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6 Tips On How You Can Be The Best Leader For Your Network Marketing Team

Fran Loubser

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Are you a leader?

Or does the thought of becoming a leader fill you with fear?

We were there!

We thought we were never going to be big enough or good enough to lead a team.

But confidence comes through taking action!

And sometimes it comes down to just throwing yourself in the deep end and taking the action. Even taking imperfect action can help you figure out what worked, what didn't work, and what you might do differently.

Stretch your comfort zone and step into that leadership role using these 6 tips.


Tip One: Lead by Example

If you want your team to take action, you need to do it first.

Teach your team how to build relationships as normal human beings without a hidden agenda.

If you're doing a customer blitz or a challenge in one of your groups and you are not going first by inviting people to that challenge, don’t expect your team to do the same.

If the people in your team do not see you taking action, inviting people or tagging people in the videos, then they're not going to do that.

And the people that you invite won't do the same either.

So, you need to take action first if you want your team to take action!

Tip Two: Show Your Team You Care

Genuinely care about your team members.

Communicate with them.

And this doesn't mean that you need to be on Zoom calls with everybody. Please do not make the mistake of handholding every single person in your team.

Find those people who deserve more of your time. Those people who are taking the action, who are getting you in conversations, who are taking massive action.

But remember that everybody needs to feel like they're cared for.

Our favorite way of doing this is using a messaging app called LeadMagicX.

You can message everybody in your team through the click of a button and check in with them and ask how you can best help and serve them.

Tip Three: Lead with Positive Energy

If you are getting on a call and meeting with some of your team members and your energy is down, you are going to leave them also feeling down with no energy.

You need to come onto that call with positive energy so that you are lifting them up!

So that when they leave the call, they are more energized than when they came in.

Make it so you're the kind of person that they want to be around.

And if you're not feeling full of energy before you get on a call, go and dance or do some jumping jacks.

Do something that's going to lift your energy up!

Tip Four: Teach Your Team to Be Resourceful

Alongside leading by example, teach your team to become resourceful.

The key to your success and to their success is having systems and processes in place so that you are not the person who's teaching them step by step processes.

Instead, you need to have a duplicatable, simple system in place.

Whether it's in a Facebook group, on a website or in a Google doc, you need to have a simple process in place that is teaching your team how to grow an audience, figure out who their perfect prospect is, and grow that audience of their perfect prospects.

Teach them how to have normal conversations, but also how to get to the point fast so that they don't get stuck in the friend zone for months on end.

At the beginning of your step-by-step process, you want to have a launch formula.

You want to have something that's going to get your team launching their business fast and getting them results quickly.

Having this kind of system in place is key.

So, when somebody comes to you with a question, you have something to point to.

You are not the resource, instead you have systems and processes that become their resource and teach them to become resourceful.

And what this does is it gives them confidence; they can enroll people and have something to point people to.

So, a duplicable system is key.

Tip Five: How to Motivate Your Team

How should you motivate your team?

The answer is that you can't!

You can’t motivate people to take action.

If you feel like you are always the person trying to motivate your team to take action, you are going to become exhausted and you will burn out.

So, you need to lead by example.

You can inspire them by the action you're taking.

By inspiring them, you can push for them to motivate themselves.

Tip Six: Celebrate the Wins Along the Way

Teach your team to celebrate the wins along the process and divorce themselves from the results.

This is important because if their big win is becoming a diamond leader and making thousands of dollars a month, it's going to be a long time before they get there, and they will lose that motivation fast.

So instead teaching them to celebrate every single win along the way is important.

Get them to celebrate that they're growing their audience or that they've put a post out there and they've got some engagement.

They should celebrate that they've got into a conversation or celebrate that they made some money.

They need to celebrate the little wins as well as the big wins.

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