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4 Actions to Create Momentum & Crush Your Month End Sales Goals in Network Marketing

Adrian Lindeen

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We often hear phrases like “build momentum” or “keep the momentum going,” but how many of us truly understand what that means?

Most importantly, do we know how to create momentum?

The key to this puzzle is a single word—Action.

But not just any action; it's targeted action that fills up your prospect list and ushers them through a specific exposure process.

So let's dissect this topic step-by-step and discuss actions you can take.


What is Momentum in Network Marketing?

Firstly, let's clarify what momentum is not.

It isn't just posting on social media, sending out samples, or planning your day.

In network marketing, momentum is about filling your prospect list or funnel and strategically guiding them through your company's exposure process.

Cold messaging each prospect individually might seem tempting, but let's face it, the success rate for that strategy is often low.

Instead, what you need is a game plan that consists of a series of scalable actions that can propel your business faster and sustain that pace month after month.

A Proven Formula for Momentum

Here are some of the most effective and proven strategies for building momentum in your business.

These are not mere theoretical propositions but actionable steps that have yielded fantastic results for many:

  1. Curiosity Posts

Start with curiosity posts.

And not just any posts but the kind that grabs attention by focusing on what potential customers or recruits actually want.

These posts should emphasize the value and benefits that your product or service offers.

The goal here is to get people to ask you for more information voluntarily, to raise their hands and say, “I want what you're offering!”

  1. Run a Challenge Group

The second step you can take is to run a challenge group.

These groups could be hosted in your existing value-based or business builder groups, or even a new group you create for the purpose.

Challenges not only attract people interested in the value you offer, but they also provide a platform for you to build and deepen relationships.

It's a perfect strategy for warming up cold leads.

  1. Customer Blitz

The third action you can take is what we call a “customer blitz.”

This is a 20-minute, highly focused video designed to engage your product group.

This approach can be leveraged across your team and has proven to be a powerful tool for customer acquisition.

Make this a monthly routine and watch your customer base grow.

  1. Micro Content Strategy

People enjoy digestible pieces of content.

Use stories, reels, and TikTok videos to capture your audience's attention.

This form of micro content is incredibly effective at engaging people and drawing them into your business.

Don't forget, these steps are not one-off actions but processes that can and should be repeated.

Keeping the pipeline full is crucial for maintaining a high level of momentum.

Follow-Up and Engagement

You've generated interest, and leads are coming in—now what?

This is where targeted follow-ups come into play.

Remember, money is in the follow-up.

Engage with those who've shown interest in your challenges, posts, or any other content.

By doing this, you will be in front of more people, more often, enabling you to sift through and focus on qualified leads.

This strategy does more than just bring in a flood of interested people.

It automatically weeds out those who are not genuinely interested, thereby saving you time and reducing the level of rejection you might face.

When executed effectively, these strategies don't just build your business; they make the journey enjoyable and authentic.

That's the beauty of it—you get to build a business you love and enjoy the process.

By implementing these actionable steps into your routine, you are setting up a system that is not just sustainable but also highly rewarding.

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey there, and welcome to today’s training. I’m Adrian Linde, and I’m one of the founding members and CEOs of Beach Bust Influencers, where we teach network marketers and entrepreneurs how to use influence marketing to build their business and teams on social media. So let’s talk about momentum today. And while we’re talking about that, I want to know where you’re joining me from. So go ahead and drop it down below so I could say, Hey, hey y’all. And if you’re catching us on the replay, go ahead and drop that below as well. So again, let’s talk about momentum. And I know that we hear a lot in this space about creating that momentum in your business and losing momentum and all the things around momentum, but I want to know what actually creates momentum in your business. Okay? So go ahead and drop that down below.

I want to know, I want to know what you guys think actually creates that momentum in your business, because we all know that your efforts are a compound effect to really creating and drumming up that momentum in your business. Okay, so I’m going to fill you in. Action is what creates momentum. Okay? Action creates momentum. Not writing out a post, not filling out a dress, labels to send out samples, not planning your day, okay? That’s not the kind of momentum that I’m talking about. So momentum in network marketing is filling your prospect lift or your funnel and then moving people through a process, and that would be that exposure process that your company has in place for you. Okay? So how is it that you get people interested now that they’re interested? What is that process? Okay, so momentum and network marketing is filling your prospects, moving them through a process, and you can do that or one by one if you’d like sending cold messages to people, but I doubt that you’ll get that much traction.

We used to do that and it didn’t work out so much. So I’m going to go over some actions that you can take inside your business to propel your business forward in a faster amount of time. So these are the same actions that I take inside my business that we teach to. We talk to our teams, we teach inside of our private community to our students, and they’re getting massive results. And these are the things that you can do every single month over and over, so that you’re consistently bringing in new prospects into that funnel. You’re just dumping people through as they go through that funnel or they go through that exposure process, and that’s going to help you stay consistent. It’s going to help you create that momentum. Stay consistent month after month after month. It doesn’t take a lot to create this game-changing momentum for your business.

All right? So the first action step is curiosity posts around your product. Okay? You do a couple curiosity posts a month around your product, and you should never run out of people to talk to it if you have the skillset of creating the curiosity posts and reteach how to do that by leading with value and benefits around what it is that people are looking for around your solution. Not all the bells and whistles, not about the features of the product, not about the science and all that stuff. People want to know what’s in it for them. If I buy this, what do I get? And that’s what you want to lead with while you create curiosity because you want people to come to you, raise their hand and say, oh my gosh, I want what you just talked about in your post. Please send me some information.

Okay? You want to create that every time you post about your product. So a curiosity post, that’s an action step that you can take and implement and put into place. And boom, you have people being like, hi, I want more details. Okay? Number two is create a challenge inside of a group that you have, or if it’s not yours, ask maybe your upline if that’s something they would be open to, but run a group inside of one of your value-based groups or your business builder group. That’s number two. That’s the second thing you can do. And what challenges do is it not only brings people in who are interested about what it is that the value you’re going to be delivering, but it also helps you build the relationship with them. They might not, at the end of that challenge, they might not necessarily be willing to buy at that moment, especially if they just met you, they saw that you were doing this challenge they wanted in, but it’s a way to warm up your cold leads, Kate, turn them warm and convert them into business builders or product consumers as you move forward after that, right?

Because then the next month if you do a challenge, they might be like, man, this lady or this guy knows what he’s talking about, I’m going to buy, right? Okay. So it’s a great way to bring in cold leads, turn them warm and convert them into customers and team members. Alright? Now the third thing is similar to running a group challenge to your value-based group or your business-based group, is to run a customer blitz. And that’s what we call it here inside of beach Box. Okay? And this is for your product group. Now, this is a one day, it’s actually a 20 minute video when you actually execute this customer blitz. But it’s something that not just you can leverage, but your team can leverage, you can help your team close more customers all within 20 a 20 minute video. This has been super powerful.

Used to run these every single month. Every month we had people enrolling new customers. Okay? Now that’s the third thing. The fourth thing is promoting in your stories. Hey, in your reels, we call this micro content in your TikTok videos promoting. So I just went through four action steps. By the way, people love to consume micro content, okay? I’m going to go back to stories and reels and TikTok. Okay? So think about this. You’ve put up a post, all right? You have a story going, you have a challenge you’re working on. Think about how much momentum you’re creating, how many people you’re drawing to yourself, you are attracting to yourself, how many conversations this is bringing into you, adding people into groups, they want more information. Whatever that looks like. Now, you have created an endless flow of leads for yourself, and all you have to do is rinse and repeat.

Okay? Rinse and repeat. Super simple. Okay? Lemme know if that is making sense. Drop it down below, I’d love to know. So these are the action steps that initiate that curiosity, that get people to the next step. From there, it’s on you to support them through the process, by tagging them inside of the group challenge. Hey, following up with people who attended or have shown interest in your post, in your story, in your reel, whatever that looks like, because we all know that money’s in the follow-up. So instead of one-on-one messaging, you’re now in front of more people. More people. I said that, right? And this way only the right people, the qualified people who raise their hand, they are actually going to move forward through the exposure process. And what this does is it weeds out all the unqualified people who aren’t interested. Hey. And that saves you more time and less rejection. You don’t even need to go talk to them, right? They’re not interested. They’re not raising their hand, they’re not saying, show me more. They’re not showing up on the challenge. It literally weeds out and disqualifies all those people who would have said, no, I know.

It’s amazing. And it works and it’s beautiful, and it leaves you loving and building your business and genuinely loving being authentic. And that’s what I love about it. So these are just some of the strategies that we teach inside of our private community. So for more social media strategies that are proven to work, grab the link either above or below this video and we’ll catch you all next time. Bye.


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