August 30

The Goal Setting Hack That Will Accelerate Your Success

Kat Krasilnikov

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As many entrepreneur’s dive into network marketing, the real challenge often lies not in mastering the ins and outs of the business, but in aligning their desires with their ambitions.

This alignment holds the key to their success.

So here is the question you should be asking yourself…

“What’s my real why?”


The “Why” Behind the “What”

You likely heard the advice: “Find your ‘why'.”

It's the reason that pushes you out of bed every morning and keeps you hustling.

The “why that makes you cry,” as many like to say.

But what happens when you can't relate to the huge goals you’ve set?

For instance, you might dream of owning that beachfront home or stacking a million in the bank. Or the goal might be as personal as wanting to retire and have your spouse retire too.

However, the challenge arises when these goals feel intangible, distant, or disconnected.

This often leads to the trap of setting materialistic goals.

It's like the universe's way of putting an attractive, shiny object in front of us to motivate us.

Digging Deeper

While money is undeniably a strong trigger for many to start their entrepreneurial journey, it can quickly become a hollow goal.

Think about it, money is tangible.

You can set a goal to earn an extra thousand dollars each month, strategize on how to get there, and potentially achieve it.

But what happens when the allure of money fades?

When it no longer offers the same level of motivation?

Many people find themselves in this spot, not realizing that while money was a starting point, it's not the final destination.

There is an exercise can help bring clarity.

Begin by noting down a goal you're pursuing, such as making $10,000 a month. But then, ask yourself: Why? Why do you want to make that much?

The objective is to keep drilling down until you touch the core of what your heart truly desires.

You might find out that the actual reason you want that $10,000 is not just to retire from a job, but to feel appreciated, fulfilled, and valued.

The secret is that these feelings, these deeper whys, come from within and not from any external achievements.

Aligning Your Goals

With this, goal-setting becomes clearer.

It's no longer about purely chasing material benchmarks.

Instead, it's about integrating these with deeper, soul-stirring aspirations.

It’s about crafting a journey where tangible achievements are in harmony with inner fulfilment.

And a magical thing happens when this alignment occurs.

Not only can you find more joy in the pursuit, but the tangible goals, those numbers and milestones, often come around quicker.

The universe acknowledges the authenticity of aligned desires and responds to this!

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Kat Krasilnikov

About the author

Kat is a mother of 3, a former postal clerk, originally from Russia. She loves inspiring women by sharing her journey and giving them the tools and strategies they need to succeed without sacrificing their families in the process.

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