September 7

Best Facebook Recruiting Tool For Network Marketers

Brandy Shaver

Are you overwhelmed by building a business on social media? 

Are you spending hours sending messages daily and getting the same response?

You need to have a plan of action and stay organized. 

I am going to share with you what you need to be doing on social media and how to stay organized and out of overwhelm when building your business on social media. 


So first of all you need to have a DMO, a daily mode of operations. 

You might be wondering what that means? 

What it means is you create a to-do list of things that need to be done every day to move your business forward. 

Usually that is a combination of active and passive things on social media. 

The things we need to consistently do every single day. 

And that is what is going to build results. 

As network marketers our business grows by building relationships. 

That is non-negotiable. Remember, you need to give love to get love.


I am going to give you 8 things that are on my DMO and every network marketer should have on theirs. 

   1. Create conversations. Spend 30-60 minutes a day leaving meaningful comments on your prospects posts.  

   2. Check notifications. Spend 5-10 minutes clearing out your notifications. 

   3. Grow your audience. You need to keep the fire burning. So add 5-10 perfect prospects to your friends list. 

   4. Content. You can post or go live. You don't need to post more then once a day, as long as you keep it                       consistent. 

   5. Go into messenger. Send 5 meaningful messages. It could be for a friend, just catching up. It could be to                     connect with someone new. But always be a human being first. 

   6. Follow up. Follow up with anyone that has commented on any posts, lives, or stories. Reach out to the people         who are interested in taking a look. 

   7. Personal development. Spend 20 minutes on something you need to learn or working on your mindset. 

   8. Get off social media. Go do something. You need to have something to post about. 


So using a DMO can explode your business. But it will take time. 

It is not going to happen overnight. You need to stay consistent for 60-90 days to see results. 

Once my business took off, I started to lose track of people. 

So I decided there must be a better way, and I co-created a software to help you keep track of your prospects. 


This tool is the best recruiting tool for network marketers because it integrates directly into Facebook so you don't have to spend time copying over information. 

It automates birthday messages. You can organize people by group and what stage of prospecting they are in. 

You can create message templates to send out automatically to the stage you want.

So you can get more done in less time. 

If you want more information on how LeadMagicX can help you create leverage and automation inside your business, click the link below. 

Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey, welcome to today’s episode. We are talking about the best Facebook recruiting tool that you can find out there. And I’m excited about it because this is really gonna change your business, really going to help you learn how to, what to be doing on social media and how to be doing it and how to stay organized and out of overwhelm, building your business on social media. So first off to build your business, you have to have a daily mode of operation. Now, what does that mean? Right? That is specific things that you do every day to move your business forward. And usually on social media, it’s going to be a combination between an active way of building your business and a passive way of building your business. Okay? So it’s something we do every day before our head hits the pillow. And it’s something that we focus on consistency over time.

That’s going to build results. Okay. So first off we need to spend 30 minutes, 30 to 60 minutes leaving meaningful comments on your prospects post, okay. Creating conversations, not this is non-negotiable right. Remember to give a lot of love. And, um, I recently tested out a, I guess, a strategy we’ll call it of 145 characters, a hundred forty, a hundred forty five characters, uh, where you are creating conversations on social media. And I’m gonna give you an example because everybody’s like, whoa, that’s a lot of characters, right? So this is where you are going into maybe somebody’s profile picture, right? Somebody that you want to possibly work with, you have, uh, friended them. They fit your criteria of not weirdos, right? They’re somebody that you can recruit. So they’re in a country, you can recruit, they are normal human beings, right? They’re active on social media. So that’s, that’s the criteria before that.

But the key is to go into their social media and really start to give them a lot of love. Now, social media is meant, right? To be social. It’s not a place where we wanna sell and be, you know, weird, right? That’s not what people go there for now. Although people do go to social media, a lot to buy things, their natural native behavior is to be social. So you being the person that wants to build your business on social media has to get into their world, right? And to get into their world, you have to go into their profiles and really give them a lot of love. All right. Now, so here’s the example. You go into their profile picture. Maybe it’s a picture of them on a mountain or camping, or you know, doing something. And you are going to say a little Diddy about the actual photo, right?

And then you’re going to ask a question. Where is this? How long ago was this taken? Right? This is beautiful. Blah, blah, blah. But using 145 characters is really going to make you stand out. That’s one of the keys. Okay. Is you want to be different than everyone else, right? Your thumbs up and your, uh, your gifts here are just not gonna cut it. So you want to really stand out, create conversations on there. All right. Um, number two is check notifications, spend five to 10 minutes here. Okay. It’s kind of like, like a fire. You’re gonna blow on it. It’s not an inbox. It’s not an email inbox. You go in and you empty out all the notifications in your, in your Facebook. Right. You’re going to go in and do a few and leave it for later. Okay. You wanna keep that fire burning number three, add five to 10.

Perfect prospects as friends, use your rules. Like I said, someone you actually wanna work with. They live in a country where you can recruit them. Right. And they’re not weirdos. They’re not, um, you know, they’re, they’re somebody you relate with, right? So you want to have those specific, specific people. So you’re gonna friend those that’s growing your audience. That’s the best way for you to continue to grow your business and never run out of people to talk to is to friend five to 10 people a day. Okay. Now, number four, post or go, uh, go live, right. This is where you’re gonna switch it up each day and keep it interesting. You don’t need to post more than once. Okay. You can just post once a day. Um, you can even post every other day. If you’re gonna go live, you can go live once a week and just really keep it as a steady, consistent thing.

Okay. Number five, go into messenger and send five meaningful messages that, uh, could be for a friend, right. Catching up. It could be to connect to someone new, but being a human being first. Okay. So, Hey, how are you? Looks like, um, you know, we, haven’t connected here on social media before, what do you do? Kind of thing, right? Just really be human and get into those, um, human connections. Okay. Number six. Do your follow ups with anyone that’s commented on any posts, stories, anything like that? Um, reach out to those that are interested in taking a look. If you’re doing your content buckets and all the things that you want to be doing on social media to attract people to you, then you should have people in your pipeline, right? If not, you’re going to want to put your buckets together, figure out what you’re posting on social media to attract your per perfect prospect and do it consistently.

All right, now, number seven is super important. 20 minutes of personal development, right? And then number eight is get off social media and do something with your life. So they have something to post about, right? So the problem following this DMO that I just gave you this daily mode of operation, which actually will totally explode your business and your team. If you, um, you know, spread this out to your team and have them do this for 60, 90 days, you won’t even recognize your business, but the problem is you’re gonna lose track of all the people. Okay. Now, how do I know is because that’s what happened to me and that’s the reason I co-created a, um, software. It’s a goo uh, yeah, Google extension. I couldn’t think of the word. It’s a Google extension that is going to really help you keep track right now, the problem with this daily mode of operations, you’re gonna have way too many people to talk to.

And that’s awesome. It’s a really cool problem to have, because you have so many people in the pipeline, you won’t ever feel like that you’re running out of people to talk to. But the problem is that if you don’t keep track of the people, right, you get, get overwhelmed. You like, you get way too many people to talk to. You don’t know where to start. And then you just go do laundry like me, because you don’t have a simple system to keep up with what you’re doing. And then it all falls apart, right? So that’s the reason I created lead magic. And you can grab it. It’s gonna be somewhere in this video where you can get ahold of it. But let’s talk about the reason that this is the best Facebook recruiting tool for network marketers, because number one, Trello takes away too much time.

You’re copying information over from Facebook, over into Trello. It’s kind of like N nurses taking notes, right? It’s hours and hours of note, taking, transferring everything over to Trello and keeping track and going back and forth from Facebook to Trello spreadsheets. Let’s don’t even get me started. Right. They hurt my brain plus who has time to drop all that information into those platforms. Right. And that’s the reason I created lead magic for you to get more done in less time. All right. So let me just show you really quick, how it works. Um, I’m gonna share my screen real really quickly. Maybe if I know how to do it. Oh yes. Here we go. Okay. So share screen. And I’m just gonna quickly show you really quick how this works. Okay. So first off, um, it’s a Google extension. Okay. So you can see here.

So we’ll see right here, how this right here is sending out birthday messages, birthday messages should be part of your DMO. Right? I didn’t write it in the DMO because it’s just kind of a given that you do birthday messages out to your friends, family, all of your followers on Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with people. And it’s a great way to automate a lot of what you’re doing and, and save some time. Right. So here’s the cool part about it is that lead magic picks up. You’ll have this little icon here and you can add them, oh, it’s gonna make us sign in. Dang it. I thought I did that already. So it’s going to make us add this in here. See if we can get in here. Okay. So now let me refresh and what lead metrics is, it’s a prospecting tool along with a way for you to keep track of everyone. Okay. So you’re able to create, um, funnels. You’re able to add message templates. There’s different strategies in here. Um, just lots of things that you can do inside of lead magic. But what I wanna share with you is the, the birthday strategy, because it’s really cool, right? So you go get into lead magics. You’re gonna set up your birthday strategy. You’re gonna hit, um, click it on today and you’re gonna add a couple message templates. Let me just show you my message templates. So you can get an idea of what it looks like. Okay. So we have birthday message. Number one, just one to reach out personally, wish you a happy birthday.

I hope what’s full of all your favorite people and things. How are you celebrating and best message. Number two is happy birthday. Hope your day is fabulous. How are you celebrating now? This is exactly what I would send somebody that, um, you know, that has a birthday. So you can put in a couple different birthday messages. And then what you’re going to do is set up your birthday strategy inside of lead magic. And then it scrubs the data from lead magic and it pulls all the people that, um, have a birthday and it’s gonna automatically send it. Right. Which is really cool. And I’m just gonna log out because, um, my assistant is on right now and that’s why it’s sending these birthday messages. And so if I’m on here as well, it will send it twice. But the really cool part about lead metrics.

This, you just go ahead and you add them to a funnel. Okay. So it will scrub the data from Facebook. It will tell ’em, Hey, Facebook says to lead magic. So, you know what, it’s this person’s birthday today. And it will send out each piece, the birthday message random, right? So not everybody gets the same message and you wanna change it up, you know, as, as the years go by, right? You don’t wanna say the same thing last year as you did this year. So you wanna make sure and change it up. But this is the best, uh, Facebook prospecting tool that you’ll ever find because it’s, um, made for network marketers. It was actually created because I was so overwhelmed with everything that I was doing that I couldn’t keep track of all the people, right? So there’s, um, lots of, lots of, uh, really cool features inside of lead magics. And you can actually get, get started for free just to try it out. So anyway, hope you have a great rest of your day. Hope this helps with your DMO. And now, you know, the best recruiting, uh, tool on social media to build your business. Have a great one tag you next time, byebye.


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