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Top 5 Network Marketing Objections From Your New Recruits

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Once you’ve signed up for your MLM and are settling into the routine of selling, it's not uncommon to feel a tinge of panic about earning enough and how much time you need to invest. The answer lies in network marketing recruiting, but you still might be thinking:

Will I be able to find enough recruits to make this worth it?

Will they be able to sell enough products?

Will I really be able to find success?

If you’re starting to feel that panic rise, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We will discuss which questions your potential recruits are pondering when deciding whether or not to join your team. Understanding their perspective can help you build empathy and a connection with them that can develop trust between you.

You might recall pondering some of these questions before you signed up yourself. Feel free to share your own experiences with your potential recruits. Building genuine connections is part of the network marketing process.

1. What Is Required of Me?

It’s a good sign if someone asks what to expect before signing up. Being curious means, they are taking the time to think critically about signing up with you.

Explain to your potential recruits the benefits of joining your team. Let them know if you have monthly quotas they would be required to meet, but show them how you, as their upline, will help them achieve those goals.

Be transparent with your recruits. They will want to fully understand what they are signing up for. Consider it an early training session.

2. Do I Have Time for This?

Wondering if someone can fit a “side hustle” into their lives is a valid concern.

The way you can help ease their worries is to show your potential recruits how much time you put into your work. Help them set realistic goals that would align with their availability. Show them how an MLM can fit into their schedule if they allow it.

You can also show them ways that you have simplified your own business and streamlined processes.

3. Do I Have to Bug My Friends and Family?

No one wants the family to brand them as the annoying aunt or crazy uncle who only cares about selling their latest MLM products at family reunions. Nor do your high school friends want to hear from you for the first time in 20 years via a message asking if they’re interested in learning more about your great opportunity.

We can sense when people aren’t being genuine with us. And we don’t want to do that to those close to us. So, how can you figure out how to succeed in network marketing while staying true to your relationships?

Talk to your recruits about leveraging social media to build their business. Gone are the days of exhausting your own social circle for leads when you can reach thousands more by creating your own social media brand.

4. How Much Can I Make?

Let’s be honest. You might have a genuine love for the products you sell.

But you’re doing it for the money. That’s why we do any job we do.

Play out different scenarios with your potential recruits to help them see the earning potential that joining your team has for them. They might not have a grasp on what to realistically expect as they start. Help them stay grounded while getting excited.

5. Is It Worth It?

We can’t shout it from the rooftops loud enough! Yes, unequivocally, network marketing is absolutely worth it.

No one will join if they don’t see the vision of expanding their business to reach success. But they might not see how to get from where they are right now to that point in the future.

Help them realize how much growth will come when they add recruits of their own. Show them that by building depth in their own downline, they can maximize their income without maximizing the work they put in.

Is it going to be easy all the time? No.

Will it require a learning curve before you start to get the hang of it? Definitely.

Can you use this path to find passive income and build wealth better than your 9-to-5? If you play your cards right, yes, you can!

Use these network marketing inviting tips to let your potential recruits know that they will get out of it what they put into it. If they want to see a successful outcome, they’ll need to be willing to put in the effort required in the beginning.

Be that transparent example for them, and you might just find yourself a new team member.


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