.

Network marketing found her nearly 7 years ago. She found success in building her company and sales by talking to everyone she knew, doing home parties, vendor events, and hotel meetings. But as quickly as she grew, she fell once she ran out of friends and family to recruit. Determined to find a better way, she discovered the power of influence marketing and invested in mentorship.

Since then, she has never looked back. This former dentist quickly rose to the top again and became a mentor for network marketers and entrepreneurs around the world. She focuses on teaching others how to brand themselves using social media and create a life of abundance.

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