November 15

Transforming Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money to Find Success in your Network Marketing Business

Fran Loubser

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Transforming your limiting beliefs around money is essential for achieving success in network marketing.

These tips will provide you with practical strategies and insights to reshape your mindset and cultivate a more positive, abundance-oriented relationship with money.


Understanding and Reshaping Your Money Mindset

The Nature of Money: An Amplifier, Not a Determinant

Money itself is neither good nor evil; it's a tool that amplifies your true nature.

If you’ve grown up hearing phrases like “money is the root of all evil,” it's time to reframe these notions.

Understand money as a neutral resource, akin to energy.

It's not about the money itself, but how you use and perceive it.

When you start viewing money as an amplifier rather than a determinant of character, you open up to the possibilities of using it for good.

Cultivating an Abundance Mindset

Shift from a scarcity mindset, which focuses on limitations and lack, to one of abundance.

This means recognizing the world’s vast opportunities and resources.

Cultivate gratitude for what you have, and view money as a flowing resource, much like air.

Just as you don’t cling to a breath, don’t hold onto money out of fear.

Trust in its flow and abundance.

This shift in perspective helps to attract more wealth and opportunities.

Strategies for Fostering a Healthy Financial Perspective

Embracing Self-Worth and Positive Affirmations

One of the most significant barriers to financial success is a lack of self-worth.

Start by acknowledging your value and deservingness of financial success.

Create daily affirmations that reinforce positive beliefs about money.

For example, “Money flows to me easily and abundantly” or “I am worthy of financial prosperity.”

These affirmations help reprogram any deep-seated negative beliefs about money.

Celebrating Success – Yours and Others’

It's easy to fall into the trap of envy or jealousy when others succeed.

However, celebrating others' success is crucial in fostering an abundance mindset.

When you genuinely rejoice in someone else’s achievements, you affirm that success is abundant and attainable.

This practice also encourages a supportive community, which is integral in network marketing.

Mindful Action and Continuous Learning

Invest in your growth and education.

The network marketing landscape is ever-evolving, and staying informed and skilled is vital.

This doesn’t just mean financial investment but also dedicating time and effort to learn and grow.

Additionally, be mindful of the actions you take.

Ensure they align with your goals and the vision you have for your financial future.

Embracing Growth and Generosity

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Growth often requires discomfort.

Embrace challenges and new experiences, as these are opportunities to expand your capabilities and financial potential.

Whether it’s trying new marketing strategies or exploring unfamiliar networking avenues, stepping out of your comfort zone is critical for financial growth.

Generosity and the Flow of Wealth

Engage in acts of generosity, such as tithing or donating a portion of your income.

This practice is not just about charity but also about understanding the cyclical nature of wealth.

By giving, you become part of the larger flow of money, which, in turn, attracts more abundance into your life.

Aligning with Your Purpose

Connecting Financial Goals with Life Purpose

Align your financial aspirations with your deeper life purpose.

Why do you want to achieve financial success?

Is it to provide for your family, contribute to your community, or perhaps create a lasting legacy?

When your financial goals are in harmony with your personal values and purpose, you’ll find a more profound motivation and a clearer path to achieving them.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey, hey, my name is Fran Locher and in today’s episode I’m going to be talking about 10 top tips to transform your limiting beliefs around money and your ability to have an abundance of it in your life. So we’re meeting for the first time. As I said, my name is Fran Locher and I’m the co-founder of Beach Boss Influencers, where we coach and mentor network marketers to leverage social media using automation to build influence online so you can get more sales leads and grow your team. So in today’s training, it’s a little bit different. I’m going to go through, I’m going to go through 10 top tips to actually transform your beliefs around money. And the first thing, and let me know if you’re joining me, let me know where you’re coming in from and let me know if you have struggled with believing that you can ever earn a lot of money, and you may have grown up in a family where perhaps there wasn’t enough money each month where perhaps like me, your mother said, well, money doesn’t grow on trees, or money is the root of all evil.

Or what do you think I’m made of money? These are things that certainly were said to me, and it can change your belief as to whether you’ll ever be able to earn the kind of money that you dream of earning. So the first thing to think about, and I’m going to go through 10 tips pretty fast. I don’t want this to be a 20 minute video, but the first thing to think about is money is just an amplifier. That money only amplifies who you are at your core. It’s not good. It’s not evil, it is just a resource. It is numbers, it is energy. And so if somebody is bad and they have a lot of money, then they’re probably going to be doing more bad with that money. But if you are a good person at heart, if you’re a good person at your core, then having more money is not going to make you bad or it’s not going to suddenly make you evil. It is just energy. It is just a resource. It is numbers. That’s all it is. And so it’s only going to amplify who you are. So changing that belief that money’s a root of all evil. It’s not, yes, somebody bad have some more money, they’re probably going to do more bad with it. But generally you, if you’re a good person, then shift your perspective around this and see that money is only going to amplify who you already are. The second thing to think about is to have an abundance mindset is to cultivate an abundance mindset by focusing on opportunities and possibilities rather than limitations and scarcity, that thinking that there is more than enough for everybody on this planet, more than enough, there is enough for everybody. And just start tapping into that abundance and practicing gratitude and practicing gratitude every day and gratitude for the things that you have realizing, and in fact we spoke about this on one of our podcasts, is if you think about money like air, some people when they get money, they hold onto money, they hold onto money because it might disappear and maybe money just kind of burns a hole in your pocket. If you think about air, you don’t think twice about breathing in and breathing out and breathing in and breathing out and air just air comes. Air is there. You don’t take a breath and then hold onto it because you don’t know when you’re going to be able to get your next breath. So thinking about money like air, and it just flows, it’s energy and it flows. Alright, so cultivate that abundance mindset. Recognize that it is just energy.

There is more than there’s enough abundance out there, and focus on the abundance that you already have in your life right now. What do you have in your life right now? You have a roof over your head. You have electricity, you have running water, you have food in your fridge, you have heating to turn on, you have clothes to wear. You have an abundance of abundance in your life already. And so changing the shift, changing your mindset around this can help you attract more abundance into your life. So celebrate the abundance that you already have. Number three is to celebrate, is to live in the present moment, okay? Is to live now. Forget about mistakes that you’ve made in the past, okay? Stop worrying about what’s going to happen in the future. You have now, you have today, you have this moment right now, and tomorrow’s not promised.

Okay? So live in the present moment, and again, be grateful for the abundance and for everything that you have right now. Okay? The fourth thing is to embrace self-love and self-worth is to recognize your own value and worthiness and believe that you deserve financial success. Believe that you deserve abundance in your life and avoid settling for less. And also to create positive affirmations and mantras around money and to repeat them to yourself daily, to repeat them to yourself every day, to start changing that stinking thinking, that’s keeping you stuck, to start changing the way that you think around money. Money flows to me every day in every way. Another mantra that I love saying is, abundance is my birthright. I actually learned this from my coach Abundance. Preston smiles, so I learned this from him. Abundance is my birthright. I’m a magnet for more good than I can ever imagine in my life.

Something like that. Something like abundance is my birthright, and I am a magnet for more good than I can ever imagine in my life. Okay? And so saying these mantras to yourself, there are plenty of mantras out there. If you’re looking for money mantras, just Google it, but start repeating these to yourself every day. When you repeat these things to yourself daily, it starts to change your subconscious and starts to change the way that you think about yourself. The fifth thing, and let me know if this is hard for you, is to celebrate other people’s success. Instead of feeling envious, instead of feeling jealous of other people’s success, instead of feeling damnit, another person’s rank advance, another person’s rank advance. I’m still stuck where I’m is to celebrate them. Okay? Celebrate that success. When you celebrate that success, when you celebrate other people’s success, when you celebrate other people winning, it starts to change.

Change your mindset and shift your mindset so that you start to see that again, there’s enough abundance for everybody on this earth, including yourself, okay? It just starts to change that energy in yourself and have that abundance mindset, that having that energy of abundance, celebrating other people’s success, okay? Genuinely celebrating it. Alright? The sixth thing is to be mindful of your energy and making sure that you are operating on a positive vibration and a positive energy, and that a lot of this might come from the people that you surround yourself with. A lot of it might come that if you are surrounded by people who are dragging you down, who are negative energy, who are making you feel less than, who making you feel like you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy, and if you’re surrounded by them and you feel dragged down and low when you’re around them, then you need to shift and you need to figure out how you can surround yourself with people who are a positive influence, who are lifting you up, who have a healthy relationship around money, and who can help to inspire you to develop a positive and healthy relationship around money.

The seventh thing is to invest in yourself, to take action, to take inspired action and to invest in yourself and to make sure
That you visualize your goals, that you are working towards those goals, that you’re actively working towards those goals, but also it’s probably going to take an investment in yourself to make sure that the action that you’re taking is a good strategy in order to achieve those goals. I can’t think of what the word is, but making sure that you are taking inspired action and that you are visualizing those goals and you are consistently taking action towards those goals, and that you’re consistently also imagining what it looks like to have achieved those goals, that you know what that feels like. You know exactly what that feels like, exactly what you’re going to do, where you’re going to be living, you know what you’re going to be doing, the clothes that you’re going to be wearing, the car that you’re going to be driving, the people, what you’re going to be doing, alright?

It might be that you’ve sitting on a beach, that you’ve got a house on the beach and you’re surrounded by your family. Think about what that looks like when you’ve achieved that goal. The eighth thing is to be willing to be uncomfortable. The only time that you are growing is and embrace this idea that growth happens outside of your comfort zone, and be open to doing things that are uncomfortable. Be open to taking recipe. We are open to trying new things that you’ve never done before that feel super uncomfortable, that maybe you want to throw up. And it might be doing live video, it might be doing things that you’ve never done before, but be willing to be uncomfortable and take action outside of your comfort zone and start stretching that comfort zone. Okay? The ninth thing, and this is key, is to give practice generosity because again, money is energy, money flows, money just flows.

And so practice giving to other people. When you give to other people, it’ll come back to you and it’ll again help you feel more connected to this flow of abundance. Tithing. Tithing is a thing where you give 10% of your 10% of your income every month to the church or to somewhere that supports you spiritually. It may not be the church, maybe it may be a community that supports you spiritually, I don’t know, wherever it is, but giving and cultivate that generosity, but giving to others, it’s going to help you feel more connected to that flow of abundance. And as I say, the more you give, the more that’ll come back to you. It does. It’s the law. Okay? And number 10 is maintaining that sense of purpose is staying connected to stay connected to your purpose and remembering why you want those financial goals, remembering why you want to make that money, okay? And when you can align your financial goals with your value and your purpose in life, okay? It’ll help you stay motivated and help you stay focused. Okay? Let me say that again. When you can align your financial goals with your sense of purpose and with your values and your purpose in life, and if you don’t dunno what your purpose is, start thinking about what your purpose is. Start thinking about what is it? What is the big picture? What is it that you want to be known for? What is it? What do you want to do? What is the big thing that you want to do with your life? Okay? And if you can align your financial goals with that, it helps you to stay motivated and helps you to stay focused. I would love to hear from those 10 tips what your biggest takeaway has been. What has been the one that, and maybe all of them, it may be all of them, but what has resonated with you?

And if you want more help to overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, to transform your life from feeling stuck and feeling overwhelmed to feeling abundant and feeling empowered, and start achieving your goals, there’s going to be a link above all below this video. Go grab that link because we’ve built an incredible mindset course to help you shift your stinking thinking and start thinking like a leader, and start thinking and believing in yourself and believing that whatever it is you want in life as possible. So hope you’ve got a ton of value from today, and I will see you all again soon. Cheers. Bye-Bye.


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