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The Secret To Getting Lucky In Your Network Marketing Business

Fran Loubser

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Let us set the scene: At a past company event, you watched a top leader share their journey to the company's peak rank within a span of two years.

This success translated to multiple six-figure monthly earnings, and they lived the dream life.

Their story made you think, “If they can achieve that, so can I.”

However, what these leaders often left out from their stories were the 10 years of relentless effort, the failures, the tears, and moments of sheer frustration.

Such narratives often go unheard, but we’re here to shed light on the true essence of the journey and provide you with three key strategies to build your network marketing business.


Understanding Your Prospect

Understanding your customer is key!

Without it, everything else might fall apart.

It's like trying to find a friend in a big crowd without knowing what they look like.

Instead of talking to everyone, find out who really needs your product or service.

What problems do they face?

What do they hope for?

Where are they looking for answers?

By knowing these things, your messages will be on point, and you won't waste time on folks who aren't a good fit.

Deliver the Right Content

Once you've identified and understood your target audience, the next step is content creation.

But not just any content.

Every piece, be it a blog post, video, or social media update, should resonate deeply with them.

They should be able to see a bit of themselves in your content, feeling that you truly understand their challenges and aspirations.

This feeling of being understood is the foundation of trust.

In an age where consumers are constantly bombarded with sales pitches, it's refreshing to encounter a brand that seeks to connect on a human level.

So, remove that sales hat for a moment.

Engage with them as a fellow individual, not just as a faceless brand.

This genuine, human connection can set you apart in a saturated market.

Promote Effectively

After building an engaged audience, the stage is set for introduction to your offerings.

The promotion isn't merely about showcasing what you have; it's about sparking curiosity, making them want to know more, to engage further.

However, always remember, the effectiveness of your promotions is directly proportional to the effort invested in understanding your prospects and engaging them with the right content.

A well-laid foundation ensures that your promotional efforts aren't just seen but also acted upon.

Bonus Tip – Appreciate Your Audience

In the hustle and bustle of business operations, it's easy to forget a simple yet potent act: expressing gratitude.

Every comment, share, like, or purchase is an act of trust and faith in your brand.

Recognize that.

Take moments to appreciate your team, who work behind the scenes, and your audience, who choose to interact with and support your brand.

A simple thank you can go a long way, creating brand loyalists out of casual browsers.

Show genuine appreciation, and you'll be rewarded with unwavering support.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey, hey, my name is Fran Locher. I’m one of the co-founders of Beach Boss Influencers, the coaching community where we coach and mentor network marketers how to build and leverage social media and leverage automation on social media to transform your network marketing business and grow it to levels that you would never have dreamed possible. So I, or enable that you do dream are possible. So in today’s training, in today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about how to get lucky in your network marketing business. And I want to paint a little picture. I can remember going to one of my company events and seeing a top leader walk up on the stage and them telling the story about how they, in nine months, 10 months, I think this one was been two years, hit the top rank in the company and then making multiple six figures a month and making mega mega bucks and living the dream life.

And I thought, well, if they can do it, I can do it too. And I can remember the one, and she was also South African, and I thought, if she can do this and she’s no different to me, I can do this too. I can get lucky in my network marketing business and luck is not a strategy, luck and hope or not a strategy to grow your network marketing business. And what I didn’t know was that she had had 10 years of hard slog before she finally saw success in her network marketing business. What most people don’t share is they don’t share the hard slog. They don’t share the struggle, they don’t share the tears, the frustration, the times when they just wanted to quit because nothing seemed to be working. You don’t hear about that. And so I’m going to share about that and I’m going to share with you three things that are going to help you grow your network marketing business.

Three strategies. It’ll help you grow your network marketing business and start getting results in your network marketing business without relying on luck and hope. It’s like buying a lottery ticket and thinking, well, just imagine if I won this 75 million ticket. Imagine what I would do with it, except that how many people actually win it? What are your chances of winning it? Alright, so the first thing, and let me know if you’re joining me. Say hi. Let me know where you’re coming in from, wherever you’re watching this. And if you’re catching the replay as well, let me know. So the first thing that is key
To growing your network marketing business and growing it effectively and not relying on luck and hope is understanding who your prospect is. I talk about this a lot. We talk about this a lot in beach Boss influencers. It is key. It is the most important thing to grow your network marketing business is understanding who it is that you want to be working with, understanding who it is, who is your perfect customer, understanding who your perfect prospect is. Because if you don’t know who that is, then again, you’re not, you’re relying on luck. If you’re just thinking, I’m just going to put all this stuff out there, put all this content out there and hope it lands in front of the right eyes. Hope it lands in the right ears. If you understand who your perfect prospect is, if you understand who that person is, who you want to work with, understand who that person is, who is your perfect customer, then you understand what they’re going through, you understand what they’re struggling with, you understand what their emotions are that they’re feeling right now.

You know what their dream looks like. You know how that’s going to impact them, okay? And you also know where they’re searching for solutions. So the first step is once you know who that person is, and this is a step that we get all of our students to go through, and it’s probably the hardest step in, well, one of the first big, what should I say? Block in their journey as they think this takes work. I’ve got to think about this and it’s hard. And thinking about the emotions that they’re going through and thinking about how they’re feeling and thinking about what that dream looks like and how that’s going to impact them and how that’s going to make them feel. It’s hard work, but when you understand it and then you understand what they’re going through, where these people are hanging out, where they’re searching for your solution, where they’re searching for help, who might they be following?

If they’re a network marketer, what gurus might they be following? If they’re in health and wellness, what gurus might they be following? Which groups might they be hanging out in? I’m talking about Facebook in particular, because where perfect. This is where groups are brilliant. If you’re in finance, where are they searching for financial help? The first step is to grow an audience of those people so that your content is landing on the right ears. It’s landing in front of the right people. Because if you’re just growing an audience willy-nilly of people who you just think, who maybe Facebook suggests, then your content may be landing on deaf ears. Alright? So all the efforts that you’re go into to create the content, to do the live videos, to do the stories, to do the reels, to do all the content might be landing on deaf ears. And when it lands on deaf ears,
It’s a waste of your time, alright? Because you’re going to get no engagement. So the first thing is to figure out who it is and grow the audience of those people. The second thing is to then put the right content in front of them. So what are they searching for? What are they desperate to hear? Do they need to understand how to leverage social media? Do they need to understand how to get past their money mindset blocks? What are the things that they need to hear today? They also need to get to know you. They need to get to know that you are a normal human being. They need to get to know that you’re somebody who’s just like them so that you build that know, like, and trust. So it’s putting the content out that they’re searching for, it’s putting the value out that they’re searching for and building relationships with those people.

It’s building relationships as a normal human being. It’s taking your network marketing hat off, taking that hidden agenda away, taking out of the equation and just getting to know people as a normal human being saying, I just want to get to know you and being a normal human being. Alright, if you do these two steps, right? If you grow an audience of the right people and you put the content out in front of them and you build genuine relationships as a normal human being, not being a salesy weirdo, not trying to see how you can get a sale, not trying to see how you can enroll ’em in your company, but just genuinely finding out about them. You do those two things. You can promote whatever you like. The third step is to promote. So you are going to grow an audience, you’re going to engage with that audience and build real relationships so that you can promote.

And once it comes to promoting, this might be in live video, it might be in posts, it might be creating curiosity around the benefits of your products. It might be writing a post saying, I’m building a team and here’s what you’re going to get and I won’t tell you to do this and you won’t have to be a salesy widow. And here’s what you’re going to get. And I’m looking for 10 people. I can only take 10 people on right now. I can only take five people on right now because I want to be able to support you and mentor you and help you do those things. Grow the audience, engage with that audience, alright? So that you can then promote whatever you like. Okay? And people will hold their hand up because you’ve done the first two steps, right? A fourth step actually, a bonus step is to appreciate your audience, is to appreciate your team, is to appreciate the people who are engaging with you on social media, is to appreciate the people who are coming into your life. Appreciate the conversations that you’re having. All right? And let them know how much you appreciate them. Alright? Grow, engage, promote, and appreciate. There you go. Okay. That’s how you’re going to get lucky in your network marketing business because luck and hope is not a strategy. Alright? This is how you’re going to get results in your network marketing business.

You want more help to do this? And let me know what your biggest takeaway has been. Let me know which of those you are doing, maybe which ones you’re not doing, and I would love to hear what your biggest takeaway has been. If you want more help to grow your network marketing business to build influence on social media without being that salesy weirdo, there’s going to be a link above or below this video. Grab that link and we will help you get further on in your business and start seeing results and start building influence without feeling like that salesy weirdo. I will see you all again soon. Until next time, thanks for joining me. Cheers. Bye-bye.


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