June 28

Ever Wondered How You Can Get More People To Commit To Buying Your Products Or Joining Your Team?

Fran Loubser

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Want to know how to bring more people onto your team, kindle more conversations, and entice more people to lean in and say, “tell me more”?

We’re going to delve into the three core motivators that help empower you to do just this!


Understanding your Perfect Prospect

Understanding your perfect prospect is an essential first step in leveraging the power of these motivators.

It's a process that requires you to immerse yourself in the mindset of your ideal customer or team member.

What are their struggles?

Their dreams?

Their deeply seated emotions?

What keeps them awake at night, and what gets them out of bed in the morning?

As you gain clarity about these aspects, you'll start seeing the world through their eyes, empowering you to connect on a deeper level.

This profound connection is the foundation of effective marketing.

The better you know your prospects, the more accurately you can tailor your message to resonate with them, forging more meaningful connections.

Motivator One: Logic

The first motivator is logic.

Many people believe that customers need to understand the science behind the products or the facts about the company and its compensation plan.

However, very few people are driven by logic.

They engage more with compelling stories and relatable experiences.

Most times, logic comes into play later, once they've engaged with some of the other motivators.

Overloading with facts about your product or compensation plan from the get-go might result in less engagement than you'd anticipate.

Therefore, it's essential to use logic wisely, providing details when necessary but not making it the centerpiece of your initial communication.

Motivator Two: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

The second core motivator is the fear of missing out, or FOMO.

Creating a sense of urgency can encourage people to act fast.

Let's say you're running a challenge in your group, and the deadline for participation is looming.

The ticking clock could drive individuals to make a quick decision and join.

Similarly, limited-time offers or exclusive opportunities, like the announcement that you're building a team and can only accommodate a certain number of new members, create a sense of urgency.

The prospect of missing out on these exclusive opportunities can be a powerful motivator, prompting people to think, “I need to check this out before I miss out.”

Exploiting FOMO is a clever way to encourage quick decision-making and enhance participation.

Motivator Three: Emotion

The third and most powerful motivator is emotion.

The main reason people buy products or join teams is that they connect on an emotional level.

They often make decisions based on how they feel rather than what they think.

Connecting with your prospect on an emotional level can often mean the difference between casual interest and committed involvement.

To tap into this motivator, you need to deeply understand the emotional landscape of your perfect prospect – the feelings they're experiencing in their current struggles and the emotions they aspire to feel when they've achieved their dreams.

When you connect on this emotional plane, you create a bond of trust.

Prospects feel seen and understood.

They recognize that you've walked in their shoes and can guide them through their journey.

It's not about having all the answers; it's about empathizing with their situation and showing them that you're just a few steps ahead, ready and able to lead the way.

The Three Motivators

The most powerful motivators to get more customers and team members are emotion and FOMO.

Logic can come in later when your prospects have already shown interest and want to delve deeper.

Remember, you don't need to be at your prospect's dream destination yet to help them.

You just need to show them that you're a couple of steps ahead and can guide them forward.

With these core motivators in your toolkit, you're set to make greater strides in your network marketing journey!

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Video Transcript

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Hey there, my name is Fran Loeb Show. I’m one of the co-founders of Beach Boss Influencers, where we coach and mentor network marketers how to get more sales and more leads in less time using automation and leveraging automation and levering leveraging social media. So in today’s, uh, episode, I’m gonna be talking about, um, the three things, the three core motivators to get more people joining your team, to get into more conversations, to get more people putting their hand up and saying yes, to get more people putting their hand up and saying, tell me more about this, to get more people saying, I’m interested in what you’re talking about. Um, so if you’re joining me, say hi. Let me know where you’re coming in from. If you’re catching the replay, let me know where you’re coming in from as well. Um, and if you’ve got an idea what these might be, let me know in the comments.
Um, so the first core motivator, and before I go into this, I actually just want to preface this by letting you know that if you do not know who your perfect prospect is, if you do not know who your perfect customer is, and if you don’t, do not know who your perfect prospect is, your your, your next team member is, um, and understand who they are. Understand what their, what their, um, you know, what their struggles are, understand what their dreams and desires look like, and understand the emotions and the feelings that they’re experiencing right now in their struggle and the, the emotions and the experience and the feelings that they will experience when they reach their dream. Then, uh, you need to figure that out. Uh, and there’s lots of training. Wherever you’re watching this, there’s lots of training and understanding who your understanding, who your avatar is.

Um, but this is key to being able to leverage these three core motivators, these three core, um, things that will help help you get more, more customers and more team members. So, understanding that is key to building your business. It is, it is, it is marketing 1 0 1, whether you are building a network marketing business, or whether you’re building, you know, whether you have a, um, you know, a multi, multi, you know, million dollar company. Everybody knows who it is that they’re targeting and knows what they’re feeling, understands their struggles, and understands what their dream looks like. Whether you’re Nike, whether you are Adidas, whether you are, um, whatever, you know, your local supermarket, they know who who you are. So having, having said that, the first, the first, um, first motivator, okay? And probably the least effective motivator is logic. Um, and a lot of people think, and let me know if, if you’ve ever thought this is that, um, in order to get more, um, in order to get more customers, people need to understand the science behind my products.

They need to understand all the, of our product. They need to understand, um, you know, everything that everyth all the facts about your product, or they need to understand all the facts about your compensation plan and the company and where the company’s been, and all the facts. And very few people are driven by logic, okay? Logic sometimes comes in later once they’ve met, once they’ve used some of the other, the, the next two things that I’m gonna talk about, logic might come in later, but thinking that you need to share the science behind your, your, your products, thinking that people are interested in, you know, the list of ingredients, um, is, is probably going to get you less engagement on your posts and might not be, um, as powerful as you think it might be. Okay? So, um, logic is actually the least powerful motivator to get people to, you know, put their hand up and say, tell me more, I’m interested.

The next, um, core motivator is fomo. So if you dunno what FOMO stands out, it’s fear of missing art. And, um, you know, to leverage, um, to be able to leverage fomo. There are a couple of ways that you could, that you can leverage FOMO to get people thinking, okay, well, I need to hurry up. I need to hurry up. I mean, if you just think about yourself, if, if you’ve been, you know, if you see an ad on, on social media and it’s saying, you know, you know, grab it now because today’s your last day to grab it, grab this now last, your last chance to get to get a 30% dis discount. When you create that sense of urgency, people are more likely to act fast, okay? And this could be, you know, doing a challenge. Okay, I’m, I’m running a challenge in my, in my, in my group.

Um, and, um, you know, you, here’s what, here’s what you’re gonna get from it. Again, understanding your avatar and understanding what their core motivators are, understanding their emotions and the, and, and what their, what their dream looks like and what their struggle is. So, you know, if you want to, um, for example, if it’s a weight loss challenge, um, if you, if you want to drop your muffin top, you know, so you can feel sexy and feel amazing walking on the, on the beach, um, in the next month when you know, or whenever, wherever, wherever you are in the world, you know, when summer comes, okay, um, then, um, grab this link or, or let me drop bikini in the comments so that I can get you in. Um, the door’s closed tomorrow. You create that sense of urgency, you create, create that sense of fomo.

Um, and you could actually add a little by Bino, by the way, the prizes, prizes are gonna, their prizes to be won, all right? The same, similar with a, with a customer blitz. Again, creating that sense of urgency, creating, you’re doing a customer blitz, um, event in one of your groups and, um, you know, you know, Hey, I’ve, I’ve, you know, got an credible event happening, uh, happening, starting tomorrow, uh, I’m gonna be giving away amazing prizes, um, and create that sense of urgency, create that sense of fomo, like, I need to get in or I’m going to miss out. And then once you do it, uh, you take it away. So again, creating that sense, that sense of urgency, FOMO is just a, creating that sense of, of urgency. Like, I don’t wanna miss out on this. And when you create that sense of urgency that, you know, for example, um, you know, if you wanna, if you wanna grab, um, the incredible bundle that’s at, at a 20% discount, hurry, grab it now.

The offer offer expires tomorrow or offer expires at midnight tomorrow, and you create that sense of urgency, and you will find that more people are inclined to hurry up and get it because it’s a great deal and they don’t wanna miss out. You can do a similar thing with, you know, if I’m building a team, I’m building a team, and, um, I can only take 10. You create a write a post about, or do a live video about how you’re building a team, and here’s what you’re gonna get. You know, you, you, I’m never gonna tell you to chase your friends and family. I’m never gonna tell you to make a list of a hundred people. You won’t have to post, you know, your, the salesy, um, spammy posts all over social media. And I’m gonna teach you how to leverage social media and how to build, how to build influence online so that you can actually, um, have more time with your family, um, and build a business in the pockets of your time.

Uh, and, you know, so that, so that, so that you can spend more time with your family and have the, have you go on the, the vacation that you’ve ever, that you’ve dreamed of. But I can only take 10 applicants right now, okay? So that I can best support the people who want to join. So you, you, you know that the struggle, your, your perfect prospect is what is what they’re struggling with. You know, maybe they, they, they’re tired of, of chasing their friends and family. Maybe they’re tired of doing, um, all the salesy stuff, maybe they’re tired of, of, you know, spending 24 7 stuck to their computer and their, and their phone. And so they’re not, you’re not spending time with their kids. Um, or maybe, you know, it’s that they’re working a nine to five and trying to, and trying to build this in the pockets of their time, um, never seeing their family.

And, you know, you get the idea, but you, when you understand what their struggles are, you dig into those struggles. You paint the dream, like you, here’s, here’s what you’re gonna get, um, where I’m going to, you know, I’m going to mentor you, I’m going to, you will have a, you’ll have a system to plug into so that when you bring people in, you’ll have a system to plug into, create. Like understand what, what, what their struggles are that they’re tired of chasing their friends and family. They’re tired of, no, no more parties, no more home parties, no more bugging your friends and family. No more making a list of a hundred people, no more sending, you know, a hundred copy paste messages every day.

Um, and instead, I’ll teach you how to leverage social media, um, and build a business that you love, um, and start looking like a normal human being on social media. But I can only take 10 people. You create, you, you, you dig into the struggles and the dream, all right? And the emotions that they’re feeling, and then you say, I can only take 10 people, right? And you create that sense of urgency, create that, that sense of fomo. Like, I need to, I need to check this out because if I don’t check this out, maybe, you know, I’m not gonna get it. I’m not gonna, I’m, I’m never gonna be able to achieve my dream because Susie or whoever you are, you know, can help me get there, right? So that is fomo, the third core motivator to get more people, to get more people.

Um, you know, holding the hand up and saying yes is emotion. And I’ve, and I’ve, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already, the main people, that main reason that people buy, and the main reason that people put their hand up, the main reason that people will buy a product, you know, by join a team is because you have connected with them on an emotional level. And I said this in the beginning, understanding the emotions that your, that your perfect prospect is going through, understanding the emotions that they’re feeling right now in their struggle, and how they, how they’re gonna feel, what the emotions are when they, when they, when they hit their dream, when they, you know, are making, however, however much money it is a month when they’ve been able to quit their job, when they’ve got more time with their family, when they’re able to walk into a store and not have a look at, at, at labels and, and, and prices.

When you understand those, when you understand the emotions that they’re feeling, okay, that they’re feeling so desperate now, they, they, they are absolutely miserable. And the freedom, the relief that they’re going to feel when they get there, when you talk to those emotions, talk to the emotions that your person is, is struggling, is going through okay, and the emotions of their, of their dream, then, okay. You know, and it’s actually, when you’re talking about emotions, it’s actually the feeling as well. When you feel that sick feeling the part of your stomach, like you, you just, you’re sweating. You actually wanna throw up when you wa send another, like, I can’t send another copy paste message speaking to those emotions, will build that connection faster, will build that trust faster, because they know that you can help them. They know that you understand exactly what they’re going through.

They know that you understand exactly how they’re feeling. And when you, when you build that connection, when you, when you build that, that trust, that know, like, and trust because they think, how do they, they know how does, how does Fran know exactly what I’m going through? How does Fran know what I’m feeling? How does Fran, like, how does she, how does she know the way that I feel when I’ve gotta send a hundred copy paste messages? Again, when you connect on that emotional level, it’s the most powerful way to build that know, like, and trust so that you get more customers, so you get more team members. So you get into more conversations with people because you get them, and because they know that you get them because they know that you have been there, they know that you are where they wanna be, or maybe you’re just a couple of steps ahead of them.

You do not need to be where they want to be. All you need to, all you need to show your perfect prospect is that you can help them, is that you are a couple of steps ahead of them, and that you can help them get a couple of steps ahead. All right? Do you not think that you, that you can’t, you know, share emotion, share the sense of fomo. Um, if you are, if, if you haven’t achieved your dream yet, and if you’re thinking, well, I’m not there yet, so how can I, how can I help them? You can, you absolutely can. And all you need to be is just one step ahead and then start showing them the way, okay? So emotion most powerful, then fomo, then logic. Now, logic can sometimes come in once somebody has held their hand up, and maybe you’ve got them into your WTF group, your welcome tag and follow up group, if you’ve got them into, into your welcome tag and follow up group.

And then they start to see, oh, okay, like they start to see more testimonials, they start to see more product information because they’re already interested, but to get them interested, the most powerful, the most powerful motivators are emotion and fomo. And then the logic can come in later when they want to know, all right, like, I’m really interested, like, I wanna join your team. Some people may think, okay, tell me more about the compensation plan. And some people will just say, I’m in, I know you can help me. I know you can help me get there. Um, and they, you know, all the science about the products and the compensation plan and the company and all of that, it’s not actually that important. So let me know if you’ve got value from today. Let me know what your biggest takeaway has been, um, and let me know what you’re going to start implementing in the, in the content that you put out in the live video that you put out to help you get into more conversations to help you, um, build that, know, like, and trust faster. If you want more help doing this, there’s gonna be a link above or below this video. Grab that link so you can get started and get started seeing results faster in your business. Excited to be here with you, and I’ll see you all again soon. Cheers. Bye-bye.


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  1. I am recently new to Beach Boss Influencers, but I was absolutely thrilled with the information you talked about in Day #2. I was drawn to BBI, because I feel you share a lot of the same passion as myself, helping others be successful. It doesn’t matter wether it is how to make more money, live a Heather Lifestyle, Care for others….. Whatever it is, I have a passion for sharing with others!

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