August 15

Best Messenger Recruiting Tips For Network Marketers

Fran Loubser

Have you ever started a conversation by asking someone to look at your products, opportunities, or to join your team?

Then you are just like the rest of us.

And you have probably found that you hate it. I know I do.

So today I will share with you a few simple hacks that you can use to start those conversations without feeling weird. 

The first thing that you need to understand is who your perfect prospect is. 

Because those are the people you want to be getting into messenger conversations with. 

You want to make sure that those people are in a country that you can actually enroll in and they can buy your products. 


Once you know who your perfect prospect is you can get into their messenger. 

But you don't want to go in thinking "this is my next customer or team member". 

You want to get to know the person and build the relationship.

People buy from people they trust and they join people who they know, like, and trust. 

So you need to work on building the know, like, and trust. 


There are a couple of ways that you can naturally build the conversation and get into your prospects messenger. 

The first way is to wish them happy birthday. 

Now you don't want to just go to their feed and post happy birthday. You want to send a message.

A voice note is super effective or you can send a video. 

If you have a nice voice you can even send them a song. You want to stand out from the crowd. 

If you are thinking how can that help you, here is how. Once you send the message and they reply thank you, you can reply with "you are welcome" and then ask about them. 

You can ask how they are doing, or what they have been up to lately. 

Ask questions but be a normal human being and find out about them and see where the conversation goes. 

If you want to build a business relationship with people, find out about their business. You don't have to offer anything, just listen and find out what their goals are or where they want to be. 

And if your opportunity lines up with what they want, ask if they want to hear about it.


The second way you can get into messenger is when you accept a friend request, or someone accepts yours. 

You can send a message thanking them for the request or accepting the request. 

You can pay them a compliment, like "I really love your content". 

Be nice, be kind, and be a normal human being. 

You can ask them what they do for work. When they answer ask more questions. 

Once you have created the conversations and you start talking about their business and their goals its not weird to bring up your product or opportunity. 


The third way to get into messenger conversations is by replying to peoples stories. 

When you reply to a story it goes directly into messenger. So comment on their stories again and again to find out more about them. 

Always remember to be a normal human being and have a normal conversation.

Just imagine that you're sitting across from them getting to know them for the first time. 

So if you are commenting on their content and stories, and you have been kind and interested in them, It is going to bring them into your world.

Which makes them more likely to check out your content. 


So the content you are putting there should be speaking to them. 

You want to create curiosity around the benefits of your product or opportunity. 

This is the easiest way to bring people into your world, to let your content do the talking. 

If they are not engaging with your content, then it might not be the right opportunity for them. 

If there is someone you want to work with, go comment and love on their posts. This will push your content out to them.


When you are in those messenger conversations you want to make sure you are not just selling your products and opportunities. 

You want to find out how you can best serve them. 

Find out what they are struggling with, ask them questions, and just be curious. 

When someone is genuinely interested and curious about what you are saying it doesn't feel pushy and in your face. 


The last most important part of this is you have to track these people. 

If you are not tracking who you are talking to people are going to slip through the cracks and you will forget about them. 

Keep up with them.

Track who you are talking to. Track where you are at in the conversation. Track if they are interested or not. 


So get into those messenger conversations by wishing people happy birthday, commenting on their stories and making sure you connect with them. 

Find out about them and build the know, like, and trust. 

My best tip for you is to end each message with a question. 

So that they will keep replying back to you and keep the conversation going. 

If you want to learn how to master messenger conversations, grab the link below. 

Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey there, Fran Loche here. And in today’s episode, I’m gonna be talking about messenger hacks to help you get into more conversations, get more customers and get more team members without feeling like a sales weirdo. Okay. And without feeling like you forever operating with a hidden agenda. So if we’re meeting for the first time, my name is Fran Lok. A little bit about me. I actually was a dentist, um, and then started building network marketing old school until I discovered online strategies that work and in beach bars influences and co-founder of beach bars influences where we coach and mentor network marketers, how to get more customers, how to get more sales, how to grow their businesses in less time using automation, using systems and processes that work. Um, and as I said, using automation, so, um, we hear this all the time is that from, from students and from, you know, from people in my team as well is how do I start a conversation?

How do I do this without feeling like I’ve got the head of your head agenda and without feeling like a salesy, um, because most network marketers, um, you know, once you start, you know, start a messenger conversation is that they ask for you to look at the opportunity, look at their products, um, you know, and, and join their team. And so, and you may have, I’ve done that. And you may have found that you’ve been doing this in the past and thinking, I just, I like when it comes to messenger conversations, you’ve got like a little bit of PTSD and you’re thinking, I just, I don’t wanna do it. So listen up because I’m gonna give you three simple ways to actually start those conversations. Um, so that, so that it doesn’t feel weird. Okay. Number one, the first thing that you need to understand is, is understanding who your perfect prospect is. Do you know who your perfect prospect is? Okay. Um, and if you, you know, if you know who your perfect prospect is, those are the people you wanna be having, having, you know, getting into messenger, you know, getting into, getting into conversations with, and making sure that they’re actually in a country that you can enroll in, in a country that you can, that they can buy your products. Now, once you, once you know who it is, okay. Um, don’t go into the conversation, think, okay, here’s my next customer. Here’s my next team member. Okay.

You want to get to know the person people buy from people that they know I can trust. And they join people that they know like and trust. So you need to build that know like, and trust. Okay. Now, couple of ways to actually start conversations. Okay. Number one is to wish people, a happy birthday. Now this isn’t wishing people, a happy birthday on feed. This is wishing people, a happy birthday in messenger. Okay. Either with a voice note, a voice note is super, super effective. You can send a video. Um, I’ve a lot of people do this. They actually send a video. And, and if you have a voice, if you have a better voice than me, sing them happy birthday so that it is going to stand out. Okay. So wish people, a happy birthday. Facebook tells you every day whose birthday is coming up. So go in and wish them a happy birthday in messenger. Okay. In messenger. Now, if you’re thinking, okay, what, how’s that going to how’s that gonna help me once they reply to your message, then message them and say, Hey, you’re so welcome. Um, you know, what’s new in your world, or what’s keeping you busy these days, ask them, find out about them, see, like, see what’s happening in their world. And it may be that you haven’t spoken to them in a year, be a normal human being and find out about them. What’s happening in their world. What’s new in their world. You could go and check their, their profile, um, and you know, see what’s happening, what’s happening there.

You know, there’s something that, you know, say I just saw you just been on holiday hope, hope your holiday was, was fabulous. Um, but find out about them. Okay. Now I’m not suggesting that you start forming people. So form is, you know, finding out about their Fri about their family, about the occupation, about, um, what they like to do for fun recreation and money. Okay. So form kind of people see it coming a mile off. Okay. So just find out about them and then see where the conversation goes. Okay. And they may say, Hey, I’m building, you know, I’m building, you know, building a network marketing business and then find out about that. If you want to build business relationships with people, find out about their business. Okay. And right now you may be feeling like a little bit of imposter syndrome coming in thinking well, okay.

But I’m not the expert. And I don’t know how to, you know, I don’t feel like I have the, the credentials to, um, to actually be able to coach them, but can you be interested in their business? And actually you may just be two steps, three steps ahead of them. So find out about their business. Hey, I’d love to hear what’s working in your business right now. What’s not working. You know, what do you think might be keeping you stuck? Where would you like to be, find out about their business? Find out about them. Okay. So you don’t have to be the expert. You don’t have to be the multiple six or seven figure owner in order to be able to find out about people about their business and see how you can best help them. Okay. Um, so that is, that is number one, all right.

Is once you’ve wished them happy birthday is follow up after, after the birthday wishes, if they reply to you little hint, if people, if I wish somebody happy birthday and they don’t, they don’t reply. Um, or, you know, and then I wish them again a year later and they don’t reply and free them because if they can’t be bothered to reply to a birthday message, I kind of don’t wanna be connected to those kind of people. Okay. So that’s number one, number two. Um, this should, as you probably have come first, but when you first connect with somebody, somebody okay. Send them a message, send them a message and say, Hey, you know, Susie is so awesome to be connected here. Um, thanks for accepting my friend request. Or if they’ve sent you a friend request, thanks for the friend request. I’m really honored. Pay them a compliment, pay them another compliment, say, Hey, I’ve just been checking out your profile level of content that you’re sharing a level of inspiration that you’re sharing on your profile. Um, you know, and just pay them a compliment. Um, you maybe, you know, you’ve got a beautiful family. How many kids do you have pay them a compliment, say something nice to them. Okay. People are much more likely to reply to you and messenger. If you have just paid them, be nice to them, be a normal human being and being nice and kind. Okay. Um, but you can also, when you connect and say, Hey, I’d love to hear, you know, what do you do?

What do you do to ask them? What do you do, literally? What do you do? Okay. Um, and then find out about what they do. And then you can ask more questions. I’d love to hear more about, you know, how long have you been doing it? Do you do it full time? You, you know, and they say, well, no, I’m actually, I’m, I’m a nurse. And, and I do this and say, Hey, well, you know, what are your goals? Would you like to quit nursing and, and do it full time, find out about their business when you start the conversations and you’re talking about their business. It’s not weird to then if you know, the conversation goes that way, um, and you find out about their struggles and, you know, you can help them say, Hey, I’ve been loving my con the conversation with you.

I’ve been loving how, you know, the connection that we’ve made. I love, you know, I love your energy. I’d love to have you and my team, you know, where I will be able to, when you’ve discovered, uncovered their pains. And they’ve told you that what’s not working, um, I’d love to have you in my team. Um, are you open to taking a look at what, what it would look like to work with me now that was down the line. Okay. That would come down the line. Um, but you know, find out, ask them what they do. All right. And the third, the third way to start messenger conversations is in replying to people stories, because that’s the very easiest way when you reply to somebody’s story is it goes directly into messenger. Okay. So whether it is a story about what that, about, you know, um, you know, something inspirational or something with their family, or, you know, um, sharing, whatever it is, sharing, sharing a win.

Okay. Um, re comment on their stories and then again, find out more about them. Okay. Find out about them, be, be interested in them. Okay. Without being pushy, but just be interested in them, find out about them. All right. But always remember just be a normal human being. Imagine that you’re sitting across this from somebody and just finding out about them. You’re just being, being interested in that human being. Okay. Be a human being and have a normal conversation. Okay. Um, so find out, so how do you, so how do you get customers and sales? Okay. The first thing is, as you’re commenting on their content, you’re commenting on their stories. It’s bringing them into your world. Okay. And somebody who, you know, if you’ve been a normal human being, you’ve been kind you’ve, you’ve, you’ve paid them compliments. Okay. And you’ve been interested in them.

Do you think they’re likely to check out your, your content, they’re likely to check out your, your, your stories and your content. Okay. So when they are, when they’re checking out your, you know, checking out your content, you know, once a week, are you creating curiosity around the, around the benefits of your products? Are you creating curiosity around what, around what I would like to work with you? Okay. Are they seeing your content? So if you are, if they’re not engaging on your content, it might not be right for them. But if then, but it, the best way and the easiest way to get more customers and more sales and more team members is to, is to bring people into your world and let your content do the talking. Okay. And if you want somebody, if you would like to work with somebody, go and go and go and love on them, go love on their content, then it will, there will, there will be, you know, they’ll see your content.

Okay. Um, so you know, the, the other thing is, is find out when you have a messenger conversations, how you can best serve them, think about how, how can I best help this person? How can I best serve this person? Okay. Find out what, what they’re struggling with. Ask them questions, just be curious, say, Hey, I’m curious. I’m really curious that when you, when somebody starts a question with, Hey, I’m really curious. It doesn’t feel, um, it doesn’t feel pushy. It doesn’t feel in your face and people will answer your question. So how I’m, I’m, I’m really curious. You know, I’d love to hear what’s, what’s working in your, what’s working in your business right now. What’s working for you. What’s not working for you find out about them. Okay. And you may find a pain that you can help them with, and maybe they don’t have any support.

They don’t have an upline that they feel like they’re doing it all on their own. And you know, if they were working with you, that, that you could support them, you, you have, you know, have systems and processes in place where you can support them and help them achieve their goals. Okay. If they do the work, obviously. All right. So, um, uncover their pain. And if you want to, if you haven’t grabbed it and there’ll be a link above this video to cats, incredible messenger recruiting mastery training, where she actually digs into how to uncover people’s pains. Okay. How to have these normal conversations with people, without feeling like a sales vibrato, and actually uncover their pain and find out about them. Okay. So you’re gonna wanna grab that link if you haven’t grabbed it already. All right. Um, but then you’re gonna bring them into your world and let your, let your content do the talking.

And then the, the, the last thing, and probably the most important thing is to track these people. If you, if, if you are not tracking who you’re talking to, tracking who you’re having conversations with, tracking who, you know, you’re in messenger conversations with so that you don’t otherwise people just slip through the cracks and you forget about them. Okay. And then like all of a sudden you’ll think like your, so maybe their birthday will come up a year later and you’ll, you’ll see that they maybe asked you a year ago for information around your products and you didn’t keep up. You didn’t track them. You didn’t keep up with them. So make sure that you are tracking who you are talking to, um, and tracking who, uh, where, where you are at in that conversation, you know, are they not interested? Are they, you know, are, find out, find if you find out what their, what their struggle is, then you know, that you, you wanna be carry on that conversation.

Um, if they’ve commented on some of your posts or commented on your stories, around your products, your opportunity, then again, you know where to carry on that conversation, but then you need to stay consistent and carry on that conversation and, and be interested in them and see how you can best help and serve them. Okay. So that is, that is it. If you’ve got a business page, there are lots of hacks for business pages. If you’ve got a business page, you know, you can run messenger ads, you can use mini chat to have a bot that actually replies to replies to messages. Okay. Um, you can have a, a button on your business page that, you know, message me, you know, so that people will actually message you, but that’s, you know, using automation, that’s using paid strategies, um, for you right now, which people happy birthday.

Okay. Comment on their stories and make sure when you, when you connect with them, you, um, you connect with them, uh, and find out about them. Okay. And my best hack is end each message with a question. Okay. So that they all keep replying it’s them as, when you’re commenting on people’s posts. If you end each comment on somebody’s post with a question, then they they’re gonna keep the it’ll it’ll it’ll increase the, you know, they’ll, they’ll, they’ll reply back to you. So that is it. Um, let me know if you had, if you had value from today and I will be back again soon with more value for you. Um, but messenger recruiting mastery. You wanna grab that link? It’s gonna be above this video, grab that link, um, so that you can actually master messenger conversations about feeling like a Al weirdo till next time, have a great day cheer bye-bye.


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