Discover How To Attract High Quality Prospects and Recruit Them Into
Your Network Marketing Business Today

This Little-Known Strategy Will Help You Tap Into The Power of Social Media Influence and 10X Your Team Using 3 Social Media Recruiting Secrets

  • No need to spam your friends’ newsfeeds with pictures of your products everyday…
  • No need to send copy and paste “Hey Girl” messages...
  • And no need to have a hidden agenda in messenger conversations...

You can be 100% authentic, feel great about how you show up for your followers and CRUSH IT in your business…
Instead of feeling like a salesy weirdo.

Here’s how:

Dear Friend,

What if you had a simple strategy to attract and recruit high quality customers and builders into your team with just a few minutes of work each day?

And what if you were able to do it without having to pitch your friends on social media or send random friend requests to strangers and spam them with your messages?

Because these tactics are a recipe for repellant marketing and will only send your prospects running for the hills...

Which is a painful reality for many network marketers trying to build their businesses online right now.

You CAN achieve massive success...without been a Spammy Tammy!

However, we’re here to tell you that it IS possible to achieve massive success in your business, without feeling inauthentic or showing up on social media with an ulterior motive to get people into your side hustle.

And in just a moment, we’ll show you exactly how to make that happen… 

But first, let us ask you…

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to effortlessly get engagement on their social media posts and videos while others hear crickets anytime they post?

And then it translates in their teams…

Those same people that get engagement easily sponsor new reps and rapidly rank up…

While others struggle to recruit a single soul…

Kinda makes you wonder what “secret” do these top producers know that others don’t, right?

Well, whether you consider it a secret or not, there’s a very good reason some are able to rank advance on command and build huge teams fast, while most others get told no over and over again.

And the good news is, it has little to do with luck, talent or charisma...

The Secret to Attracting a Constant Flow Of Prospects is...

In fact, the secret to attracting a constant flow of prospects and easily enrolling them into your business has to do with one thing only – your influence.

The ability to get people to follow you and take action, without being a Spammy Pammy or using obnoxious sales tactics, or feeling like a slimy salesman.

What we mean is…

Instead of adding hundreds of strangers as new ‘friends’ and hounding them with constant posts and messagees to join your team…

You can easily attract brand new, high-quality prospects, who are eager to buy from you or join you…

Without friending strangers… Bugging your friends and family… Or spending 24/7 on your phone.

And with the right strategy, you can acquire influence pretty fast…

Beach Boss Influencers

Hey there! We’re the Beach Boss Influencers…

We all came into this industry on the struggle bus and turned into top producers thanks to what you’re about to discover.

But before we go any further…

We want to be completely transparent and show you how bad we were when we first got started.

Social Media Spammers
Social Media Spammers

Yup… We were “Social Media Spammers!”

We had all been taught by our uplines that it was a good idea to message everyone we knew asking them to take a look at our opportunities…

And we all crashed and burned like we see so many networkers doing right now.

We still get embarrassed when we think about some of the things we did and the messages we sent.

We don’t know how you feel, but we NEVER liked the idea of approaching people on social media with a hidden agenda to get them to buy something from us or join our teams.

It made us feel icky and quite frankly wasn’t actually a proven way to actually grow a big team at all…

We all knew there had to be a better way to grow our teams… A way to do it in a professional and classy way that didn’t make us feel like human spambots.

And we all love helping people and we’re passionate about helping network marketers rank up and crush it in their companies...

But we will only do it in a professional way that will ATTRACT people to us… So we don’t have to chase them.

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our
brand-new training that just launched by the Beach Boss Influencers.

Social Recruiting Secrets

Social Recruiting Secrets

You may have seen our faces or heard our names echoing across social media.

We've been making big waves in our industry, with the fastest growing team in their company.

However, it wasn’t always that way…

In fact, just a few years ago, we were all failing badly with our network marketing businesses.

After years of striking up conversations with complete strangers, sending thousands of copy and paste messages, and doing countless home meetings…we all hit a wall and were ready to quit the industry all together.

And lets be frank, most people do.

But after investing in ourselves to take our businesses to the next level we all discovered how to grow influence on social media and it quickly turned our businesses around.

In fact, in a matter of months we were all able to join the elite ranks of Top Earners and have topped leaderboards while building teams we love.

Imagine what that would feel like.

Because we’ve cracked the code to building empires with social media…

And she’s turned her strategy into a bulletproof system called – Social Recruiting Secrets.

Which can help anyone build influence on social media and rapidly attract new prospects into their team.

But here is what’s even more important… Social Recruiting Secrets can help you attract and enroll people quickly because it’s simple to implement.

We've taught this concept to our team and a handful of other network marketers.

And the results are nothing short of amazing…

Social Recruiting Secrets

Now some would argue these people “got lucky” and that’s how they were able to get these kind of results...

But the truth is ANYONE can attract and recruit new prospects when they use strategies that actually work.

And now, you have an opportunity to get your hands on the exact same social media system they all used.

Social Recruiting Secrets

Inside this training we reveal our powerful process for turning your social media into a customer and teammate recruiting magnet… Without using outdated, slimy sales tactics.

Here’s a taste of the secrets you’ll discover…

  • How to set up your profile so it’s attractive, professional, and intriguing
  • How to avoid the pitfalls many networkers make on their personal profiles, which acts like repellant to your prospects
  • How to start attracting prospects to you so you build a bigger network of raving fans
  • How to be more influential and stand out in a noisy newsfeed
  • The ONLY way to use your personal Facebook profile to promote your business…without turning it into a billboard or sending random and weird copy and paste messages.
  • How to position yourself as a leader from the get-go… even if you’re brand new. Most network marketers don’t get this, and unintentionally come across as desperate and needy. This is one of the keys to attracting prospects instead of chasing them.
  • How you can build credibility and automatically become the person others want to follow.
  • And so much more

Here’s the bottom line…

By the time you go through this training, you'll know exactly what to do to pull in new prospects like hot cakes…

Plus, you’ll be able to teach this simple process to your team and duplicate your results, just like these superstars…

Melissa Erskine

Melissa Erskine, Canada

“Love this training, with the changes I've made to my profile so far, I've already had so much more engagement and even had a complete stranger purchase products from me!!”

Jenna Talbert, Indiana

"Finally, my engagement is through the roof. Last night I jolted the algorithm and people are voting on polls, liking everything and commenting like never before. Ahhhhh, yes! Thank you for this training "

Jenna Talbert

If you ask me, this powerful system could be worth a fortune to you.

However, you’re not going to have to spend an arm and a leg.

In fact… 
For a very limited time we are giving you a huge discount.

If you act right now... you gonna be able to grab your Social Recruiting Secrets and ALL THE BONUSES 

For only $47

Yes, you got it right!

For the price of one lunch, you can get your hands on the most valuable secrets that top leaders and recruiters are using to build huge teams right now.

 This training is valued at over $400 and this special price will only last until the timer runs out.

You gotta take action NOW!

Plus, to make this a no brainer for you… We are giving you the most help possible while you implement…

You’ll also get your hands on
 these valuable bonuses!

3 Way Messenger Scripts

Bonus #1 – 3-Way Messenger Scripts - 
$47 Value - FREE

3-way messenger is a powerful alternative to 3-way calls.

Take our proven word-for-word scripts you can copy and paste to connect with your prospects and make them much more open to take a look at your business.

This is a rejection-free way to simplify duplication and enroll more people into your team.

Social Engagement Swipe File

Bonus #2 – Social Engagement Swipe File -
$97 Value – FREE

Have you ever wondered what types of posts are right to start gaining engagement on your feed?

This collection of proven Engagement Posts have been used by us to increase engagement with our friends and followers while helping to wake up the Facebook algorithm

One on one coaching

Bonus #3 – 1 on 1 Private Coaching with a Magnetic Marketing Coach - $297 Value - FREE

To help you hit the ground running and get results in the quickest amount of time possible, we’re going to hook you up with an influencer business coach. This expert will show you how to put everything you’ll discover inside Our Social Recruiting Secrets into action and accelerate your success.

Your coach has a ton of experience with both traditional network marketing, as well as using the internet to generate leads and recruits… So you’re in the best hands! Once you log into your member’s area, you’ll simply click on the coaching button to set up your call. It’s that simple.

As you can see, the value of this package is well over a $400.00.

With $450 in bonuses alone…

And right now you can grab it
at a fraction of that for just

$97 $47

A tiny drop in the bucket, in exchange for getting your hands on a tool that can consistently attract high quality prospects to help you grow your team and EXPLODE your income.

Plus, you’re protected by our 14 day money back guarantee!

After you watch the training, and implement everything we teach for the next 14 days…and you still don't learn how to attract the right prospects to you… We demand you get a refund.

Simply shoot our friendly support desk an email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully return your payment.

So, as you can see, with our 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE you have absolutely nothing to lose… and a massive amount of business boosting ideas, tips, and techniques to gain.



Money back

We look forward to seeing your results!


The Beach Boss Influencers

P.S. In case you’re still wondering how much of an impact this system can have on your business… take a quick look at a few more comments we’ve received from this game changer training:

Sara Elizabeth Bojie

Sara Elizabeth Bojie, Arkansas

I've got 48 new people on my list from one post interested in the product. Five of them filled out a form to learn more about about business opportunity. Three of them joined my team and decided to reach a new rank this month. And they all came to me.

This is first time in my direct sales career that this has happened. This is so awesome. I can't believe it.

Leslie Gutzke, Canada

A huge win for me has been gaining clarity on what to really focus on and not overlooking what has been right in front of me for a long time! I wastes so much time and money I feel in the past and you ladies have given me that!
Another win is knowing how and who to target! In the past I have spent money on a course that didn’t even come close to teaching what you have! I am bringing the fun and excitement back into my biz that has been lacking for a while so thank you for that!!.

Leslie Gutzke

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access the training?

You’ll have lifetime access to the entire training and all the bonuses inside your member’s area. After the checkout you’ll have full instructions to log in.


Q. Will I Really Be Able to Get Results Fast?

You absolutely can and that all depends on you. This concept, like any other, requires you put in the effort and implement it. You won’t get something by doing nothing.

If you go through the training, and apply what you learn, you will be more attractive to your prospects… Which will result in more people seeing your content.

Social Recruiting Secrets

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