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5 Ways To Grow Your Online Business FAST For Busy Moms

Adrian Lindeen

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Are you a busy mom striving to build an online business, wondering how to juggle all the tasks in this fast-paced world?

Perhaps you've felt the way we sometimes do – as if your head would literally fall off if it weren't attached, right?

You're being pulled in countless directions, yet you're passionate about building your business to provide for your family and accomplish your dreams.

Well, we’re here to reassure you – it's all possible!

You can grow your business and still have ample time for your family and personal interests by implementing the strategies I'm about to share with you.

We’re going to share 5 strategies to accelerate your online business growth as a busy mom, strategies that will help you make the most of your time and gain traction in your business.


1 – Be Open to Learning New Skills

Firstly, be open to learning new skills.

We made this choice after years in our businesses when we realized our previous approaches weren’t working.

We decided to upskill, adopting strategies that were relevant and effective.

Remember, there's more than one way to achieve success in business.

However, many strategies have become outdated, and what worked last year might not be as effective this year due to evolving technology, changing social media platforms, and shifting trends.

In our Beach Boss community, we emphasize influencer marketing. Instead of spamming strangers, we attract people to us by offering value and sparking curiosity.

But these aren't just any people – they're highly qualified, like-minded individuals interested in your products and eager to join your business journey.

2 – Have a DMO

Adopt a Daily Mode of Operation (DMO).

If you're juggling kids whilst trying to enjoy a social life, you'll appreciate how crucial a DMO is.

It ensures you know exactly what needs to be done daily to grow your business, even if you're pressed for time.

Your focus should be on growing and connecting with your audience, building relationships that allow you to promote your products or services in a non-salesy way, having established a rapport based on trust.

This is the essence of influence – when you recommend a product or invite someone to join your team, people trust your guidance.

And remember, you don't need a massive audience for this – a smaller, but more engaged and like-minded audience can be just as effective.

Many of you might be struggling with low engagement on your posts. One possibility is that you're connecting with the wrong people.

Your network should extend beyond friends and family to include individuals who share your interests and business aspirations, those who seek time freedom and wish to enrich their lives.

3 – Plan Your Content

Plan your content ahead of time.

For years, we were like many busy moms, scrambling to prepare content at the last minute.

But planning your content in advance is a game-changer, and we can't stress this enough.

It can be overwhelming when you're trying to balance multiple tasks, but planning your content ahead will ensure consistency in your business.

It's crucial to maintain an online presence daily given the crowded nature of newsfeeds. It's not about posting 20 times a day, but about having a regular, meaningful presence.

This involves planning your posts, stories, and live video topics.

After all, video remains king in the world of content.

Most people fail because they're living day-to-day. We were doing the same, and it felt overwhelming and exhausting, like we were constantly playing catch-up.

But imagine a day when, despite your best intentions, life throws you a curveball – your kid forgot their lunch at home, or you need to rush to a sudden appointment.

By planning your content ahead, you're prepared to keep your business running smoothly, regardless of what life throws at you.

4 – Leverage Group Strategies

The fourth tip is to leverage group strategies.

This is why we love Facebook – it's unique in offering groups, unlike other platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

Facebook is all about creating communities and building relationships.

Leveraging these groups has been a game-changing strategy for our businesses, helping our teams to duplicate success repeatedly.

It's simple – no one wants to start a business and be overwhelmed with learning all the bells and whistles before they can start earning.

Groups are an excellent way to present people with the information they're looking for without overwhelming them with the technicalities.

You're simply there to support them, pointing them to the right tools and information, answering their questions, and enrolling them as customers or team members.

5 – Implement Automation

Automation was a lifesaver for us, transforming our businesses and freeing up our time.

No longer were we glued to our phones 24/7.

You may be wondering how some people manage to keep track of all their conversations, comments, and tasks in a day without spending every waking moment on their phone.

Automation is the answer.

You may be like us, juggling kids and managing a household, thinking you can't possibly afford to spend all day on your phone.

But with a well-implemented Daily Mode of Operation, pre-planned content, and automation, you won't have to.

In fact, there are days where we spend very little time on our phones because we've automated many processes in our business, including recording videos ahead of time.

This wasn't possible when we first started our businesses – we remember going live for days before we started taking weekends off.

But today, thanks to automation, you can manage your time much more efficiently.

We can now prerecord live video content. One tool we recommend is StreamYard, which is free, though you can upgrade for more features if you wish.

You can schedule your live video to be streamed at any time you want.

So, if you have 20 minutes to spare on a Sunday or in the evening, you can create a couple of videos and schedule them to be published.

This means you can focus on other tasks while your content is being published automatically.

Imagine prerecording two or three videos on a Sunday and scheduling them to go out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You've then taken care of your posts for three days and only need to create content for a few more days. It's straightforward and efficient.

The key to success in this realm is consistency.

It's not about how good you are; that will come with practice. It's about showing up every day and posting regularly.

This is where most people fail.

Consistency is also key for triggering the AI algorithm on social platforms. If you go days without posting and then post, the algorithm won't push your post because you haven't been active.

We also use an app called LeadMagicX. It's attached to our Facebook Messenger and allows us to communicate with many people at once, as if we were having one-on-one conversations. It also automates birthday messages, which we pre-write, so they're still personal.

The app helps keep our messenger conversations organized, so we can keep track of our prospects and leads.

It may sound too good to be true, but we love this tool, and so does everyone in our community.

Want To Accelerate Your Business?

These five tips for growing your online business, particularly for busy moms, can be incredibly powerful and help you manage your time effectively.

If you want more help on how to make more money in less time using social media, grab our Social Influencer Formula where we show you how to crush your business in three simple steps.

Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey there, I’m Adrian Linine, one of the co-founders of Beach Bus Influencers. And are you a busy mom trying to build your business online thinking, how can I get all the things done in this crazy rat race life? Okay? Maybe you’re like me, and sometimes feel, if your head wasn’t attached to your body, it would literally fall off, because life as a busy mom is, it can sometimes be crazy, right? You’re pulled in so many different directions, but you so badly want to build your business so that you can do and have all the things that you’ve mapped out for you and your family’s life, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, it’s all possible. You can build that business and still have lots of time for your family and all the things that you wanna do by implementing what I’m about to share with you in this training.

I’m gonna give you five ways to grow your online business for busy moms so that you can condense or collapse time while also getting traction and momentum into your business. So, let’s dive in. Okay? Tip number one, you gotta be open to learning new skillsets. Okay? I made that choice. After building my business for three years, I decided to ditch, uh, what I was doing before, which wasn’t working for me. And I traded in and up to my game to learn new skillsets, skillset sets that are working for right now, okay? Because here’s the thing. There is more than one way to skin a cat. And it’s the same thing goes with your business. There’s more than one way of building your business. And if I can be super transparent with you, most strategies are way outdated, okay? What was working last year even might not be effective this year because technology advances, social media platforms change, trends change, okay?

And it’s changing quickly. So what we teach inside of our beach bus community is influenced marketing, okay? And that means instead of chasing people, dropping spammy messages into messenger, in, into strangers inboxes, we attract people to us by using value, uh, providing benefits and, and creating curiosity. And these aren’t just any people that you’re attracting to you, they’re high qualified people who are like-minded, interested in your products and want to join you in business, okay? And number two is a dmo. Okay? And if you don’t know what that means, I’m about to tell you, but if you are a busy mom like me, I have two kids. They’re involved in multiple sports. I myself, uh, as an adult also play in, uh, you know, I play in adult tennis leagues that are pretty competitive, and I also play in ladies golf, okay? And my husband and I have, you know, a social life, but my kids are also involved in all the things in school, not just sports, okay? But it’s crucial to your business to have a daily mode of operation. And this means that you know exactly every day what you need to do in your business to make it grow, even if you have little to no time, okay? So you wanna focus every day on growing your audience, okay? Connecting with that audience. That means building relationships with them, okay? That then gives you permission to promote your stuff to that audience in a non salesy way, because you have built the like, know, and trust factor, which actually is influence.

And if you don’t know the importance of influence, okay? It means that you have people, uh, people trust you, right? They know you, they like you, they trust you. So when you recommend, you know, your product or your service, right? You, you show them, you recommend, and you talk about joining your team and, and, uh, starting a business, people are raising their hand, all right? And you don’t meet a massive audience to do this, right? You can do this with a smaller amount of people. Hey, as long as they’re the right people. So a lot of you probably, uh, might be running into this, uh, the struggle, the issue of, you know, I get crickets on my posts. No one really, you know, comments or engages. First of all, you might be connecting with the wrong people, okay? Because this isn’t about being friends with everybody, okay?

And your family and your cousins, and you know, the people you went to school with. It’s about growing a network outside of friends and family, but the right network, okay? People who relate to you, people who are interested in the same things as you. People who want to build a business, uh, outside of what they’re doing, because they too want time freedom. They too want to take vacations, right? All the things, okay? So, um, having a daily method of operation to help you stay consistent in your business is crucial. Okay? Now, tip number three, you want to plan your content out ahead of time. Okay? I did not get this tip for many years. So for those busy moms who were like me, who feel like, you know, you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, planning your content the day of, right?

Where time can, you know, you’re overwhelmed, you’re scatterbrained, right? But planning your content ahead is actually gonna help you stay consistent in your business so that you can show up online every single day. And that’s what’s important is to have a presence every day. Think about how noisy that newsfeed is every day. Who, who do you see? You want your people seeing you, okay? And I’m not saying, you know, post 20 times a day, no, do not do that. But you have to have a presence online every day. So planning your content consists of, you know, your posts, okay? Stories, right? Uh, Facebook stories, which is huge, and your, your live video topics, because we all know video is king, still, still, still, okay? still all right? Regardless of what people are gonna tell you. But most people fail because they’re running day to day.

That’s what I was doing, okay? And it felt so overwhelming, so exhausting. I never felt like I was getting ahead. So, you know, think about that. When life gets busy, okay? Or your day you had planned out, maybe you’re like, okay, I have, I I I’m finally putting my business first. I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna go here, right? And it just blows up in your face because I don’t know, some kid calls you, you gotta go pay from school, go drop off their lunch. They forgot their, you know, their, their practice clothes, whatever that looks like, you are prepared and you will keep the lights on in your business. All right? Number four, leverage group strategies. And this is another reason why I love Facebook, okay? There are no groups in the other platforms, right? There’s no groups in TikTok, there’s no groups in Instagram.

You know, Facebook is all about creating communities and building relationships, but to, to be able to leverage, hey, the groups, that’s gonna be one of, that’s actually our best hack to building your businesses. And this has actually helped our teams duplicate over and over. And it’s super simple. And here’s the deal. Nobody wants to start a business and then have to learn all the bells and whistles, right? The science, the comp plan, right? Before they can even start making money. People are like, I don’t have time for that. I’m busy working. I’m working two different jobs. I work, you know, 80 hours a week. Okay? I want something simple. Well, groups are a great way, a great way to get people in front of the information that they’re looking for so that you don’t have to be the expert or the scientist. You’re simply there supporting them, pointing to tools, right?
Pointing them to information, help answer their questions, and then you are enrolling them as a customer or as a team member. All right? And tip number five is to implement automation. Okay? Automation was my savior. It transformed my entire business. It’s what gave me back time in my life, okay? And no, I was not spending twenty four seven on my phone anymore because automation is amazing, but this is gonna help you, you know, save so much time and headaches, okay? And you wonder like, how do people keep track of everyone they’re talking to in messenger? All the things, people who commented on their posts, right? Um, all at once and, and still get everything done in the day. Well, you must be thinking, I, I don’t wanna spend 24 7 with my face and my phone. I, I don’t have that time. I have kids. I’m running a household, okay?

That’s me as well, okay? But I’m gonna tell you, we don’t, we don’t spend twenty four seven on our phones, all right? And there’s actually days where, you know, we’re, we’re hardly in there, right? There’s days where, uh, you know, I spend very little time, okay? Because we have created a daily method of operation, our con uh, a content has been planned ahead, and we use automation inside of our business, okay? We record our videos ahead of time. By the way, this was not a thing when I was building my business before, okay? I remember when I first started doing live videos, you, there was no pre-recording and then streaming, right? I had to actually go live. I did that for 112 days in a row, okay? Before I scaled back and I started taking the weekends off. But that’s what was needed to build my business.

And so I did it. But like I said, technology has advanced. Hey, things change. So yes, you can schedule, you can re prerecord your live video content. You can stream it from a platform that we use. It’s called, uh, streamy Yard, and it’s free, or you can upgrade and, you know, uh, have more, uh, features if you will, but not necessary. And then you can literally schedule that live video to be streamed live any day that you want. Okay? So you think about batching your content, okay? If you have 20 minutes on your Sunday, or maybe you’re coming home and you’ve blocked out time, you know, in the evening, you can, excuse me, create a couple videos, schedule them so that you can go about your day and your content is being streamed, it’s being published, okay? So you can literally save that time. So think about it.

Think if I were to pre-record two or three videos on a Sunday, and I schedule them to go out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I then have taken care of my posts for three days. I now have to create content for a couple more days. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, right? Easy done. And then boom, you’re going about your day, okay? You’re either connecting and building relationships. So you’re going into, you know, your social medias, you’re going into Facebook to connect with those people that you’re growing your network with, right? But guess what? Your content’s done, your videos are done. This helps you show up every single day consistently. And that’s the name of the game, okay? It’s not about how good you are at things that will come. The more that you practice, the more that you do, the more that you show up, the more that you post, right?

Um, but consistency, being able to do it every single day, that’s where most people fail, okay? Not only is it something that helps your business, but when you are trying to, uh, you know, have the AI work in your favor, the algorithm, all right? You have to trigger that algorithm every day. Because if you go days and days in a row without posting and then you post, okay, no one’s gonna see it. The algorithm’s not gonna push it out there cuz you haven’t been in there, right? You haven’t been firing it up. All right? And then we also use an app called Lead Magics. Now actually, this app was designed in-house by some of the beaches, okay? Um, and it’s attached to our Facebook Messenger where we can communicate with tons of people all at once, okay? As if we were having one-on-one conversations, right?

We have a great birthday strategy, so that takes you out of all the manual, right? Everything, uh, hands-on, and it handles all the birthday messages for you. Of course, you’re the one who writes the message. So it’s still coming from you and it’s in your own words. But this is a great tool to help keep your messenger conversations organized so you can keep up with your prospects leads and all of that. All right? I know it’s like too good to be true, but we freaking love this tool, right? Everyone inside of our community loves it. I know that you’re gonna love it. But I hope you can see how these five tips to grow your online business for busy moms can be super powerful and help you condense time because that’s what it’s done for myself and the rest of the beach basses. And I hope you found value in this training. So for more tips on how you can build your business faster online, grab our simple three step formula, right? The link is above in the description of this video, and we’ll see y’all next time. Bye.


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