September 27

4 Simple Steps To Getting Your Business Unstuck

Cari Higham

If your child came running into the room saying they were hurt, what is the first thing you would do?

You would try to identify what the source of pain is, right? 

Why don't business owners do the exact same thing for their business? 

Today, I am going to give you four simple steps to getting your business unstuck every time and keeping it unstuck in the future. 


The first thing you want to do is discover exactly where it hurts. 

You need to ask the questions to figure out which part of the business is hurting. 

It is most likely in one of these four places: not enough revenue, not enough profit, working too much, or your business is full of problems. 

So ask yourself which area is hurting inside your business. 


The second step is to identify what is causing the pain. 

There is something causing the pain, and we need to know exactly what it is and where it is coming from.

Chances are the source of your pain in your business is coming from one of those four areas. 

But it could be that there is not differentiator. What makes you special? What makes you unique? 

It could be that you don't have any systems in place. Systems keep business running smoothly during fluctuations and increase in sales. 

Or it could be that you aren't discriminating enough, you are trying to market to everyone. 

And if you are marketing to everyone, you are attracting no one. 

The most effective people you can market to are the people that already want whatever it is that you are offering. 

So identify what is causing you to be stuck. 

Is it not marketing effectively? 

Are you the same as everyone else, what makes your product unique?

Are you burning out because you have no systems in place? 

Do you market to everyone, and not the people who want what you have?


The third step in the process to get unstuck is to treat the pain. 

Once you know where the pain is happening and what is causing the pain, we need to treat it. 

You see business owners often scream and flail so violently from the pain that they never stop to identify and actually treat what is going on. 

There are a few things you can do to provide some immediate pain relief. 

You can call previous clients and see if there is anything you can do to serve them.

You can define your market and what exactly your unique selling point is.

You can take some time to develop systems and processes for your business.

And you can get rid of the problem customers and focus on attracting higher quality, low maintenance clients. 


The last step in getting unstuck, is to avoid the cause all together. 

Once you identify the problem you will want to do everything you can do avoid it next time. 

And then put in solutions to keep it from happening again. 

That's how you will stay unstuck in your business.

If you want to learn how to take a business online and get more customers and sales, click the link below. 

Video Transcript

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Okay. If your child came running into the room right now saying, Mom, dad, I hurt. The first thing that you would do is probably try to identify what the source of that pain is, right? If they’re saying, I don’t feel good, you’re trying to figure out where that discomfort is. Why don’t business owners do the exact same thing for their business? In today’s episode, I’m gonna be giving you four simple steps to getting your business unstuck. And using this process, not only will you be able to get your business unstuck every single time, but you’re gonna be able to avoid the things that are keeping you stuck from here on out. So, if we’re meeting for the first time, my name is Carrie Hyam, I am a co-founder of Beach Boss Influencers and at Beach Boss Influencers. We help network marketers like you get unstuck and make more and less time leveraging systems, processes, and automation all through social media.

So stick around in this episode because I’m gonna be giving you these four simple steps to not only getting unstuck, but keeping yourself unstuck for the long haul. So, like I said before, you know, if our child was to run into the room and say, Hey, mom, dad, I don’t feel good, we would have a process, right? We would start asking them questions to determine where the discomfort, where they’re hurt, where the pain is coming from. And we can do this in our business as well. Unfortunately, so many business owners will do nothing at all, right? Or they’ll fail to avoid the thing that is causing pain in the first place, and that’s not, And when we do that, we stay stuck. We don’t make money, and a lot of entrepreneurs end up quitting altogether. So what are these four simple steps that we’re gonna follow?

The first thing that we need to do is we need to, uh, discover exactly where it hurts, right? So if our, let’s say our daughter ran in saying, Mom, I don’t hurt. We’re gonna ask like, where’s the pain coming from? Is it your stomach? Is it your head? Uh, maybe her leg hurts, right? Whatever that may be, we’re gonna figure out exactly where it hurts. The same thing needs to happen in our businesses, and likely, uh, where it’s hurting in our business is coming from one of four places. Not enough rev revenue, meaning you’re not selling enough of your product or service to begin with. The second thing is not enough profit. So maybe you’re selling a lot, a lot of products, but you’re not making enough after each sale to cover your expenses and then make enough money to live, right? The third thing is gonna be too much work.

So maybe you’re working 24 7 in your business just trying to stay caught up. And the fourth thing is, maybe there’s too many headaches, right? Like your business is full of problems. One of those four areas is what is hurting inside your business. So I wanna ask you, where are you stuck in your own business? Is it lack of revenue? Is it not enough profit? Is it too much work? Or maybe there’s too many headaches. Determine that right now. Now, the second step to this four, to the four simple steps to getting unstuck and staying unstuck is then to identify what is causing the pain. So it’s one thing to say, my leg hurts, right? If you say my leg hurts, it could be a bruise, it could be a burn. Rest assured, something is causing the pain, and we need to identify, you know, what exact, where exactly that symptom is coming from, what’s causing that symptom, And we need to do it in our business as well.

So chances are the source of your, or the cause of your pain in your business is coming from one of these four areas, not not effective in marketing him. This is where most network marketers fall short, okay? Without effectively letting the world know about your products and service and being able to attract the right people for your business, you know, you can’t expect people to come running, uh, to purchase your goods or to, you know, buy your product, your service, or join you in business. And if you don’t have that, right, if you don’t have a steady flow of new people coming in, cha, you’re not gonna have a highly profitable business. The second thing that can be causing the pain is there’s no differentiator. Okay? So if the only thing that’s making your product or your service or joining your team is that you have a special going on, right?

, uh, don’t ever hope to have a highly profitable business because it takes more in business to, you know, have a team, to have a constant flow of sales coming in. It takes more than just having a cheap product, right? It takes a lot more than that. What makes you special? What makes you unique? The third thing that could be causing this pain is you don’t have any systems. So if you’re that person that’s working 24 7 in your business, and you’re getting to the point where you’re burned out, you are lacking systems. Systems keep businesses running smoothly during fluctuations and increases in sales. If you don’t have effective systems in place, you’re gonna end up burning yourself out and eventually quitting. Okay? I know people that have made a lot of money in this industry and they ended up quitting because they didn’t have time freedom.

We’re not here to work in, to step into another job, right? As entrepreneurs, we wanna build something big. We wanna have more of that time freedom with the people that we love. And systems and processes are the only way that you’re gonna be able to do that. The last source of pain are the last thing that could be causing your pain is you aren’t discriminating enough. Now, I don’t mean that we’re discriminating based on age or gender or you know, any of that stuff, that’s not what I’m talking about. But so many people try to market to everyone. And if you market to everyone, you are attracting no one, the most effective people that you can market to are people that already want whatever it is that you have that you’re offering, right? It’s one thing to go and talk to somebody who, you know, if you have a, a weight loss product, let’s say, and you wanna go and talk to someone who, it’s one thing to talk to someone who’s actively looking for a way to lose weight, right?

If you are able to talk to that person, chances are they’re going to buy over somebody who is even unaware that they’re overweight, right? Like, they go home, they’re overweight, they don’t care. They’re gonna sit on the, you know, couch and eat potato chips until bedtime. Like, there’s a difference in people. That’s a lot easier to sell to people who are already looking for whatever it is we have to offer. If you’re accepting any person that walks through your door, then you’re undoubtedly serving too many low profit, high maintenance clients, and that’s the reason that you hate your business. I know that if I like the times that I didn’t, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for? The times that I didn’t try to make sure that the people that I was working with were the highest quality and the people that I wanted to work with, I ended up hating working with those people.

So, it’s okay to not wanna work with everyone. You wanna work with the cream of the crop, the best of the best to get rid of those headaches, okay? So identify, you know, what is causing you to be stuck? It’s one of those four areas. No effective marketing, no differentiators, no systems or no, uh, type of discrimination to where you’re only working with the highest quality people. Okay? The third step in this simple step process to getting unstuck is to then treat the pain. So we know where the pain is happening. We know what’s causing the pain. Now we need to treat it. Okay? So once you figure out, let’s say that it’s a sunburn that’s making your leg hurt, right? Like, maybe it’s your, your kid who’s running up and they’re like, My leg hurts, and you’re like, Oh, it’s a sunburn. We now can address that pain, right?

By putting some allo on it to help heal and to help soothe, all right? The thing is, is business business owners often scream and flail so violently from the pain that they never stop to identify and actually treat what is going on, right? Like it’s a sinking ship and they’re going down. If your business is stuck, what can you do to provide some immediate pain relief? Okay? Here’s a few suggestions. You know, you can, you can call previous clients and see if there’s anything that you can do to serve them, right? Like it’s e it’s much, uh, more cost effective to keep a current ca customer happy than to go out and try to find a new customer, right? You can define your market and what exactly is your unique selling point? What makes you different? What makes you unique? Why do people, why should people join you over Sally who’s selling the exact same thing that you’re selling?
Okay? Then go out and tell people what makes you different. Uh, take some time to develop systems and processes for your business. This was the, the number one thing that I did to create time, freedom and leverage in my business was I put systems and processes and teams in place that freed up my time. The next thing is fire your problem customers. I’m telling you that, that right now, if there’s people that you dread working with, if there’s people that are sucking your time, if there’s people that are causing those headaches that we talked about earlier, it’s time to get rid of them and to start attract and start focusing on attracting high profit, low maintenance clients. Okay? The last thing, so then now I need to ask you, how can you get unstuck? I want you to take a minute and ask, what might I do differently from what I’m doing right now based on what we just covered?

The last step in this four step process is to then avoid the cause. Okay? If you know that being out in direct sunlight for two hours is gonna cause a sunburn, then you can avoid long exposure to sunlight, right? Or you can wear protective clothing, or you can apply sunscreen. You can do this to your child that’s coming up saying, I have a problem, right? You’re able to do that with your kids. The same is true with your business. Once you know what, cause you to get stuck, put put solutions in place to keep it from happening again. Okay? And how can you avoid getting unstuck? You know, we actually have a ton of resources here at hbos Influencers. There’s a link somewhere attached to this video. It’s probably below above to the side, wherever. I’m not sure where that link is based on what medium you’re watching this video and watching this episode. But grab that link for some resources to not only help you get unstuck, but to keep you unstuck and to help you grow and scale your business to that place that you want it to be. Hopefully you got some value out of today’s episode. If you did, let me know in the comments and we’ll see you on the next episode.


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